0 Toramitsu: Rebirth

Toramitsu: Rebirth

Toramitsu 2006-12-04 18:19

TORAMITSU - The Midnight Warrior by Toramitsu CHAPTER 01: Rebirth...[] The moon that had shone brightly last night was this night concealed by vast clouds, their edges refracting a chilling silver as their prisoner struggled to break free. But even wit...

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0 Toramitsu: The Devil in the Details

Toramitsu: The Devil in the Details

Toramitsu 2006-12-15 04:29

Toramitsu: The Midnight Warrior Chapter 03: The Devil in the Details...[] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Here's your tradition!" shouted Hwoarang, throwing a mid-level kick to David's chest. Almost without t...

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