When the Devil goes to school

When the Devil goes to school
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When a Devil goes to school
(idea based on tekken, copyright of Namco.)

Chapter 1

Jim was in a dark room. He was trapped in there, with all the doors sealed.
Suddenly, he could hear a loud echoing voice all around him, whispering, 'I Have You Now'.' followed by laughter.
'Who has me now' WHO?' Jim replied, shivering in fear.
The echo paused for a moment.
'You'll find out soon enough.' As the echo whispered this, Jim could fell someone, or something, grab him by the arm.

He woke up, and looked all around him.
He was now in his room. It was 2 in the morning, pitch black outside.
?'It must have just been a bad dream.' He mumbled, and went back to sleep.
But, he woke up again, having the same dream again.
'I guess it's just one of those nights.' He said quietly, so he wouldn't wake anyone else up.
He got out of bed, quietly went to his bookcase, and grabbed his favourite book.
It was 4 in the morning.

Later on, Jim was having breakfast, quietly.
This was not like Jim, as he was usually full of life in the morning.
But no-one noticed.

'Yes, sir'
'You forgot your homework again, didn't you?'
'But sir!'
'DON'T BUT ME! You can see me at lunchtime!'
?'yes sir.'
Jim sat back down to his desk.
But then, he could feel sharp pains in his arm.
In the same place the thing grabbed him in his dream.
'What is it now, Jim' Come to the front and explain yourself!'
Jim walked up to the front. Now the pains were all around his arm.
'I feel, in my arm?'

By the time he said that, he yelped and fell to the ground, screaming in pain, as volts of electricity were flowing through his body.
But no lightning had struck him.
Eventually, a third eye appeared in-between his other two.
Black wings spread out.
And the screams of pain changed into psychotic laughter.

Like his dream, the room turned dark, and all of the doors were sealed, figured out when the other kids attempted to escape.
Devil Jim got up.
The flash of lasers could be seen from outside the school building.
But in the end, no-one was left to see them'

After a while, Devil Jim fell back to the ground, and got back up, as Jim.
Jim looked around,
And was shocked by what he saw.
People laying on the ground, with no signs of movement.
He rushed to his teacher, as he could hear him groaning.
He picked up him, and shook him for life.
'sir! What just happened?'
?' I've seen this before.' He replied faintly.
'what have you seen before' What?' Jim kept on shaking.
'Jim' the' Devil'. Is'. Within you'.'
As he said this, he fell back to the ground, .

To Be Continued?.


  1. I like this story,

    Keep it comin, you have started something really good here.:)

    2007-09-03 18:30

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