Mountain retreat 2

Mountain retreat 2
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[pgstyle]It was two weeks later that he finally arrived. One of the youngest novice monk rushed into the kitchen excitedly to announce his arrival to Xiao Yu. " Your friend! shih jie (sister). The one you told me about. The one that looked like red hair yaksha. He is here! Come quick!"

Xiao Yu followed after the little monk out of the kitchen. They rushed passed the dining hall and speeded up to the long corridors supported by red beams and proceeded in climbing the stairs of the pagoda.
"You can see him on the third balcony". The little monk explained and sprinted up the stairs with zeal. True enough, standing on the third balcony, Xiao Yu caught sight of Hwaorang's lone figure. He was walking up the long stairway path that leads to the monastery gates.
Xiao Yu smiled happily. She wanted to shout out Hwaorang's name but wouldn't dare for fear she might disrupt the monks who were meditating in the meditation halls. It is a great offence to disrupt a monk in his deep state of meditation, espeacially when he had attain samadhi.
Smiling happily, Xiao Yu turned to Pu Lin excitedly: "let's go down and meet him!" Pu Lin nodded eagerly and was the first to dart back down the stairs to welcome Hwaorang to the monastery.

Pu Lin looked admirably at the tall red haired Yaksha and instantly found a liking to him. The little monk politely with his palms together and a bow greeted Hwaorang solemnly. " Amitofo".

Xiao Yu thought the little monk was so cute when he did that. She always call him "ker ai xiao shar mi". ( cute little monk)

Hwaorang cocked his head sideways and looked amused: "cool..what did he say? A mi tofu?"

Xiao Yu laughed. "No , it is amitofwo or amitabha, is one of the buddha's name. We believe that saying his name or hearing his name will bring lots of merit and blessing. Thus, it is used for greeting. A good-will thought".

"Oh okay..neat." Hwaorang swung down his backpack. " Man....what a hell of a trip...this place is sure hard to many killer roads and stairs do you have to walk just to get here? There's not even a bike or a bus in sight at all. Two and a half hours of walking distance just to get me here...and some monkeys back there...they were freaking me out cuz they were stalking me ...they look like they have rabis or something".

"Animals won't bite you if you think loving kindness to them. I feed Monkeys everyday in the kitchen".

" if you radiate loving kindness...not give" Xiao Yu instructed him.

" You teaching him english?" Hwaorang asked amazed.

"yea, I am". Xiao Yu replied proudly.

"But your english is nasty and horrible!" Hwaorang teased. Putting his hand on the little guy's bald head, he said: "what's your name buddy?".
The monk said: "Pulin!".
"well, Pulin, if you ever want someone to teach you real english, that would be me not her ....and if you follow her, you'll forever be in ESL".

"What is ESL?" the little monk asked.

Xiao Yu replied indignantly:"well, now who is talking...someone seems to forget that he also has to get enrolled in ESL class too".

The monk looked sideways at Xiao Yu curiously.

Xiao Yu whispered back: "Don't listen to him. If you follow after him, all he will teach you is bad mannered words and rude colloqual english. You'll be slapped by strangers everyday for no reason if you talk exactly like him".

The little monk squirmed with the scary thought and covered his cheeks protectively with his two hands and shook his head. "No! I don't want to be slapped everyday. Isn't that painful mister?".

Hwaorang snorted:" Don't listen to her. As if I get slapped by anyone. If you see the ugliest man whose face looked like purple pulp, then you can probably ask him whether he got slapped everyday by his wife. He'll probably tell you, he was once Xiao Yu's husband....and..we all know how good Xiao Yu is at slapping people on the face.... Maybe that's why she is still single now cuz she is too scary for any men to live with...You can imagine..when she got a husband...and every word that he speaks that displeases her, ouch! he get slapped for it...and man...any good looking man whom she will get married to will basically have free face lift or free face surgery".

"I see here...somebody really want to get a slapping welcome from me" Xiao Yu crossed her arms and said in a deadly tone.

"You know Xiao Yu...I suggest you shouldn't be so picky over men...just pick the ugliest one ...just for the sake of compassion...spare the good looking ones so they can retain their true form while they were still in their early thirties".

"Why you!". Xiao Yu's fury was sparked. She chose to unleash her
anger upon him, rushing at him she was determined to at least land a slap on his flawless face.

In an instant, Hwaorang held up his forearms in a
cross-block, readied in fending off any blow that could rain on him now.

"Don't argue..." The little monk said calmly. "Shih fu said. The real truth leads to peace and harmony . Whoever is right is the one who say sorry first. To keep peace and freedom is the first step to being right. To argue is wrong. Who is right or wrong does not matter. You both can be my english teacher. I am honored and feeling lucky".

Xiao Yu and Hwaorang both gawked at the little monk speechless. Pu Lin smiled at them disarming both of their aggression. The little monk join his palms together again adding a slight humble bow: "Amitofo...I have to go. Shih Fu said I have to finish sweeping the pagoda before sunset". They both watched the little monk walked mindfully and calmly up the stairs until he was out of sight.

Hwaorang scratched his head: "Man...that kid talked like a fifty year old man...he makes me I'm the kid".

Xiao Yu felt embarassed for a moment and her face turned beet red....


"Hwaorang?" She called out his name sweetly.
He relaxed. "Huh?..what?"
Silence befall them, except the soft breeze that ruffled their hairs...and just when a disoriented Hwaorang felt the tension in the air started to leave and he almost got side-tracked.....

"Eat this!"She snarled and rushed at him, catching him in the jaw with her knuckles.[/pgstyle]


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