Chapter 7

Chapter 7
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The Staff of Ogre

Chapter 7: Zaibatsu Ball

Mishima Zaibatsu Ballroom

Craig Marduk paced back and forth though the large room for what seemed like an eternity. Marduk wasn't even certain what this room was, though it looked almost like some sort of throne room. Scratch that, it had to be a throne room. Though it was puzzling to think about what Heihachi used this room for, sure enough, there was a large throne at the far end of it. The large chair even had a long red carpet and stairs leading up to it.

So far, this grand ball Heihachi planned was turning out to be nothing more than a boring party crowded with a bunch of rich old fossils. Though Marduk had no idea who any of them were, they all appeared to be part of the highest class of social elites. He really did hate such boring festivities. He'd never been comfortable in such settings, preferring more rowdy parties to the lavish ones. At least they were serving various brands of expensive wine to help hold him over. 'Maybe if I drink enough, this party won't suck as much as it does.' Marduk muttered before taking a sip from the wineglass in his hand.

Seeing as how the host hadn't even bothered to arrive yet, Marduk was beginning to wonder why he was required to come here in the first place. After having spent so much money to decorate the large room they were in, it was a surprise that he didn't even show his face once. It was hard enough as it is to go to a party where you didn't even know any of the guests, but then being required to dress in a tuxedo on top of it was more than he could handle. If there was one thing Marduk truly hated, it was wearing a monkey suit. However, he did manage to sneak in a pair of black sunglasses so he could at least feel a slight bit of comfort.

Marduk began to look around the room and see if he could spot someone to talk to. Hell, almost anyone would do right about now. His eyes first fell upon the man known as Lee Chaolan. He was dressed in a tuxedo similar to Marduk's, only much more expensive looking. There was a red rose pinned to the jacket, and he was wearing a black top hat to match. Strangely enough, he was also carrying a black cane in his right hand. Standing next to him was the same woman who accompanied him to the meeting in which Heihachi first introduced Lee a few weeks ago. She was dressed in a form fitting, strapless red dress that was quite short, and her hair was tied into a bun. After having seen some of the outfits she's worn, Marduk was starting to wonder just what her job as secretary entailed.

The bored fighter let out a heavy sigh. He really had no interest in chatting with either of them. He'd also noticed Dr. Abel standing around in a white tuxedo when he first showed up at the party, but Marduk had no real interest in tracking down a pompous ass like him. Being talked to like he was a dumb child was something Marduk wasn't too fond of.

His last real option for entertainment was Anna Williams. At the moment, she was alone at the bar, which had been set up on the right side of the room. Well, she was alone, save for the many visits she'd been receiving from the men who were attending the party. Marduk just assumed they were attempting to use their riches to win her over.
Some of them even had the nerve to do so right in front of their dates. However, Marduk really couldn't blame them. There was no denying that Anna was looking very sexy at the moment. From his vantage point, it appeared as if she was wearing a paper thing blue silk dress that revealed a lot of cleavage. There was also a long slit up the side of the bottom designed to show off her legs. Knowing that woman, she was probably enjoying all the attention the other guests were paying her. That was made obvious enough by the playful smile that never seemed to leave her lips.

Marduk sighed heavily once more and pushed his sunglasses back up with his index finger. He slowly raised his glass of wine to his lips to take a sip. Just as he happened to turn towards the door with the hopes of leaving, he caught sight of a new guest who had just arrived and was now standing only a few feet away from him. Marduk nearly spit his drink all over the floor when he realized that it was Kunimitsu, the same woman he had battled a few nights ago. However, she now looked like a completely different person. Her elegant black gown stretched almost all the way to the floor and she wore a pair of matching black gloves that covered most of her arms. Her long red hair hung loosely behind her, with some of it resting on the front of her shoulders to cover up the straps from her dress. There was also a beautiful jade pendant around her neck that caught his attention. Hell, the only thing recognizable about her was that white fox mask she always seemed to wear.

'I think I found some entertainment?' He thought to himself.

Marduk casually walked toward the woman, trying his best to play it cool rather than looking desperate for company. He couldn't tell whether or not she'd even noticed him yet since she was still standing still with her hands crossed in front of her. When she finally turned to look at him, he gave her the largest smile he could muster.

'Well hello there, I guess we meet again!' Marduk blurted out. All he got out of her in response was a simple nod. He was beginning to realize that breaking the ice with this woman would be a lot more difficult that he had originally thought. Without any thought, Marduk just blurted out the first thing that came to mind, 'It's really a shock to see you looking so' feminine.' Even as he was talking, he gave himself a bit of a mental slap for having said something so stupid and offensive.

Kunimitsu stared at the man in utter disbelief. It seemed a bit obvious that he had no idea how to talk to a woman. However, she really wasn't one of those girls who'd take offence to such a thing. In fact, she felt the urge to fire back with a sarcastic remark of her own. 'Yes' and it's really a shock to see you looking so' civilized.'

Marduk scoffed in response. Though there was no denying he deserved it, he still didn't appreciate being insulted. This was turning out to be even more difficult than fighting in a tournament. 'Well yeah, I deserved that. But still, didn't anyone tell you that this wasn't a costume party?' Marduk looked directly at her mask. 'Why don't you take that thing off for once?'

She stared at him coldly for a brief instant before lowering her head to look towards the ground. 'I've made it a habit to only reveal my face to those I trust. Such is the ways of a ninja. As it stands now, the only person I truly trust is myself.'

'Well, I guess that's a good enough excuse for me?' Marduk began to smirk before continuing on. 'But tell me, how would you like to get the chance to dance with a real man?'

'You must be joking' Please don't tell me that line actually works on some women.' She coldly replied. It was hard to believe that she'd only been at this ridiculous party for less than a minute and already someone was annoying her.

'Oh definitely! Just watch, I'll charm the pants right off of the next girl I see!' Marduk proclaimed with confidence.

Kunimitsu rolled her eyes and sighed softly. This man just didn't want to take a hint. All she wanted was to be left alone, not to have to watch some silly demonstration. She crossed her arms over her chest and waited impatiently for another woman to actually walk by. When a young woman with blond hair finally did, Kunimitsu looked on as he used the same pathetic line once again.

The woman burst out laughing after Marduk tried to put the moves on her. 'Well, if you see one, let me know?'

At this point, Marduk had to slap his hand over his face. This night was definitely not going as he had planned. He didn't even bother to look at Kunimitsu; he already knew what her response would be. Just before he could muster up some sort of excuse, a familiar voice echoed out form behind him.

'Ah! Craig Marduk! I've wanted to have a word with you for quite a while.'

Marduk quickly spun around and came face to face with Lee Chaolan. He was a bit puzzled at first as to why Lee had taken interest in him. 'Oh I see! You must be looking for an autograph!' Marduk blurted out. Once again, he let himself spew out the first thing that came to mind.

Lee chuckled loudly at Marduk's comment. If there was one thing he liked to see in other people, it was confidence. 'Well, something along those lines. I've been a big fan of yours for quite some time. Actually, I've even gone to see some of your matches live. It's just a shame that you finished off all of your opponents so quickly.' He began to smirk after that last remark. 'Well, to make a long story short, I meant to introduce myself at the last tournament, but I didn't quite get the chance.'

Marduk couldn't help but look confused even after the long explination. Lee didn't appear to be the type of guy who enjoyed watching val tudo matches. Besides that, he didn't seem the type to even take interest in any fighters other than himself. Though he still wasn't certain if the Lee was just handing him a line of bullshit, Marduk was flattered. 'Well, it's nice to meet you then.'

'Indeed.' Lee replied calmly. 'I was hoping that maybe we could become friends in the future.' He smiled toward Marduk and held out his hand in a gesture of greeting.

After hesitating for a moment, Marduk finally shook his hand. 'I guess we will have to see what the future brings. As of now, you don't seem like too bad of a guy.'

The grin on Lee's face seemed to grow wider by the second. 'Oh, I think you'll find I can be a very valuable ally to have.' Lee removed his hat after taking notice to the woman who was still standing behind Marduk. He knew he had seen her somewhere before, possibly during the meeting. 'Well, what do we have here' Is this lovely young woman with you?' Lee questioned as he motioned his head towards Kunimitsu.

'Well, no I wouldn't say that?' Marduk chuckled softly and then ran his hand across his hairless head. He leaned in closer to Lee and whispered, 'You might want to watch out for that one, she's pretty feisty.'

Lee laughed loudly and patted Marduk on the back. 'Don't worry friend, that's the way I like them.' He took a few steps forward toward her before bowing and holding out his hand. 'I'm Lee Chaolan, miss?'

Much like Marduk, Kunimitsu stared towards him hesitantly. No matter what Marduk thought, she knew he wasn't one to be trusted so easily. However, rather than make a fuss, she decided to just going along with it. She placed her hand on top of his and nodded her head towards him. 'Kunimitsu?'

Lee kissed the top of her hand and then looked towards her skeptically. 'Kunimitsu you say' I should have known the minute I first saw that mask of yours. I must say it's a shame though?'

'What is?' She replied while removing her hand from his.

Lee continued to grin as he took a good long look at her. 'Why, keeping such beauty hidden away like that. A mask really doesn't suit you; I think you'd look even lovelier tonight without it.'

Kunimitsu had to admit that man did have a way with words. She could almost feel her cheeks turning red from embarrassment. 'Thank you, I will take that into consideration...' She knew that she would never do that, but she felt like humoring the man at least. In reality, she hoped he'd just drop the subject and go away.

'I must say it is an honor to finally meet you as well. If my memory is correct, you were the only fighter I didn't get a chance to introduce myself to back during the second Iron Fist Tournament. I was disappointed too. I was very eager to meet the first non-leader in the history of the Manji Clan to receive the title of Mitsu. Besides that, I always introduce myself to all the lovely young ladies who enter the tournaments. It's a shame that you were the only fighter who didn't show up for either the pre-tournament banquet or ball that Kazuya hosted.' He paused for a moment, as if he were thinking about what he would say next. 'Then I had heard a rumor about you being killed during your tournament match?'

Kunimitsu hung on every word of his story. Finally, she had found someone who might be able to tell her a bit more about herself. 'Please, I want to know what else you've heard about me!' Kunimitsu was aware that there was a hint of desperation in her voice but she really didn't care.

'Oh, I get it now!' Lee exclaimed. 'You were a part of the Cold Sleep program, weren't you?'

All she could do was nod her head in reply. She barely even noticed the look of utter confusion on the face of Marduk. Kunimitsu couldn't blame him either, they probably sounded like they were both a bit crazy at this point.

'Well that explains a lot. When you first told me who you were, I figured you were lying to me. I knew you looked far too young to be the real Kunimitsu. She should be in her forties by now.' Lee began to stroke his cheek between his thumb and index finger. 'So I guess the rumors of your demise weren't too far off either?' Lee looked toward her questionably.

'No, I was nearly killed at the hands of my former teacher. Unfortunately, I can't remember much beyond that.' She took a deep breath before looking directly at him. 'I just hoped someone would be able to help me with that' Again, if you know anything, tell me!' She demanded.

Lee could sense the desperation in her even without having to see her face. Though she was pushy, he still had the urge to help her out. 'Well, I don't really know much else, seeing as how you've always had this aura of mystery about you. But I'll tell you what; I can let you in on a bit of top-secret information.' Lee leaned in even closer and spoke in a soft whisper. 'Apparently, the Zaibatsu scouts have reported that Yoshimitsu is on the move. He's returning to his headquarters right now, but he should be on his way here soon enough. Maybe you should ask him once he gets here.'

'Wait, just what is this all about?' Marduk cut in. He'd already grown tired of being ignored by both of them.

'Thank you, I'll be sure to do that.' She replied without even giving thought to Marduk's question.

Lee smiled and turned towards Marduk once more. 'Well, I think I will get down to business now. I feel I can trust both of you, so I have a bit of a proposition.'

Marduk looked around nervously. At the moment, all of the other guests seemed to be either occupied with dancing or talking among themselves. He leaned in closer and spoke just loudly enough to be heard over the music, 'What kind of proposition?'

At this point, Kunimitsu was just as confused as he was. She couldn't possibly guess what Lee wanted with the two of them.

'I need people I can rely. Heihachi may be my father but I don't trust him one bit. What I'm proposing to you is a pact. I'll watch your backs, if you agree to watch mine.' Lee was hesitant to ask them, but he knew it had to be done. He could only hope that neither of them was truly in league with Heihachi, because then he'd really be in trouble.

Marduk had to contemplate the question. On one hand, any allies around this place could prove to be a good thing. However, going against Heihachi wasn't the smartest idea either. 'I think that sounds fair enough. I'm just telling you now though; I'm not agreeing to go against Heihachi or anything like that.'

'Oh, I'm aware of that. I don't want to start a mutiny, only make a few friends in a hostile environment.' He turned towards Kunimitsu to see how she felt about his plan.

Just as she was about to give him some kind of reply, Kunimitsu spotted Anna Williams walking towards them. She didn't care at all for that woman. In fact, her mood was beginning to grow sour even at the sight of her.

'It's been quite a while Lee!' Anna called out towards him.

'Oh Anna, it's you!' Lee replied insincerely. He'd had a history with the woman, which would be quite clear to anyone nearby. They had slept together on more than one occasion way back before Anna was cryogenically frozen. Unfortunately for him, she hadn't lost her memory like Kunimitsu had during the process. Quite frankly, Lee couldn't stand the woman. It was obvious from her current relationship with Heihachi that she hadn't changed a bit. She was still the same gold digger she'd always been.

'My Lee, you look as handsome as ever!' Anna exclaimed. She smiled wickedly after seeing Marduk. 'So, Craig Marduk was it' I'm surprised to see you here. You don't seem the type to dress up and mingle with the upper class.'

Marduk began mumbling under his breath. There would be nothing that would please him more than to punch that bitch's lights out. Not only were her insults cruel, but they were painfully obvious as well. It almost seemed as if she was trying to piss him off. 'Yeah well, we can't all spread our legs for whoever has the biggest bank account...'

Anna laughed out loud. Filth such as Marduk wasn't even worth arguing with. She shrugged off his remark and then turned her attention toward Kunimitsu. Anna decided not to say much to this woman since she still freaked her out a bit. 'Oh hello. Nice dress?' The tone of her voice made her lack of sincerity obvious.

Kunimitsu stared coldly toward Anna. She'd already decided not to dignify her with a reply. Empty compliments were not something that impressed her and she never felt the need to suck up to people she obviously didn't like. Judging by the remarks of Marduk and Lee, it was already obvious that they felt the same way she did about this woman.

Once Anna began talking to Lee again, Kunimitsu saw it as her opportunity to slip away from the group. Just because she was practically forced into coming to this party didn't mean she actually had to socialize with anyone. She moved slowly towards the bar in the hopes that she could find some peace over there. She purposely sat down in the chair on the farthest end, away from all of the other guests.

'What will it be ma'am?' The bartender asked.

'Just water?' Kunimitsu replied. She ignored the strange looks he had been giving her in the hopes that he would just go away. She was beginning to realize that pushing people away had become a reoccurring theme for this night.

The man shrugged his shoulders and went off to get her a glass. Once he finished filling it, he set it down in front of her. 'Here we go! One water.'

Kunimitsu stared down at the glass while waving the man away. When he finally left to serve another customer, she lifted her mask up and drank half of it with one big gulp. She quickly lowered her mask again when she heard someone walking up behind her.

'Well, you must be that Manji Ninja, one of the last of your kind if I'm not mistaken.' A man with white hair, a black tuxedo, and scars covering his face slowly approached her. He raised his hands up to show her he meant no harm when she jumped up to face him. 'Whoa there! I'm not looking to start a fight. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Bryan Fury.'

'What the hell do you want?' Kunimitsu barked to show her obvious distrust. 'And how am I the last of my kind?'

Bryan smirked from ear to ear. 'Well you see I killed all of them, every last ninja. Luckily for you, you're on our side.'

Kunimitsu was hardly amused by this man and his antics. 'You disgust me! Don't believe for even an instant that I would be as weak and easy as those other fools.'

Bryan laughed out loud after hearing that last comment. 'I believe you of course. However, right now I am only concerned with finishing off that coward, Yoshimitsu. After that, Heihachi promised to give me a real challenge. You see, I plan to kill him once he is fully transformed. That will prove to me once and for all that I am the most powerful being there is.'

'Well I'm afraid you're too late. Yoshimitsu's life belongs to me.' Kunimitsu remarked. She began to walk past him without even giving him a second glance.

'We'll see about that, won't we?' Bryan remarked coldly towards the woman. The cyborg realized that he might have to finish off both of them if he hoped to get what he wanted.

Kunimitsu continued walking without turning back. She had spotted another door earlier, and now hoped to get some fresh air. The ninja pushed and shoved her way through the crowd of people, getting more than a few harsh remarks in the process. As she got closer to her goal, her hopes were confirmed.

As it turned out, the doors lead to some sort of lavish balcony. It was a strange thing to have on the side of a building like this. She stepped outside, allowing the cool night air to fill up her senses. It was a good change of pace from that stuffy ballroom. She leaned against the railing and stared up at the beautiful star filled sky. The one downfall to this situation was that the silence caused the same thoughts to run through her head again. She still had no idea who she really was, or if an encounter with Yoshimitsu would even revive some of those lost memories. Worse yet, that encounter with Bryan Fury had led her to believe that she might not even get that chance. All these worries were causing her to lose her sense of reality. In fact, she had been so preoccupied with these thoughts that she hadn't even heard the door opening and closing behind her.

'There you are!' Marduk called out towards her. 'I just had to get away from Lee and Anna. They were arguing like a couple of children!' He noticed he wasn't getting any kind of response from her at all. From the way she was standing, she almost seemed sad to an extent. 'Hey, are you alright?'

'Why do you keep following me?' She questioned.

'Well you know' I felt like spending a beautiful night like this in the company of a beautiful woman.' He noted in another failing attempt to get her to open up with him.

'Please' you don't even know what I look like.' She responded without even turning to face him. 'If you want to win me over then you might as well just forget it. Besides that, I'm not worth it?'

'Don't flatter yourself babe, I just wanted to get some action!' He gave himself yet another mental slap for that last remark. The fact that she gave no response was probably worse than actually getting told off. Marduk would have to remind himself next time that joking around with this woman was out of the question. 'Seriously though, you interest me, and there has been something I've been meaning to ask you.'

Kunimitsu continued to look up at the stars. She figured she might as well just play along with him since he couldn't seem to take a hint. 'Yeah, what is it?'

Marduk slowly took a step towards her. 'What did Lee mean when he mentioned the Cold Sleep experiment?'

She sighed heavily and looked down towards the ground below. This wasn't really a subject she enjoyed talking about. 'Well, I may look like I'm not even twenty years old yet, but I'm actually older than you are. It was a little over twenty years ago in fact; I was involved in a dispute with my former teacher. Our quarrels even forced us to fight against one another. He ended up defeating me in battle. I was badly injured and he just left me there for dead' Not long after than, Heihachi's forces found me and cryogenically froze my body for the next few decades. To make a long story short, I've lost most of my memories in the process.' Kunimitsu found it odd that she was explaining all of this to Marduk. She gazed back at the stars and shivered as another cool breeze hit her bare skin. 'Now' I've joined up with these maniacs in the hopes of facing my teacher once more. Either I somehow defeat him and possibly regain my memories, or he will finish me off for good this time. Whatever may happen, I will accept the outcome. I really have no right to be alive after all.'

Marduk frowned upon hearing this. He didn't really like to see someone just throw their life away, making the same mistakes he himself once made. 'Well, sometimes I have trouble figuring out who I am as well. As you probably already know, I am a convicted murdered. Though I never meant to kill anyone, it was still my fault. Ever since that day, I've always had trouble looking into the mirror. I might never be able to forgive myself.' He paused momentarily. 'I've only joined onto this silly project because I hope to make some slight bit of redemption by supporting my parents for what little time they have left. I know it's not much, but it's the least I can do to make it up to them after they had to find out their son was a murderer.' Marduk laughed briefly at the hilarity of the predicament he'd put himself into. 'However, it seems as if I made a foolish choice once more. Heihachi is not the kind of person I would be proud to be in league with.'

Marduk smiled warmly and moved a few feet closer to her, removing his jacket in the process. 'Don't let it get you down too much, just make a new life for yourself. You're still young; you'll be defined by what you do in the future, not by what's occurred in the past. So for now, try to just forget about it. It's not worth throwing your life away over.'

Kunimitsu felt tears begin to well up in her eyes. For the first time in as long as she could remember, she was actually crying. It seemed as if all her emotions she kept bottled up were finally finding their way to the surface. She closed her eyes tightly as she felt his jacket being placed on her shoulders. Her mind began to race back and forth. Maybe he was right, maybe she should just forget about the past. There might be things that she wouldn't want to remember. Either way, she had to finish things with Yoshimitsu before she would be able to move along with her life. There was a score to be settled, and this was a matter of pride. However, even without finding out about her past, Marduk's words might help her move on in the future.

'Just so you know, I have your back around here from now on.' Marduk noted. He didn't know why, but he had the strong urge to look after her ever since he had heard her story. That woman may put on a strong front, but it was obvious that she'd become quite fragile on the inside. This might be his opportunity at redemption, his opportunity to ensure that someone else didn't have to go through what he had. Besides that, he liked her. She was beginning to remind him of a younger sister. Though he couldn't understand why that was seeing as how he'd never had one of his own.

Kunimitsu hugged the jacket tightly around her body. 'Thank you' For everything?' She had spoken sincerely toward him for the first time since they'd met. She wasn't completely sure if she could trust him as of yet, but he had actually shown her kindness despite how cold she was toward him.

'Hey, don't mention it.' He turned to face the balcony doors once more. 'I'm heading back in now, see you later.'

'Goodnight?' She remarked softy. Kunimitsu looked up towards the moon, trying to gather what strength she had left so she could attempt to pull herself together. This just wasn't her. She didn't let her emotions get out of check like this. Never in her life had she allowed herself to break down, especially in the presence of another person. All she knew now was that she could never go on with her life as long as this inner turmoil continued. Silently, she wondered if Yoshimitsu was looking up at the same moon right now.

'Well, that's my good deed for the year.' Marduk muttered as he reentered the ballroom. He didn't know where he got those words of encouragement from, but he had to admit he was proud of himself. It wasn't too often that he actually helped someone else out. He couldn't do that too often, however. If people heard he was getting soft, it could ruin his reputation.

Marduk stopped cold in his tracks as a dead silence fell upon the room. Despite a few whispers, one could probably hear a pin drop. It took only a few seconds for Marduk to locate the source of the disturbance.

Heihachi Mishima slowly walked through the crowd, making his way towards the throne in the front of the room. Following him closely behind, were Dr. Abel and an unmasked Tekken Force member. Marduk quickly realized that the man must have been Cypher. The two men behind Heihachi stopped just before they reached the stairs and then turned to face the rest of the people in the room. Heihachi, however, continued up and stood in front of his throne so that all would be able to see him. At this point, Marduk was completely confused as to what was transpiring.

'Ladies and gentleman, I thank for coming this evening. Now as investors, you've probably been wondering what you're money has been going towards.' Heihachi mouth began to curve into a wicked smile. Slowly, he removed his tiger print jacket and set it down on the chair behind him. 'Well, after years of research, the first stage in my plan is complete?'

Marduk watched in horror as bolts of electricity suddenly began to emerge from Heihachi's body. They continued to surround him, seemingly intensifying with each passing second. The lights in the entire room began to flicker from the immense power which was now emanating off of Heihachi. His eyes began to glow bright yellow, and his skin turned a dark shade of black. Horns burst out of Heihachi's head with a sickening crack. The shirt he was wearing began to stretch and rip for some strange reason. Marduk quickly figured out the answer as a pair of demonic black wings sprouted forth from his back. Heihachi let out a violent scream and arched his back as the strange electrical field shot off of his body and created a dome around him, tearing up the ground as it came in contact with it. This must have been it, the devil form which Marduk had heard rumors of and which Heihachi mentioned during the board meeting. 'What the hell have I joined up with?' Was all Marduk could manage to say.

Heihachi struggled to breathe for almost half a minute. The transformation took a lot out of him, and he still wasn't quite used to it yet. It had only been a few hours since the procedure was completed, so his body still hadn't regained a lot of its lost energy. He slowly looked up to see all of the horrified faces around the crowd. Save for Bryan Fury, everyone else looked as if they were about to piss their pants. He couldn't blame them though; he still wasn't quite used to it either. Heihachi knew something needed to be done before a riot broke out. It was time to see just who was with him and who was against his goals.

'Do I hear any objections?' He called out in a booming voice. That would be the signal for his men. Several armed solider ran in through the large doors at the far end of the room. Even as they began surrounding the frightened guests, more soldiers burst through the large glass windows, unhooking the grappling ropes from their belts as they landed. Throughout the room, screams and the clicking of machine guns could be heard. 'Anyone?' He repeated.

As Heihachi watched to see if anyone stepped forward to oppose him, Cypher heard a loud beeping coming from his radio. When he went to answer it, all he heard was gunfire followed by static. He turned toward Heihachi and called out to him, 'We have an intruder!'

'Excellent?' Heihachi remarked with a smile.


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