Chapter 3

Chapter 3
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The Staff of Ogre

Chapter 3: A storm is brewing

Marshall's Dojo

Forest Law stood on the sidelines, watching his father fight. Marshall's opponent for the afternoon was none other than his long time friend and rival, Paul Phoenix. At the moment, it would seems as if Paul had the upper hand. This did not surprise Forest, however, because he'd seen those two battle so many times before. Their fights usually go either way. Sometimes Paul wins, and sometimes Marshall wins. As far as Forest could tell, they were evenly matched. Paul had the advantage in strength, but Marshall had the advantage as far as speed and technique were concerned.

'What is the matter Marshall, age slowing you down?' Paul remarked while sending a kick directed right for Marshall's jaw.

Marshall was able to dodge the blow, and at the same time sweep Paul's feet out from under him. 'Yeah right'. Just see if you can keep up old man!'

Paul reflexively reached his arms behind him in order to help break his fall. Upon landing, he quickly jumped back to his feet and attempted to finish Marshall off with one of his Phoenix Smashers. Once again, Marshall was able to dodge the blow, causing Paul's hand to only slightly graze Marshall's side. 'Lucky thing too,' Marshall thought, since being hit by one of Paul's punches is the equivalent of being hit by a tractor trailer. Paul's error left him open for Marshall to deliver a finishing blow. Marshall quickly grabbed the back of Paul's head, and lifted his knee right up to smash it in Paul's face. Paul knew what was coming, but unfortunately, he was not able to avoid it. Paul was sent skidding across the floor, right into the solid stone wall of the dojo.

'Aww damn!' remarked Paul, while rubbing the back of his head. 'Looks like you got lucky this time, but the next time I won't go so easy on you!'

'Sure thing Phoenix, the only person whose lucky around here is you! You could have ended up leaving here in a wheel chair!' Marshall responded with a chuckle. He then turned to his son, Forest. 'Hope you were taking notes Forest, this is how us grown-ups fight.'

Forest smiled at his father, and wittingly remarked, 'Sure' guess I got at least half a century till I am at your level'. of age and fighting ability of course.'

Marshall rolled his eyes at his son's sarcastic comment. Forest was the spitting image of his father, only Marshall wasn't totally sure that that was a good thing. Marshall was certain of one thing though, that Forest would make quite a name of himself in his lifetime. Marshall was very proud of his son, and when the time came, he would be more than happy to hand over the Dojo to Forest.

'Crap' my head is pounding. Hey Marshall, do you have any aspirin around here?' Paul cut in.

'Maybe you should find a new training partner, I am just too good for you these days. What about that bear that always follows you around' He is probably free to train with you.' Marshall said with a smile.

'Ugh, don't remind me about that thing. Besides, I think Kuma usually trains with Heihachi anyway.' Paul replied, while fixing his hair in the mirror. It was then, that Paul saw the reflection of young man entering through the front door of the dojo. When he turned around to get a better look, he recognized the individual. The young man was known as Hwoarang, a fighter from the King Of Iron Fist Tournaments. Paul, however, had no idea why the young man would be visiting Marshall's Dojo. Paul then turned his attention to Marshall so he could inform him of the visitor. 'Well'. Looks like we have company.'

Heihachi's Office

Heihachi had been reading over some paperwork in his office, when he heard a knock at his door. 'I thought I said no interruptions!' he yelled, while getting up from his chair. His anger quickly left him, however, when he found that the sultry Nina Williams was the one who had knocked.

Cypher, who was standing just behind Nina, was the first to open his mouth. 'Here is Nina Williams, just as you requested.' He then bowed to Heihachi, and walked off, leaving the two alone.

'Well then Nina, why don't you come in!' exclaimed Heihachi, as he moved aside to let her in. While Nina walked past, Heihachi made it obvious what his intentions were. He moved his eyes up and down her body, making sure to examine every curve.

'If you don't stop staring at me, I will gouge your eyes out!' Nina replied calmly, showing her already obvious distaste for the man. 'Now make this quick, who are you and why have you summoned me?'

'Well I see the rumors are true, you have lost all of your memories due to your time spent in cryosleep!' Heihachi replied with a smile. 'But I will be brief, the reason I called you here is because I am interested in your 'services'. I already have your sister Anna working for me, but two heads are better than one as they always say!'

'What kind of services?' Nina hesitantly asked. 'And I have no sister! I do not know what your talking about!' she snapped back at him.

'Well you see, I want you to give your body to me. And in return, I promise to spare your life when I begin my reign of terror!' Heihachi replied calmly. With each passing moment, the smirk on his face continued to grow wider and wider. In his mind, he knew Nina would not refuse his offer. Not only would she be useful in fulfilling his twisted desires, but she would also help him crush all of the martial artists that still stood in his way.

'Never!' Nina shot back. 'I would never belittle myself to take such a disgusting offer, even if it meant losing my life!' She then reached toward the sheath on her upper thigh, and drew a shuriken from it. She began circling around Heihachi, keeping a close eye on the man's every move. She stopped momentarily, with her back to the office door. Unfortunately for her, however, she did not hear the door behind her creep open, nor did she hear the footsteps until it was too late.

Just then, Nina dropped her weapon and fell to the ground. Standing above her fallen body, was none other than her sister Anna. 'Foolish bitch, you were always the stupid one in the family!' she said calmly, while a twisted smile began to form on her face.

'Excellent job Anna, now take her down to the holding cells and lock her up! I still have plans for my beautiful Nina.' Heihachi boasted.

'As you wish, love.' Anna bent down, and picked up the fallen body of her sister. She then threw her unconscious form over her shoulder and calmly made her way out of Heihachi's office. Just as she got out into the corridor, she heard the door slam shut behind her. She shrugged this off and headed down toward the elevators at the far end of the hallway. As she passed by, several of the guards shot confused glances at her and her sister. She did not notice this, however, for she was already deep in thought.

'Don't take this personal sis, it is only business.' Anna whispered to her, though she doubted Nina could hear her at the moment. She still cared somewhat for her estranged sibling, but she would sell out her own mother for the right price. In her mind, money was the most important thing in the world. She would go to any length to obtain it, even becoming Heihachi's personal whore.

Anna finally arrived at the elevator and hit the down button. After waiting impatiently for several long minutes, a loud ding rang out and the doors finally opened. She hurried inside, and then hit the button for the second basement level, in which the holding cells were. Her arms were getting sore, so she momentarily set Nina down on the floor to give herself some rest. Through it all, she couldn't help but wonder why a rich man such as Heihachi could not afford faster elevators. Finally, after a painfully long ride, the elevator arrived at it's destination.

The doors slide open, reveling an almost medieval-like dungeon. Even though the it was spacious and roomy, the prison was still very dark and dirty. It was obviously built to house several people, most likely enemies of Heihachi who were never going to see the light of day again. At the moment, however, the only two people down there were Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama. Both of which were put in some sort of coma due to the special chains Heihachi used to bind them with. She had heard that those two were Heihachi's son and grandson. Both of which possessed the Devil Gene inside of them, one of the main ingredients in Heihachi's plan to conquer the world. Heihachi had already taken the necessary samples he needed for his experiment, but for some reason he kept both of them alive. Perhaps, somewhere in his twisted mind, he still loved both of them. Anna doubted this, however. It was more likely that he just kept them around to make them suffer.

As she pondered this, a short man with glasses jumped up from his desk and hurried over toward her. The man seemed somewhat nervous, probably from the lack of light and/or sleep. From the looks of it, he also seemed like a pretty shy person. Anna did not blame the man for this, since working alone does not give one much time to come in contact with other human beings.

'Oh Miss Anna! How may I help you today?' the guard asked politely, while giving her a salute.

Anna smiled and blushed slightly, since she enjoyed all the attention she was getting from Heihachi and his men. 'I would like you to take my sister Nina, and place her in one of the holding cells. But hurry though, she will be coming to soon.'

She motioned toward Nina, who was still lying on her back inside of the elevator. Anna made sure to move Nina's legs out, to keep the door from shutting completely. The guard hurried over and scooped up Nina's body into his arms, then headed down the hall to one of the cells on the far right. Anna took notice to the fact that the man's hands seemed to be 'wandering' to places they shouldn't. She was about to say something, but decided to let it slide. Anna had more important things to worry about at the moment. As long Nina did not manage to escape, Anna would be satisfied.

She took one last look down the hall before letting the elevator doors shut once again. Her hands lingered near the buttons momentarily, as if she was deciding where she would go next. 'Think I will go take a nap?' she trailed off. Since the Mishima Zaibatsu was such a well funded organization, Heihachi was gave Anna her own private suite on the fourteenth floor. The accommodations were nice, much better than her crumby apartment in fact. Without thinking about it twice, she hit the button for the fourteenth floor and was off.

Mishima Labs

Dr. Abel looked nervously toward Lee Chaolan, who had taken it upon his liberty to disturb him during his research. Abel refused to speak up, for he was not sure if Lee was actually checking up on his research or not. Though from the looks of things, Lee just appeared to be searching for a way to cure his own boredom. At the moment, Lee and his secretary were fooling around with some very expensive equipment. Abel was beginning to grow furious with them, since they obviously had not idea what they were doing.

'Hey doc! What does this control panel over here for?' Lee asked, in a most disrespectful tone.

'Please do not touch that! It is in the process of breaking down and examining samples of the Devil Gene!' Abel snapped back, while hurrying over to get the Lee away from it as quickly as possible.

'Sheesh! Don't get so uptight old man, I wasn't going to break anything!' Lee replied calmly, while shooting a smirk toward his secretary, Catherine. 'Catherine and I were just interesting and how your research was'. Progressing.'

'He acts just like a spoiled little kid..' Abel thought to himself, while at the same time typing something into the machine Lee had questioned him about. 'Well you see, I am still in the process of analyzing the effects of the Devil Gene and the GENOCELL, when combined with human DNA. So far the experiments have been going according to plan, though I still want to run a few more tests before I actually attempt to fuse these cells with that of Heihachi.' Abel explained. Just then he noticed that Lee seemed to no longer be even listening, and this further fueled the doctor's rage. If there was something he hated above all else, it was when someone ignored him while he was speaking. Abel slammed his fists on the keyboard, causing both Lee and Catherine to shoot angry glances toward him.

'Well that was rude, you still don't even have any manners at such a ripe old age?' Lee snidely remarked. Catherine giggled at his comment and Lee continued to smirk from ear to ear like the true jackass he was.

Abel was hardly amused by the man's antics, but he had to remind himself several times that Lee was Heihachi's adopted son and was not to be harmed. So rather than continuing the argument, Abel decided it best to just ignore the man and continue with what he was working on. 'Ah yes! According to my latest experiment, I was able to completely merge the Devil Gene and human DNA with absolutely no side effects! I must inform Heihachi immediately, he will be most pleased with my findings!'

'So your saying the experiments were a success, and my father will be able to carry out his plans?' Lee asked with much curiosity. It seemed as if Abel's last remark had caught the man's full attention, for he was no longer fiddling around with any of the machines.

Abel did not ever bother to raise his head when he responded to the man, 'No not yet, we still need to get a sample of Ogre's DNA, and decipher if it is even possible to combine it with the Devil Gene. However, before we can even do that, we need to resurrect the beast from it's eternal slumber.'

Catherine looked somewhat uneasy from Abel's last remark. 'Where is the creature?' she asked, with a tone of caution now beginning to overtake her voice.

Abel pointed over toward a strange looking capsule in the far right corner of the room, it was easily large enough to house a very tall man. 'We have been keeping it in cold storage, so that it's body will not decay past any usability.'

Lee casually made his way over toward the capsule, and took a moment or two to inspect it when he arrived. Finding a small window on the front of the capsule, he leaned over to it to try and catch a glimpse of what was inside. What he found, was far beyond anything he had ever seen in his entire life. The creature looked almost as it could be a man, save for the fact that it's skin was a dark shade of green. Judging by the size of the capsule, the creature had to at least be over 7 feet tall, and it's body was completely covered with muscles. Lee was beginning to understand why a monster such as this one, was known as the 'God of Fighting'.

'It's marvelous, isn't it' A true scientific wonder?' Abel sounded as if he was going into another one of his trances, almost like he was hanging on every word he spoke.

'Yeah' but if you ask me, he is one ugly thing isn't he' But I suppose every fighter can't be as witty or good looking as I?' Lee peaked into the window once more, before continuing his evaluation of the beast. 'And he's tacky dresser at that?'

'WATCH YOUR MOUTH YOU INSOLENT TWIT!' Abel snapped, having obviously heard enough from Mr. Chaolan. 'Show some respect, Ogre is a far superior being to the weak, pathetic human race. Besides that, your not such a great dresser yourself!'

Lee curled his hand into a fist, and then punched the top of the capsule with all of his might. This not only dented the metal paneling of the machine, but also nearly gave Abel a heart attack. 'No one insults my sense of style! I am far ahead of the times old man, and you'll be long dead before the world even comes close to catching up!' To anyone else, Lee's statement would probably sound ridiculous, but Lee took his fashion seriously. 'But doctor, I have one more question?' Lee remarked, having decided to change the subject once again.

'Yes what is it' Ask quickly, then take your little whore of a secretary and get the hell out of my lab!' Abel snapped back at Lee once again, having had his fill of conversation for one day.

Catherine was about to say something in her defense, but Lee quickly raised his hand to silence her before she could even begin. 'I have heard rumors that Manji Party has been planning an assault against this facility. I was just curious as to what you planned to do if they arrived before you were able to complete your research.'

A twisted smile began to form on Abel's face, as if he had been hoping that someone would ask that question sooner or later. 'Well you see Lee'. I already have an operative inside the Manji's Hideout. He allowed himself to be captured by Yoshimitsu, while using a false tale about needing his body repaired by Doctor Boskonovitch. You see, Boskonovitch is my arch rival, and with luck, my operative will destroy him along with the entire Manji Party. I even went to great lengths as to pay off one of the members of the Manji Clan, to ensure my operative awoke him from his slumber, before Boskonovitch got a chance to begin work on the man's new body. If every thing has gone according to plan, by my calculations, my operative will be revived and will begin carrying out his mission any minute now?'

Manji Hideout

Deep in the bowls of the Manji facility, inside one of Doctor Boskonovitch's many laboratories, lay the body of Bryan Fury. He had been in a deep slumber since the end of the last tournament, due to some drugs given to him by Dr. Boskonovitch. By leaving himself in such a vulnerable position, he would be taking quite a risk. However, if he completed his task, the payoff afterwards would be well worth the danger involved. During the entire time he slept, the only thing he dreamed about was how he would complete the mission ahead of him. It was almost time, however, for him to awaken from his dreams.

The door to the laboratory crept open, and a shadowy form made it's way inside. When it entered the light, it's features began to take form. The form it took, was that of a man. He was dressed completely in black, as was the standard for most lower level Manji fighters. The ninja was not quite as fit as most other members, in fact he was a few pounds over the standard for a person of his height. Combine that with the fact that he wore a thick pair of glasses, and that made for one very unusual looking ninja warrior to say the least.

Though no one else was in the near vicinity, the man continued to sneak around as if he was actually in some sort of dangerous situation. He made his way over toward where Bryan now lay, and began to fish around in his pocket for something. Thick beads of sweat began to form on the man's forehead, due to the immense stress of his mission. If anyone happened to catch him, he would cast out of the clan for certain. It was not the threat of exile that scared him, however, rather the thought of getting on the bad side of the Zaibatsu for failing the mission.

Finally, his hand emerged from his pocket, and brought with it a very large hypodermic needle. Contained within the needle's tube, was a solution that would awaken Bryan Fury from his coma. The ninja reached over, and took hold of Bryan's left arm. He quickly jabbed it into the Fury's bicep, and emptied all of the solution into the man's bloodstream.

Within a matter of moments, Bryan's eyes snapped open and he quickly sat up. The whole experience had been somewhat of a shock to him, and at the moment he was having trouble figuring out where he was. His eyes finally fell upon the ninja, who seemed somewhat frightened by the whole incident. 'Ugh' I feel like I've been hit by a truck?' was all he could manage to say at the moment.

The ninja attempted to regain his composure while giving the man a shaky reply, 'Yes, that is to be expected, you've been sleeping quite a long time. But you must hurry up and complete your mission, before any of the other guards realize what has happened. Oh and by the way, I left a map for you over on that table over there.'

Bryan looked over toward the table that the man was now pointing towards and sure enough, there was a map lying there. He began to go over the objectives of his mission once again, just to make sure he had it all down pat. His objectives were pretty straight forward; eliminate all members of the Manji Party, locate the armory, and use any explosives he found in there to destroy the facility.

'Well if you don't mind, I think I will be getting out of here before the party starts?' the ninja said, interrupting Bryan's train of thought.

'Just one moment please?' Bryan replied, while slowly getting onto his feet.

This caused the ninja to stop dead in his tracks, and turn back toward where Bryan was standing. 'Yes' Something wrong?'

The corner of Bryan's lips began to curve into a wicked smile, as he slowly made his way toward the man. He stopped just inches away from him, his eyes locked with those of the ninja's. 'Dr. Abel gave me one more objective, which he conveniently forgot to tell you'.. Leave no loose ends?' Bryan trailed off cryptically, and began to pull his arm back. Before the frightened man even had time to react, Fury sent a fatal blow from his fist aimed directly at the man's stomach. When the punch connected, it did not send the man flying across the room, nor did it knock him over. In fact, Bryan's fist went completely through the man and came out the other side. The ninja let out a few muffled gargles, and then fell lifeless to the floor. Bryan's arm was now completely covered in blood, and there was now a large pool of it forming around the man's fallen body.

Bryan simply shrugged the whole incident off, and made his way toward the table where the map was. He scooped it up into his arms, and took a few minutes to read over it carefully. According to what he saw, the armory was located three levels up, on the far end of the west wing. As long as he did not alert the entire base at once, his mission would most likely be a breeze. Just as he finished gazing over the map, the doors to the laboratory opened once again. Into the room, stepped two more ninja's dressed similarly to the man Bryan had just killed. One of them was carrying a staff in his hands, while the other appeared to be weaponless. They were talking amongst themselves, and did not notice Bryan's presence immediately. One of them, however, spotted the dead man's body that was lying on the laboratory floor.

'Holy shit! What the hell happened here?' the one quickly shot in. It was then, that he also spotted Bryan standing by one of the tables. 'You did this! Didn't you'!' You'll pay for this with your life coward!' The ninja with the staff yelled, and began to charge toward Bryan before his friend even had a chance to react. The ninja jumped through the air, and swung his staff at the now motionless form of Bryan.

As the staff headed directly for his head, Bryan raised his arm up in an attempt to block it. The staff connected with Bryan's arm and broke in half almost immediately, leaving not even a scratch on him. The ninja could only look on in horror, as Bryan's fist came swiftly toward his face. The blow connected with it's target, causing a sickening crunch. The man's lifeless body skidded across the floor, blood now beginning to seep out of his mouth. Rather than waste anytime admiring his handiwork, Bryan began motioning toward the second man while laughing in a most sadistic way.

Rather than stand and fight, the ninja bolted toward the open laboratory doors. Just as he reached freedom, he felt a pair of hands rap themselves around his throat. His was quickly dragged back inside, and pulled toward a corner of the room. The last thing he heard before his neck snapped, was the insane laughter of Bryan Fury.

Bryan dumped the body of the third ninja, into one of the corners of the room. Now that he had finished with those two, he was free to continue on with his mission. He quickly grabbed the map for the table and walked toward the open doors once again. 'Well if all the Manji Party members are as weak and pathetic as those three were, I should be in for quite a fun day.' Bryan remarked with a smile.


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