Chapter 5

Chapter 5
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Sorry for the long delay. Tekken 5 sort of killed all my aspirations for this story and ruined what little credibility it had. Anyway, try to think of this story as what would happen if Tekken 5 never existed. :p

The Staff of Ogre

Chapter 5: Yoshimitsu's fury

Somewhere in the skies over California

Cypher stared at the metal floor of the Mishima Zaibatsu helicopter for what seemed like ages. Currently, Cypher and several members of the Tekken force where headed towards their target point somewhere in San Francisco. Heihachi had sent them overseas to set the first stage of his plan into motion. Cypher was ordered to attack Marshall Law's dojo and eliminate the Law's as well as Paul Phoenix. If the Tekken Force members were unable to complete their task, then Cypher's backup plan was to lure the survivors to the Zaibatsu at any price.

'This should be fun?' Cypher muttered. He was looking forward to testing his own abilities against that of three very accomplished fighters. He was positive that the other fools traveling with him would be quickly disposed of by their more than worthy adversaries. Having to fight three men at once would be a challenge, but that was nothing new for Cypher. Being an assassin for hire, he was well versed in the art of combat and would be more than ready to overcome any obstacle which came his way.

Cypher was a cold and merciless man who enjoyed killing. To him, killing was an art. He took up this profession for that exact reason. Unlike most assassins, Cypher got into the business because he enjoyed the job more than he did the payoff afterwards. In fact, he had spent the entire flight thinking up clever and unique ways to kill the Law family as well as Paul Phoenix. So far, he was leaning towards crippling one of the Law's and making him watch his family and friends were slaughtered. The look of horror on that person's face would be more than enough to satisfy his sick and twisted desires.

'ETA to target, 10 minutes.' The pilot called out from the cockpit. The members of the Tekken Force began loading their weapons and locking their equipment into place. Most of the men seemed rather nervous as they fumbled around in the poorly lit helicopter.

Cypher glanced at his watch one last time before the chopper landed. Currently, he was at least an hour ahead of schedule. That would give him some extra time to complete his mission and return to Japan by the deadline. The assassin quickly checked over his gear in preparation for the upcoming battle.

Dr. Boskonovitch's Home

Dr. Boskonovitch watched on as Yoshimitsu sat back in a recliner with his eyes focused on the television screen. The Manji leader was currently mesmerized by another one of those video games he always seemed to play in his spare time. The doctor was beginning to grow annoyed with the entire event. Every time Yoshimitsu stopped by for an armor upgrade,. he always vegetated for hours afterwards in front of Boskonovitch's big screen TV.

'How long do you plan to rot your brain with that stuff?' Boskonovitch asked curiously.

'Not now doc! I am almost on the final stage!' Yoshimitsu replied without taking his eyes off the screen.

It was true, Yoshimitsu knew he did spend far too much time fooling around with these games when there were other things to do. Even with the money they had stolen from Heihachi, the Manji clan was still badly undermanned. There were just not enough members to be able to aid every needy person they came upon. Still, most men would be happy with themselves if they had managed to help as many people as Yoshimitsu had. However, Yoshimitsu was not the type of man to give up no matter how few oppressed and/or poor people were left in the world. He was also not the type to sit back and allow evils such as the Mishima Zaibatsu to continue to exist in the world. Currently, he as formulating a strategy which might help bring down the evil corporation once and for all. However, to make such a strike, the Manji clan would need far more manpower than what they had. Such complicated issues were the reason why he was taking a break in the first place.

The Zaibatsu itself had its hands in what seemed like everything these days. They owned companies that made everything from computers to shampoo. Hell, even the video game he was playing was developed by a company which the Zaibatsu owned. Heihachi made it blatantly obvious that he was using these forms of media to make himself look like the good guy in order to take the public's attention away from his more shady dealings. The Zaibatsu even managed to portray him as the hero in the fighting game Yoshimitsu was playing. Heihachi's character was far stronger than any other character in the game. In fact, most of the other characters were made as stabs towards Heihachi's enemies. Yoshimitsu's favorite was the sword wielding clown who led a band of ex circus freaks turned criminals. Though Heihachi's inside joke was far from funny, Yoshimitsu had to admit that they managed to get a lot of his moves down pat.

Yoshimitsu had finally managed to win his game and he watched as the credits began to roll. Suddenly, the sound of the doorbell ringing caught his attention.

'Funny' I wasn't expecting any visitors today?' Dr. Boskonovitch muttered. The doctor quickly rushed towards the door while Yoshimitsu got up slowly to follow him. When he managed to open the door after removing the many locks, he found a young woman standing on his doorstep. She appeared to be a Native American wearing a brown vest and a jean skirt. Boskonovitch stood there silently for a brief moment until finally opening his mouth. 'Well hello there young lady. What brings a pretty young girl like yourself to the doorstep of this old coot?'

'Hello there, would you happen to be Dr. Boskonovitch?' The girl asked politely.

'Why yes I am! But who might you be?' The doctor replied curiously.

'How do you do' My name is Julia Chang.' The woman replied while giving him a polite bow. 'I have been looking for you for quite sometime now. I was about to give up when a person in town directed me to this location. What I wanted to ask you was if you knew where I could find Yoshimitsu at' I have heard you two have ties with one another.'

'Did I hear my name just now?' Yoshimitsu called out from behind Boskonovitch. As he stepped out into view, he spotted a familiar face standing in the doorway. He'd met Julia Chang at the last King of the Iron Fist Tournament. Yoshimitsu had come to learn of the young woman's goal to reforest her homeland. She had entered the tournament in order to retrieve some data on reforestation which was stolen by the Zaibatsu. Yoshimitsu used his spies to help trace the location of the disk to a small Mishima Zaibatsu facility near where the tournament was being held. He then helped Julia infiltrate the Zaibatsu's facility so that she would be able to get her data back. While Julia was busy with her mission, Yoshimitsu snuck off and stole an entire vault from Heihachi with the help of his clansman.

Yoshimitsu smiled and walked over toward Julia. 'Ah Ms. Chang! It is nice to see you again. So tell me, what seems to be the trouble?'

Julia watched as Yoshimitsu stepped out into the light. He looked completely different from the last time she had seen him. That was no surprise to her though. Yoshimitsu was a man who constantly alters his appearance for one reason or another. This time, he was wearing a sturdy looking suit of red and gold armor. The armor itself gave him the distinct look of some sort of futuristic samurai. He also wore a skull shaped helmet over his head and it was covered by a glass visor much like a hockey player would wear. She quickly bowed once again and replied to his question. 'I need your help once again Yoshimitsu. Dr. Abel is planning something heinous with the Genocell research he had stolen from G Corporation. When I found out that he was planning to take the research, I confronted him about it. Abel let something slip about merging human and devil cells, then he?'

'What did you say!?' Yoshimitsu practically yelled out while she was still in mid sentence. 'The devil cell' Heihachi can't be planning to use himself as a test subject, can he?' Yoshimitsu began going over everything in his mind. First there was the Staff of Ogre, and now this. Heihachi was defiantly up to something, but Yoshimitsu was still unable to piece together exactly what it was. It was most likely big, whatever it was. Heihachi would not begin hiring professional fighters unless his had some sort of scheme up his sleeve.

'What's wrong Yoshimitsu' What exactly is this devil gene he spoke of?' Julia asked curiously.

'I believe I'll field that question.' Dr. Boskonovitch interrupted. 'The devil gene itself was last seen during the second King of the Iron First tournament. The man who possessed it was known as Kazuya Mishima, someone you probably saw last tournament. Kazuya managed to turn into a creature known as Devil who was unspeakably evil and extremely powerful. It took a combined effort of several warriors until Heihachi Mishima managed to finally defeat the beast. The devil gene itself is said to increase the power of it's carrier tenfold. If Heihachi does manage to merge his own cells with the devil gene' then God help us all?' Boskonovitch trailed off.

'Yes your right?' Yoshimitsu turned back towards Julia. 'If Heihachi already has both this Genocell research and a sample of Kazuya's blood, then he's probably close to completing his goals. I think its time we act on this before things get too out of hand. Come inside Julia, we must formulate a plan at once!' Yoshimitsu declared while moving aside to allow Julia access into the home.

Julia nodded and stepped inside. 'I'm glad you've decided to cooperate. I myself would not be able to rest until all information on Genocell was safely away from Dr. Abel.' Julia quickly halted when she noticed Dr. Boskonovitch closing the front door. 'Wait a moment! I almost forgot about Tim!'

'Tim' Who are you talking about?' Yoshimitsu asked curiously.

Julia gave herself a mental slap on the forehead for having been so absent-minded. If it wasn't for Tim buying their plane tickets in the first place, she wouldn't even be here right now. 'Tim Harrison is a friend of mine. He kind of insisted on tagging along to make sure I got the research back.' Though in her mind, Julia knew he had come along to keep an eye on her. Tim seemed unable to understand that Julia was an accomplished fighter who could look after herself. He insisted she would need an escort on her trip. Even though Julia found that to be just a little insulting, she finally gave into him. Tim was her closest friend next to her mother Michelle. Besides, a little company on a long trip into a foreign country was not such a bad idea.

'Wait for me!' Tim called out as he ran towards the other three. He had to stop midway to catch his breath. Tim quickly realized that he had been holding them up so he continued running towards them as fast as he could. Once he was inside, he bent over slightly to rest his hands on his knees. 'You'..must'.be'..Dr. Boskonovitch!' Time blurted out while attempting to catch his breath.

'Why yes I am! Its a pleasure to meet you Tim.' Doctor Boskonovitch smiled and motioned towards Yoshimitsu behind him. 'And this is Yoshimitsu, leader of the Manji Clan.'

Tim glanced over towards the man Boskonovitch had introduced. Yoshimitsu was truly an intimidating man indeed. With a man like him in charge, Tim was beginning to understand why the Manji Clan had become so powerful.

Yoshimitsu silently nodded towards the man and then turned his back to the three. 'Come quickly, we have much planning to do if?' Yoshimitsu trailed off in mid sentence as he heard a familiar voice.

'Master Yoshimitsu!' A strangely dressed man called out as he jogged towards Boskonovitch's house.

'Oh my' seems this place is quite popular today.' Boskonovitch commented.

'Kenshi'! What's wrong' Why are you not protecting the village'!' Yoshimitsu demanded.

Julia raised her hand up toward her eyes to shield herself from the sun. From where she was standing, she'd been able to get a good look at the man. From what she could tell, his clothing was very similar to that of Yoshimitsu's. One of the more disturbing features about this man were that his uniform seemed to be torn and covered with blood. He wore no mask so Julia was able to get a good look at his face as well. The man looked middle aged. If Julia had to guess, she'd say he was somewhere in his forties. His hair was dark brown and covered in what appeared to be soot. His face was also blacked as if he had been burned by or at least near a fire. Despite being somewhat handsome, Julia also noticed a deep sadness in his eyes.

Kenshi came to a stop once he was within a few feet of Yoshimitsu. He was momentarily silent until he managed to catch his breath. 'The village.. It's been attack!'

Yoshimitsu could feel anger boiling up inside of him. 'Tell me Kenshi! What happened?'

Kenshi almost flinched as he heard the anger and hatred in Yoshimitsu's voice. He was afraid to see Yoshimitsu's reaction when he told him the rest of the story. Kenshi himself was also deeply angered by what had transpired. 'It was Bryan Fury sir' Somehow he managed to awaken earlier than expected. He began going on a killing spree throughout of hideout. At about the same time, Mishima Zaibatsu helicopters began attacking the village as well. They were helpless against Heihachi's troops and their weapons. Every last person in the village was slaughtered' including my wife and child?' Kenshi began to trail off during the last part. His heart had been burdened with sadness and thoughts of revenge. Even now he could still feel the tears welling up in his eyes.

Julia watched on in horror as the warrior related his tale to them. She could almost see the anger boiling within Yoshimitsu. Julia could tell that Tim had noticed it as well since he was now cowering behind her. 'That's awful'.'

Doctor Boskonovitch couldn't help but feel the same anger in which Yoshimitsu now was. He'd worked closely with the Manji Clan for some time now and he'd even grown to know some of it's members personally. The thought of any of his friends being hurt in the attack deeply troubled the doctor.

The Manji leader stared at the ground for several painstaking moments as he shook with an uncontrollable rage. He finally raised his arm up and slammed his fist into Dr. Boskonovitch's wall. The brick began to crumble and there was now a large hole were Yoshimitsu's fist had been. 'THOSE BASTARDS! How dare they attack and kill innocent refugees' Heihachi has just signed his own death warrant for this!' Yoshimitsu continued to shake with anger and he looked back towards Kenshi once again. 'Where the hell were you during all of this' You were supposed to protect them! And were the hell are the rest of my warriors'!'

Kenshi looked down towards the floor. What he had to say next would probably kill Yoshimitsu on the inside. 'I tried to protect the village.. But the odds were too overwhelming. The Zaibatsu's men captured me and I had to watch as some soldier dressed in red butchered my family right in front of me. All of the other warriors had been murdered by Bryan Fury' They even blew up out base and burned down the village. The soldiers were about to execute me as well when I managed to find an opportunity to escape. I then waited server hours in the woods until I was certain they had left. I've spent the passed day mourning for the loss of my loved ones as well as searching for any survivors' but I found no one.' Kenshi went silent for almost a minute. Reliving the events of the past few days was much harder than Kenshi would have expected. 'Just a few hours ago I also received a transmission from one of out spies. He reported that Bryan Fury knew the identities of ever last one of our agents. Apparently, that man was the only one left who hadn't been killed. Near the end of the transmission I heard screaming and then everything went silent. Since then, there has been no contact with anyone.'

Yoshimitsu stood silently as Kenshi continued on. With each new sentence came more sadness. It felt like his heart had completely sank within his chest. He thought of each and every one of his warriors as his own children. Now that Kenshi was the only one left, there was a deep whole within his heart that could never be repaired. At the same time, he couldn't help but feel sorrow for Kenshi. What he had experienced was something no man should ever have to bear witness to. He'd suddenly forgot about Julia Chang and her ambitions. All Yoshimitsu could think about now was killing both Heihachi Mishima and Bryan Fury. 'I will exact my revenge upon all of them for what they have done!' Yoshimitsu left Dr. Boskonovitch's house without saying another word.

'Wait master, I'm coming with you! I refuse to stand idly by and allow them to get away with what they have done. I will find that man in red and avenge my fallen friends and family!' Kenshi quickly began to chase after Yoshimitsu who'd already managed to travel a great distance in the matter of seconds since he left.

'You do what you need to do, but Fury is mine! That coward will pay for deceiving me and then killing my warriors!' Yoshimitsu remarked coldly without even looking back towards his student.

Julia stood motionless for only a minute until she began chasing after the other two. She had to go with them if she wanted any chance of recovering the GENOCELL data. She left in such a hurry that she completely forgot to say goodbye to Dr. Boskonovitch. 'Wait for me!' Julia called out to the Manji ninjas.

Tim politely bowed to Dr. Boskonovitch and began scratching his head. 'Its been a pleasure meeting you doctor. I have to hurry though before Julia leaves me behind again!' Tim dashed off after the other three who were almost out of sight. He was beginning to have second thoughts about coming along on this trip. Things sounded more dangerous than ever now that Yoshimitsu was going to storm the Zaibatsu with only three people to help him. Scratch that, Tim was pretty certain that he would not be of any help at all to the other fighters in the group. Even with no martial arts training at all, he promised Julia he'd look after her. Tim was not about to back out of that promise now.

'Good luck?' Doctor Boskonovitch whispered. He knew no one would hear him, but he didn't care. Those four would need all the help they could get if they were planning on storming the Zaibatsu. Boskonovitch only wished he would have been able to offer them something that might have been of some assistance. The best thing he could offer at the moment was keeping his fingers crossed for their safety. 'First things first' I have to clean up this mess he made with my wall..'


A time of relaxation and peace was just what King needed after the long months of training for the last King of the Iron Fist tournament. He'd usually spend most of his free time with the children in his orphanage. Another thing he enjoyed doing was catching up on the world news. The latest headlines in the news as of late were about some sort of museum break-in somewhere near Mexico City. Apparently, one person managed to sneak in, disable all the alarms, beat up all the guards, and steal the artifact without any help. Normally, such a story wouldn't interest King. However, the artifact which was stolen was the Staff of Ogre.

King's heart still felt the sadness of losing his mentor, the original King, because of Ogre. The young Mexican wrestler was never able to exact revenge on the beast for what he had done. Still, King was not very certain what the artifact's value was nor did he know what connection it had with Ogre. For all King knew, it could have been a weapon the monster used back when he was still alive. King was never able to get a good look at Ogre, so anything was possible. In all honesty, King was somewhat relieved that the item had been stolen. Such an artifact like that, which belonged to and evil being like Ogre, has no place in a museum. It was just hard for King to accept that anything related to Ogre would have any value whatsoever. A murdering monster such as that should stay dead and buried for good. Likewise, all items pertaining to it should be destroyed along with the creature.

The thought of Ogre killing the original King also brought back horrible memories of what happened Armor King not to long ago. Tragedy and death were two things that seemed to follow King throughout his life. Worse yet was the fact that two men who King saw as mentors and father figures had both been taken from him before their times. It was hard enough to lose one close friend, but losing two was something most men were not able to take. King always had the option of taking the easy way out and committing suicide after Armor King was killed. However, running from problems was something Armor King had always taught him never to do. Besides, King knew that Armor King would have rather had him continue on fighting than kill himself over the loss of his mentor. Rather than giving up on life, the young Mexican wrestler confronted Armor King's killer during the fourth Iron Fist tournament and defeated him. In the end, King took pity on Craig Marduk and let him live rather than finishing him off. King also knew that Armor King would have never wanted him to kill another man just for the sake of revenge.

'Mr. King' A package came in the mail for you today!' A young boy said while carrying a brown box in his small arms.

King smiled warmly at the boy. The child's name was Joaquim and he was one of the kids who lived in King's orphanage. Most of the children there were abandoned or abused by their parents before King had taken them in. Running an orphanage was defiantly difficult since King tended to get attached to most of the children just as they were about to be adopted. Helping children in need was the one thing which brought joy to King's life. Being around the children was the only time King could remove his jaguar mask and truly be himself rather than taking on the whole wrestling persona he put on for the rest of the world. Besides, a mask like the one he wore in the ring would probably scare most of the kids away. King nodded and took the package out of the child's hands. 'Thank you Joaquim! Now run along and play with your friends.'

King laughed as the young boy ran off and almost fell over his own two feet a few times. Once the child was out of sight, King began expecting the package for any sort of return address. Surprisingly, the package was labeled with the Mishima Corporation seal. King had no real idea what Heihachi Mishima would even bother sending him. When he removed the wrapping from the box and got the flaps open, what he found inside horrified him. There, above a written note, was what was left of Armor King's mask after it had been almost shredded by what looked like a knife. King began to ball up his fist in anger upon seeing this. Whoever had sent him the mask actually had to dig up Armor King's body in the first place. Not only did they have the nerve to rob Armor King's grave, but they also desecrated his beloved black jaguar mask. King was not going to stand by and allow them to destroy Armor King's legacy anymore than they already had.

As he began reading from the note, things got much clearer for King. Apparently, the man who sent the package and tore up the mask was none other than that coward, Craig Marduk. It was hard to believe Marduk had the nerve to do such a thing after King defeated him and sent him to the hospital last tournament. Marduk went so far as to rub Armor King's name into the mud by attacking him all throughout the letter. He then went on to call King a coward for not having the balls to finish him when he was down. King could not take it anymore. He tore up Marduk's note and threw it into the fireplace. King would find Marduk and finish him off once and for all for pulling a stunt like this one. Craig had even been generous enough to provide King with a return address and an invitation to fight in a rematch. Marduk had apparently found shelter at the Mishima Zaibatsu's headquarters and was most likely helping them with whatever underhanded scheme Heihachi was planning this time. King decided he's pay Heihachi and Marduk a visit to see what was truly going on between them. When King met Marduk in battle this time, they would play for keeps.


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