The Staff of Ogre

The Staff of Ogre
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Legal Stuff!: I do not own Tekken or any of it's characters. The only things I do own are those lame clich'd characters, Kenshi and Cypher ;-)

Hey this is really my first attempt at writing anything' so any criticism is welcomed. If it sucks really bad, write a review saying that I should just quit writing ;-) Oh yes and if your favorite character hasn't appeared so far, stick around because there are more to come :p You could also write me an email telling me to write in that character. Anyways I am going to shut up now!

The Staff of Ogre

Chapter 1: Heihachi's Plan

Somewhere in Mexico.

A lone female figured quietly crept through a museum. It was late at night, so the building was empty. Well the museum was mostly empty, except for several security guards that now lay unconscious upon the floor. The woman was carrying a small black backpack which was connected to her body by a single strap. She was dressed in a form fitting purple body suit, black armor which she wore on her shoulders, and a demonic-like mask which hid her face. Her long reddish hair was tied back in two pigtails. In her right hand, she was carrying a large kunai dagger. The female was none other than the outcast Manji thief, Kunimitsu.

She had been sent to this location to retrieve a specific item for Heihachi. For whatever reason she was not sure. Frankly, she really could care less what the purpose of the item was. She cared more about the money she was going to receive once she placed this item in the hands of the rich madman. She was also just truly happy to be alive. Her last battle with the Manji clan leader, Yoshimitsu, left her shamefully defeated and near death. Luckily for her, Heihachi's men had come along at the right moment. They found her deep in the forest, lying unconscious on the ground. She was badly cut from Yoshimitsu's sword, and in her mind she was certain that she was going to die. The soldiers brought her back to a laboratory, and she was cryogenically frozen in order to give her wounds enough time to heal. However, Heihachi had decided not to revive Kunimitsu once she was completely healed. Instead, Heihachi waited until he needed her to do a job for him. It was not until years later that she was finally revived from her slumber and called upon. The item Heihachi needed her to retrieve was an artifact known as the 'Staff of Ogre.' All she knew about it was that it was said to be able to control the one known as Ogre. She had never herd of such a beast and she really wasn't one to believe fairy tales. The staff, however, must have really been important if she was awakened just for the purpose of retrieving it. She also knew why she was chosen to do this, for the staff was extremely well guarded. In the process of taking out all of the guards, she also had to disable the alarm systems, as well as avoid several of the motion detecting lasers. This was indeed the toughest place she had ever broken into.

She made her way past several paintings and sculptures. She was never one to admire art, for most of it just looked trashy and hideous to her. Thankfully, she had finally reached the room in which the staff was being kept. She then removed her infrared goggles from the bag and placed them over her eyes. To her surprise, the room seemingly had no laser traps in it. She placed the goggles back into her bag and was about to step into the room when she herd a noise behind her. The noise sounded to her like the click of a gun. She cursed herself silently for having been so careless, and then slowly began to turn around.

'Don't move bitch!' the guard yelled. Kunimitsu was surprised that the guard was yelling at her in English, rather than Spanish, for this was Mexico after all. She could also tell from the sound of his voice that he seemed very nervous. Something she hoped could be used to her advantage. 'Put your hands above your head and drop the knife, or else!'

'Or else what?' she replied while slowly raising her arms in the air.

'I said DON'T MOVE!' the guard yelled back nervously.

Kunimitsu could not believe that the moron could just completely contradict himself. How would she be able to raise her hands above her head and drop her knife, if she wasn't allowed to move' It was then she decided enough was enough. She suddenly leapt into the air and preformed a complete back flip over the guard and landed gracefully behind him. During this entire event, the guard had been too shocked to even fire a shot at her, and that would be his undoing. Before he was even able to turn around, Kunimitsu brought the handle of her knife down as hard as she could on the back of his head. He fell right to the floor with a thud, just like a ton of bricks. His gun also made a loud clank as it landed on the marble floor. Kunimitsu smiled at her handy work. She was mostly relieved to see he was not dead, only unconscious. Even though she had tried to take Yoshimistu's life many times, she did not like to kill unless it was necessary. She quickly turned her attention back to the task at hand, and headed into the next room.

As she finally got to the podium where the staff was held, she couldn't help but laugh. The only remaining obstacle had been a velvet rope, and that was easily overcome. 'This is almost too easy?' she whispered as she removed the staff from it's podium. She marveled at the item for several moments. The object was made completely of gold, and the handle had been encrusted with jewels. One thing she didn't understand though, was where it got the name Staff of Ogre. She really didn't think the item was large enough to be called a staff. She would have opted for Scepter of Ogre, or something along those lines. She then slipped the staff into her bag and hurried toward the exit. She now had completed her task, but more importantly, she was going to be paid handsomely upon her return. Hopefully, after she received her payment, she would be able to once again go after the life of her former master, Yoshimistu. Though the thought of waiting for him to show up at the Mishimi complex also crossed her mind. She knew the crafty ninja would never stay in one place for too long, so maybe waiting was the best option she had. She thought it better to ponder her options later, however, since the guards would be waking up soon.

Manji Headquarters, Located somewhere in Japan

Yoshimitsu reclined in his chair, and began to stare up at the ceiling. Today and been a long and unfruitful day, and it was not over yet. He was wearing his reddish brown armor today, which some have told him gave him an almost insect-like appearance. It didn't help either, that his armor came complete with a pair of insect-like wings. He had his sword resting on the floor right next to him, and his feet were propped up on his desk. Unusual for him, however, was the fact that his helmet was completely off and it now sat on the desk in front of him. He did not disguise his face because he was ugly or anything like that, but because it was the way of the Manji to do so. He looked at his face in the mirror, and he could tell his age was starting to show. Although he may look middle aged, he was actually much older than he appeared, thanks to his cybernetic attachments. They helped expand his lifespan greatly, but still made him feel like he was just cheating death.

As he was about to fall asleep from boredom, he heard a knock at his door. He quickly removed his feet from the desk, and then slipped his helmet back on. 'It's open!' he yelled to whoever was standing outside his office. Another middle aged Manji warrior opened the door and entered the room. He was wearing the same Manji outfit and mask that Yoshimitsu had worn way back during the second King of Iron Fists Tournament. Yoshimitsu recognized him immediately as his most trusted ninja, Kenshi. Kenshi was a very tall man, he even towered over Yoshimitsu by almost a foot. His height did not take away from his speed though, for he was a very quick and agile fighter. He had been Yoshimitsu's star student for quite a long time. Kenshi's talents could not be matched by anyone else in the clan except Yoshimitsu himself. Yoshimitsu has only once, in his history of teaching the Manji arts, seen a student who was a better fighter than this man. However, that student had been long since banished and she was now presumed dead. This was a touchy subject for him though, so he decided not to think about it anymore. Yoshimitsu finally broke the long silence between them, 'Come have a seat, now what is it I can help you with Kenshi?'

'Sir, our spies within the Mishimi Corporation have reported in.' he replied while taking a seat in front of Yoshimitsu's Desk.

Yoshimitsu simply nodded and crossed his arms. Though his Manji warriors had managed to steal Heihachi's vault after the fourth tournament, the Mishimi corporation was still running strong. There was also news that Heihachi had captured both his son and his grandson. The rumors were that Heihachi was planning to use Kazuya and Jin for his Devil Gene research. Yoshimitsu hoped to God that this was not the truth. The thought of that power hungry madman being able to transform into a Devil was an extremely frightening one. He snapped out of his train of thought and replied to his student, 'And what is it they report?'

Kenshi quickly responded to the question, 'Well sir, it seems that Heihachi has made plans to steal the Staff of Ogre. This item is said to have the power to control Ogre himself! It also is supposed to hold his essence'.whatever that means. Though at the moment, we are not sure what he plans to do with it. '

Yoshimitsu nodded once again, knowing just what Kenshi was trying to say. Even if they had the staff in their possession, there was no way to even use it. Ogre was now dead, and unless they had a plan to somehow revive the beast, the staff would be useless.

Kenshi interrupted Yoshimitsu's train of thought, 'We also have reports that Heihachi has hired Anna Williams and Craig Marduk to be his personal bodyguards. Anna was also hired as his new' 'assistant'.'

Yoshimitsu's eyes rolled under his mask at Kenshi's last remark. He knew all too well what it means for a young woman to become Heihachi's assistant. His lust for younger women was almost as great as his lust for money and power. He also knew Anna was just the type of girl to take that kind of a job. He decided it best not to hark on that subject too long. Craig Marduk, however, was a different story. Rumor has it that he was the one who had murdered the great wrestler, Armor King. Yoshimitsu was not certain of this, however. However, he was certain that Marduk was fully capable of killing Armor King. When it came to raw power, Marduk could not be beaten. He was a fighter in the Vale Tudo professional circuit, and he was undefeated for over four years. At the last tournament, however, he was finally defeated at the hands of a vengeful King. Yoshimitsu had heard that Marduk ended up in the hospital after the bout, so he must have went straight to the Mishimi camp upon being released. 'Anything else Kenshi?'

'Yeah' I have even worse news.' Kenshi replied with a frown. 'It seems that the thief Heihachi hired to steal the artifact, was a young woman who had just been revived from cryo-sleep.' Yoshimitsu sat back in his chair and allowed Kenshi to continue. 'One of the spies reported, that she was dressed like a Manji ninja, and she was carrying a large dagger?'

'WHAT?' Yoshimitsu interrupted while jumping up to his feet. Though just a few minutes ago he was ready to fall asleep, but upon hearing the last comment, he was now completely awake.

'You don't think it could be Kunimitsu do you?' Kenshi asked hesitantly. He knew Kunimitsu well, for he had fought her in the past. She was a very skilled and arrogant warrior, and she was also the only person besides Yoshimitsu to defeat Kenshi in battle. He still had a sour taste in his mouth from when that happened. Not only did she defeat him with ease, but she also showed no honor toward her fallen opponent. She simple walked away without even bothering to bow or shake hands with him.

'I am not sure...' Yoshimitsu replied grimly. 'If she did manage to survive long enough to be cryogenically frozen, then there is a good possibility that she is still alive. If she was frozen though, then that would mean she would not have technically aged since the last time we met?'

Kenshi knew where this was going. Both of them were still mostly human when they last fought, and it had been quite a while after that before Yoshimitsu got his cybernetic enhancements. If they were to face off now, she would be much younger and faster than Yoshimitsu. Though he does have the enhancements, she might still hold an advantage over her former teacher. 'What do you think we should do master?'

Yoshimitsu was not quite ready to take action. He decided in his mind that it would be better if they waited a while to see how things played out. If Kunimitsu still wanted her revenge, she would eventually come looking for Yoshimitsu. 'Nothing' At the moment. Kunimitsu does not know where our new headquarters are located. If she were to inform Heihachi of where she thought our location was, they would find nothing but the empty ruins of our last hideout.'

Kenshi nodded and replied, 'Alright master, I will inform the rest of the clan on the current situation.'

Yoshimitsu nodded in agreement, 'Good idea.' He waited then until Kenshi had gotten up from his seat and left the room, to return to his train of thought. He had not counted on ever meeting Kunimitsu in battle again. Perhaps this time though, he might be able to change her mind and bring her back into the clan. He had taught her the Manji arts ever since she was a small child, and he still loved her like she was his own daughter. Even though she had disgraced his teachings, he could never stop caring for her. He always regretted that faithful night when they faced off and he thought she had died at his own hands. But now that she was supposedly back, his heart felt less burdened. Whether he would be able to change her or not, one thing was certain, the day had become a lot more interesting.

Mishimi Zaibatsu Headquarters

Heihachi Mishimi walked down a long hallway toward his office. The Mishimi building was quite large, spanning several stories and still managing to be quite big from end to end. Following closely behind Heihachi, was his chief of security, Cypher. Cypher was a former assassin from a powerful crime syndicate. He is a very accomplished fighter and had a black belt in several forms of martial arts including Tae Kwon Do. The only reason Cypher has never bothered to enter one of Heihachi's King of Iron First Tournaments was because someone would be bound to recognize him. The police had his face on file, so as long as he worked for Heihachi he would remain well hidden from them. He was dressed like most of the rest of Heihachi's soldiers except for the fact that he wore a red vest instead of a black one. This helped show his rank as well as separate him from the rest of the soldiers. He also wore the standard issue gas mask at all times, for the sole purpose of keeping his face hidden from others.

As they made their way toward the office, Cypher read off his report to Heihachi. 'Sir, Dr. Abel claims that the Devil Gene experiments are a success, and he can begin DNA splicing at any time.'

Heihachi smiled upon hearing Cyphers information, 'That's excellent news, inform him that I am ready to go immediately.'

'Yes sir!' Cypher responded. 'Oh and one more thing, we have recovered the body of Ogre, and Dr. Abel believes it is still useable.'

The smile on Heihachi's face seemingly grew larger every second, 'Splendid! Now all we need is the staff and I will be able to carry out my plans' Any word from Kunimitsu?'

Cypher shook his head, 'No sir, not yet.'

'I see?' he responded with a frown.

As they reached the door of Heihachi's office, Cypher saluted him and headed off to continue his work. Heihachi removed a red card key from his pocket, and ran it through the reader. After entering a five digit code he was rewarded by the loud click, signifying that the door was now unlocked. Upon opening the door, he was not at all surprised to find Anna Williams reclining in his chair. She also had her bare feet kicked up on his desk, something Heihachi found to be quite disrespectful. He decided, however, to let it slide this time. She had been able to enter his office alone since he had given her a card key, as well as the code for the door. He did this so that she would be able to come and go as she pleased, without having to ask security to unlock it for her. He didn't have to worry though, because he kept all of his important belongings locked away in a safe. It was not that he didn't trust his belongings to her, it was because'ok so it was because he didn't trust his belongings to her. Just then he noticed she was holding a bottle of champagne, and from what he could see, she was wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

Anna smiled sweetly at him as he entered, 'Well hello there! Bout time you showed up!' She got out of her seat and walked over to him. Upon reaching him, she ran her hands up his chest and began kissing him passionately.

Heihachi return her kiss and then responded, 'Hello Anna, I hope you didn't have to wait long'.' Though in reality, he could give a rats ass how long she had been waiting for him.

Anna smiled and traced his lips with her finger, 'Not at all'Though it was a little warm in here..' As she cut her sentence off, she began to seductively remove her robe for him.

Heihachi quickly walked over to the door, closed it, and then locked it. He immediately turned his attention back to her and licked his lips, 'The guards know not to come in at this hour, and no one else could possible get in to interrupt us...'

'Oh really?' a female voice emanated from the darkest corner of the room. Anna immediately screamed and attempted to cover herself up. Heihachi reflexively jumped back into his fighting stance. He quickly lowered his fists, however, when he saw Kunimitsu step out from the shadows.

'How the hell did you get in here' And what do you want?' Anna snapped. She was obviously not happy at all with the sudden interruption.

Heihachi completely ignored and cut off Anna's line of questioning. 'Ah welcome back Kunimitsu! Did you manage to get the artifact?' Heihachi could not help but get overly excited, for he hoped that he would finally have the item so that he would be able to set his plans in motion. Kunimitsu nodded and removed the item from her pack. She stepped forward and set it gently on Heihachi's desk. Heihachi grabbed the staff from where it was place and began examining it. It looked exactly like the pictures he had seen of it. The staff was truly a magnificent piece of art.

'Good work! Now here is the payment you requested. Six hundred and fifty thousand dollars, cash only.' Heihachi turned and quickly began to unlock his safe. The money was truly a small price to pay for what wealth and power that the staff was soon going to bring him. As he finally got his safe open, the briefcase containing the money was no longer inside. 'But' Where the hell did it go?' Heihachi demanded to no one in particular.

'What you mean this?' Kunimitsu replied, while waving the briefcase in front of his face.

Heihachi was baffled as to how she managed to break into his office, and unlock his safe. He was starting to believe all of the rumors about how she great a thief she was. It was not her skills, but her skintight purple suit that truly caught his eye, however. He began to look over the curves of her body. Though her creepy demeanor intimidated him somewhat, Heihachi had to admit she had one amazing body. He was suddenly struck with an idea. Why have just one girl, when he can have two' He smiled at her while continuing to look her over, 'So' would you like to stick around and 'celebrate' with us?' Heihachi caught a glimpse of Anna out of the corner of his eye. He could tell from the look on her face, that she wasn't at all happy with him. Heihachi could care less about what she thought, though. He was paying her for her body, not for her feelings.

Kunimitsu could not believe Heihachi had the nerve to ask her such a thing. She could see the lust in his eyes as he looked her over, and she knew exactly what he meant by 'celebrate'. The thought of letting a man old enough to be her grandfather go anywhere near her body, quite frankly, made her sick. 'No.' was all she could manage to reply with before stepping back into the shadows, making sure she had her payment in hand.

'Are you sure about that' Well' your loss!' he called out to her, but there was no reply. He walked over to the lamp on the desk and flicked it on. As he glanced back over to were Kunimitsu had went, she was nowhere to be found. He didn't have to worry too much about her not returning, however. For they both knew that her rival Yoshimitsu would eventually attempt to storm the building. She would be better off just waiting here for him rather than going off to find him herself. If she still didn't want to become his second assistant, he could always try to hire Anna's sister Nina for the job. He knew Anna and Nina hated each other, but he couldn't pass up an opportunity to 'double his pleasure'. Shrugging his shoulders, he turned his attention back to Anna. He immediately noticed that she looked extremely pissed off. 'Don't give me that look, it's not like you're my wife or anything!'

'Where did you get that creepy bitch?' Anna pouted.

Heihachi smiled and went back to examining the artifact on his desk, 'Just something I had in cold storage?'

Anna noticed he was paying more attention to the object Kunimitsu had given him than to her. 'Just what exactly is that?'

Heihachi was surprised to see that Anna was now peeking over his shoulder at the item in his hands. 'It's called the Staff of Ogre, and it said that the essence of Ogre is transported to this staff upon his death. So in other words it supposedly houses his soul. I believe you remember Ogre from the third King of Iron Fists Tournament' Anyway, it is also said that whoever had the staff, can control Ogre himself. He will follow your every command. I plan to use it for a different purpose, though. Once I merge my genes with that of the Devil Gene, Dr. Abel will use the staff to revive Ogre. His DNA will only be good to me if he happens to be alive at the time. I plan to splice my own cells, with that of Ogre's, giving me both the power of Ogre and the power of the Devil Gene! Then the entire world will have no choice but to bow at my feet!'

Anna reached her hands around him and began to unbutton his shirt. 'Whatever you say my love?' She tried her best to contain her laughter. He was starting to sound like the plot of a bad Sci-Fi movie. All she cared about right now was doing her job though, and she planned to do it right. Once she finished with his shirt, she once again removed her robe. Then she sat on top of his desk and seductively crossed her legs.

Heihachi snapped out of his mad rave, and turned back toward Anna. He grinned eagerly as he looked her over with lustful eyes. 'Now where were we?'


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