strange circumstances

strange circumstances
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[pgstyle]Hwaorang rubbed the unpleasant pain that was spreading through his jaw in varying degrees of severity. "Jesus..woman! don't have to hit so hard everytime" He mumbled furrowing his brows.

Xiao Yu grimaced and leaned her back on a wall: "....seriously Hwaorang..I really can't figure out why you always have to be such a jerk. Can't you be least... for a like a nice gentleman...if you can't...maybe even pretend to be one? Do you find it enjoyable and amusing when you make me angry?...." She sighed after a long pause before saying in a softer tone".... or it just my problem...that I'm just overreacting and that I should control my temper? "

Hwaorang was still rubbing his jaw, his expression full of pain.

Xiao Yu gave him a lethargic glance before dropping her head. "Fine...I'm sorry that I've hit you..and I should not..I shouldn't even hit you at all...I know it is use physical violence to solve anything............".

"Forgiven" He cut in before she could finish her words. She looked up at him and he smiled broadly. Swinging his duffel backpack on his shoulder, he asked enthusiastically. "So? aren't you going to show me around your homey monastery like a good host supposed to do?"

However, Xiao Yu did not move from her spot. Instead, she slumped lower as if all the energy was sucked out of her.

Upon seeing Xiao Yu's dispirited expression, it threw Hwaorang in a state of confusion.
He advanced forward to face her. With a raised quizzical eyebrow, he tried to make eye contact with her in which she avoided with a menace. She maintained her silence and kept her head bowed.
"Ling...are you still mad at me? ...what's wrong?". A deep concern etched upon Hwaorang's voice.

"No...something is bothering you...."
"I don't know...just...feeling horrible about myself. Here I am....thinking about cultivation....and all these months in the monastery..what am I cultivating"
"Ling..just let go....relax...".
"Hworang? why did you come here?"
"huh? why? what you mean?"
"Are you running away from something such as....bankruptcy?"
"Gangsters are after you?"
"Hell NO!" Pure bewilderment crossed his eyes.
"You committed a crime and Uncle Lei is looking for you?"
"Haha...this is getting funny.. listen Ling....I told you already in my letter" He began gesturing wildly, as though
"It is Jin"
A sudden flicker in Hwaorang's eyes....but it was gone the instant it surfaced.
"What about him?"
"You seen him?"
"What are you talking about?"
Hwaorang relaxed.

Ling gave him a piercing look. "Hwaorang..there is no world taekwondo competition being held in came all the way here from must have a purpose".
After a brief pause.

Hwaorang looked up the sky and put up his hands in a gesture of surrendering. "Allright...allright! You win! Fine...I am in trouble...I can't go back to Korea because I'm running away from an arranged marriage".

"You what???" Xiao Yu gaped in astonishment "You? getting married?".

"Yea...My mom picked a wife for me...Think about it..I can't even trust my mom to pick my style of clothings.....and my mom is choosing a wife for me. ???"

"well..who knows..maybe you'll like her...maybe it'll work out for haven't met her yet have you?".

"Oh yes I have...but it won't work out in the long term".
"How you know?"
"Just everything! We don't share the same goals or interest...put it simply.. true love is looking at the same direction...and we aren't looking at the same direction. Maybe if we do get married....both of our family business is looking at the same direction...but...I don't give a damn about it. Anyways...what my mom is doing will ruin my ife. I told her if by three months the engagement is not off, I will shave my head and become a monk".

"Hwaorang...that's impossible. one of the rules of monasticism is to have parental consent before entering into monkhood".

"The better...I'll just pretend".

"Hwaorang...this is not something to joke around with...You can't pretend you are practicing celibacy when you aren' will pile up a lot of bad karma from transgression such as dishonesty and lying...I can't allow such things in our monastery to happen...for your sake as well..the retribution of deceiving others will be the karma of getting reborn as dogs or being born in lower realms after the breakup of your body."

"Come on Ling...I have no where to go from here now...and I need to save up".

"your mom cut your credit line?... how long are you planning to stay here?"

"I don't know...three months maybe...listen, this is my plan. I'll stay here till the summer ends. We'll fly back together to Japan..You attend your first year..I continue attending my third year of then...I could get a part time job at the police department."

"just in case that you can't find a you going to pay for your tuition if your mom still have your credit line cut and you weren't working in the summer?"

"good question. So that's where you come into the picture. I'll borrow some money from you and...I'll pay you back when I graduate"

"Right Hwaorang...that sure is very convenient way of getting now I'm your bank machine".

"I promise I'll pay you back."

"I'm not doubting you financially..I'm still wondering if my grandpa will let you stay for 3 months...that is very long stay...I still think the best way to solve this is try talking to your mom. She can't do much if you aren't in love with the girl. Besides...that girl might hate you and think the same...she might not want to marry you...ever thought of that?"

"It is not so simple like you think it is. There is lots of politics going on...and that girl has no mind of her own...I don't want a wife who always say yes to me or yes to her parents.."

"I don't get it...if she is pretty and she is obedient....aren't she the type of woman all man wants to have for a wife? If your mom likes this girl a lot...she must have seen some potential in her in which you haven't think?"

"Look Yu...don't try to figure out everything in an objective point of view...this arranged marriage is purely linked to the wish of making more profits by forming a family business ... don't confuse marriage with and love does not mix...well..maybe it does in a way...but ....for does not. like I say is looking at the same direction with your partner"

"Same direction? You are out of your mind Hwaorang.. What kind of girl will share the same goals with you? Be the best fighter? Run the largest Taekwondo Dojo around the world?"

"Ling..what do you know about love?"

"Hey! I have.... dated before"

"how long? with who? JIN?..I bet all you guys ever did was just went out for a couple of drinks or maybe a few movies..and that's it and you call that dating?"

"Yes..that is a good enough date...what else do you expect? long that I was made to feel I'm the most speacial girl in Jin's eye..I'm satisfied..." Xiao Yu bowed her head hiding her flushed cheeks.

Hwaorang recalled the days in Mishima High. Strangely enough..Jin never associate with any girls except the pig tailed girl ..Ling. Hwaorang shuddered with the thought of Jin...not only is he a devil...he has a Lolita complex in him....but then again....
Hwaorang scanned Ling walking beside him now...

Ling suddenly looked up, unable to bear the silence between them: "what are you thinking?"

"So..are we dating now because I'm hanging out with you?"

Ling glared coldly at him.

"eerr...umm...just joking...ah haha..." Hwaorang run a finger through his front locks "you know Ling...the case with Jin..he isn't human now... That guy is really screwed up."

"Don't SAY THAT" Ling protested defensively.

"Ling..he is not the Jin that we all know of...he isn't anymore....the last I saw him...he nearly killed me. I fought Jin before...and I can tell..I his physical body has changed...."
"No...he is still JIn!..inside..he is still Jin..You don't know anything about him Hwaorang...What do you know about him?"
"I guess it is human nature to bend the truth ...inorder to see what one is desiring to see"
"No...He is still Jin. I can tell it was him!"
"What did you say?"
"No Ling..what did you say?"
"..something happened right? saw him? when?"
"No....I mean...I just...I just have a lot of dreams about seeing him lately....he seems to be suffering a lot...and he needs my help"
"He is nothing but a devil's claim...he is consumed by darkness...he won't come back anymore..even if he does...he is a devil. If you ever see a devil..I'll tell you what you shold be either run with your life or you fight him...understand Ling? Do you understand what I'm saying? He does not need your help or sympathy..or even love...he won't know the difference between love and hate...everything to him is just something to be destroyed.. If he shows up in your either run away from him or you kill him to get away from him"

" Ling....I know...I've been through this phase...I totally understand how you are feeling right now...but time will tell ...what you are feeling just...temporary insanity...its just...hormones you know..."

"Hwaorang!!! You got it all wrong..."

"we are all mature enough to admit our know...desires or affections...there is nothing really wrong about that Ling..I know you still like admit it"

" don't understand me at all"

"Don't lie to me Ling"

"It is not what you think Hwaorang."

"then what's with the lingering attachment...if you've been dreaming about him..then you must be thinking of him constantly"

"I don't know..Hwaorang..I admit that I do care about Jin..but that is how far my affection will go. I am not the other girls...because I don't have sexual"

"You don't?"

"I...I just have a way of subsiding my mind with such thoughts "


"Look....I'm not love crazy like you think I am..the way I'm brought up is completely different....romance is not part of my culture...or upbringing...whatever you call it....I just tend to sense him deep in my heart...sometimes..I just become one with him in spirit... we all have the same nature of awareness..and when our awareness merged together...He is me and I am him... I felt his inner suffering and loneliness through my awareness or through his awareness..and whatever his mind reflected it becomes mine..feelings, mine. It is like...telepathy...when he thinks of me...I will sense him...and I could merge with his spirit and mind".

"so you saying that you are psychic?"

"I'm not saying that I'm psychic....not like my grandpa....but I can say...what I felt and what I saw were visions...I don't know how..but...i just happened to have it from time to also possess the sixth sense too or supernatural order to truly open this chakra...we can do so through spiritual progress....a high level of concentration or a high level of stillness of the heart...perhaps...through meditation..i'm not saying that I'm highly spiritual or cultivated...I'm not...I'm guessing...that maybe I've done meditation for some time now....and my sixth sense chakra opens accidentally sometimes without my awareness of it...I can become very sensitive to my surroundings or pick up some messages that were emitting from a farther distance.....and it could simply be just someone's brainwaves...the ants loud movement...even the presence of invisible spirits...".

Hwaorang said nothing. However, he recalled a few past events that were also unexplainable in which he could categorize as psychic experieces too...yet to him...there is really no doubt that Ling is deeply traumatized due to the side effects of blind the stage of undergoing temporary insanity...

time will heall...let us hope...Hwaorang contemplated grimly.[/pgstyle]


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