Path of Endurance chapter 18

Path of Endurance chapter 18
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"The Way I Am" is (C) Eminem

Chapter 18: The Way Fury Is

No patience is in me and if you offend me I'm lifting you ten feet
In the air, I don't care who was there and who saw me just jaw you
Go call you a lawyer file you a lawsuit
I'll smile in the courtroom and buy you a wardrobe
I'm tired of arguing - I don't mean to mean but it's all I can be
It's just me

Brianna walked an angry circle in a room Heihachi had provided her to change into a wee bit more formal suit than her camo pants and t-shirt. She shook all over in a combination of devouring rage and the beginning of seizure. Heihachi stood at the other side of the room, his arms crossed on his chest. Every cell in Brianna's body felt the increasing hatred toward him; she was so ready to kill him that she felt something in her was ready to explode into pieces. She wanted to throw herself at him, tear his eyeballs out with bare hands and bite his throat open. She wanted to suck his blood out or just leave him to drain till death.

"Miss Fury..."


"... please hurry up."


His presence was driving her crazy. Hadn't she been unarmed before entering the mansion again, she would already have shot his brains out. This son of a bitch actually thought she would betray the Hero. It was like trusting a dog not to shit on a carpet. Ridiculous! Pathetic! Just so fucking stupid.

"The ball is starting soon," Heihachi reminded, ignoring her threats. "Yoshimitsu will be one of the first guests, I should think. I trust you remember your part of the plan. I want him preferably alive, but if he's dies, it can't be helped."

This sent Brianna flying through the air with the loudest, most violent scream, aiming directly to tear his eyes out and eat him alive. A blind fury engulfed her ? all she could think was the killing, Heihachi's blood staining the whole room, his guts hanging from the stupid dress he had brought to her, his flesh squeaking in between her teeth.

Unafraid, Heihachi waited till the last moment and lifted his hands in front of me. Horrific Demon Breath shot Brianna on the wall behind her, and she landed painfully on her stomach onto the ground. For a moment she was sure her spine must've broke due the impact, but as Heihachi lifted his wooden sandal on her back and pressed her hard toward the ground, she was sad to realize she still had feeling left in her body. "An advice, young lady," Heihachi growled, pulling her hair to make her look into his eyes. "Next time, be ready to fight."

He smashed her head back into the ground and left her gathering herself together. When he arrived into the hallway where he had left Bryan waiting for his sister, he saw the boy pulling out the speakers from his ears. The slight noise of rap music from the speakers irritated him more than Brianna's futile attempted murder. "Give her a moment to change," Heihachi smirked and went on his way. Bryan shrugged and put the speakers back on, loosening a bit a tie Heihachi had borrowed him. Heihachi had invited Bryan to the ball as well ? out of politeness, as he had said, but Brianna knew he was his insurance; should she betray Heihachi, he would kill Bryan.

It was the first time Bryan and Lei saw Brianna wearing a dress; a beautiful, black tulle skirt and a night blue, silver-decorated corset with long, lace gloves covering her arms. One of Heihachi's assistants had tied Brianna's hair up high ? she looked like a Gothic princess. The only thing that didn't seem to fit into the picture was her lower lip that was still violently bleeding. "Oh, shit ? Sis!" Bryan exclaimed. "You alright? What happened?"

"... I fell," Brianna replied. Never ever she would say she tried to kill Heihachi, and failed this miserably. It was one of those moments of sudden realizations, since now she had a clue what was the Japanese hara-kiri, "honor suicides", all about. She swept the blood from her face with a piece of paper Lei gave her. "Let's get on with this," Brianna said, tossing the paper away and putting on the Cleopatra mask she was provided with. "I ain't have the whole day."

Still, she was at the brink of losing whatever sanity she was left with. Her whole body ached, she would have to betray the Hero, but what got to her the most was how easily Heihachi had defeated her. She still wanted to kill her, rip his insides out and leave him hang out to dry, but she knew she never could. She wasn't even a challenge. What good were her skills and strength now, when all her enemies had out-classed her? Even more so, she felt she had been living in an odd dream that she had known what she was doing: she had swept the floors with the everyday thugs with machine guns, she had given Wulong a whoop-up (well, he didn't make any resistance, but still...) and she had swept the very bravest off their feet with one, single glare. All that, just so someone could bring her down hard and fast in a less than a second.

Do not come and speak to me
I don't know you, and no, I don't owe you a motherfuckin' thing
I'm not Mr. NSYNC, and I'm not what your friends think
I'm not Mr. Friendly
I can be a prick, if you tip me my tank is on empty

When the ball began, Brianna just sat in a corner trying to gather whatever pieces of confidence she might find. Her mind always returned into the defeat. She had assaulted with all her strength and Heihachi pushed her back like she had been a rag doll. She was dying to get herself smashed and wake up next morning in the worst hangover ever (or better yet, not waking up at all), but the catering service refused to serve alcohol to the cops in duty. To say she was depressed would be the understatement of the year.

To make things worse, one of the guests decided to have a seat next to her, even though there were plenty of free seats all over the main hall. Like every other guest, he was wearing a mask and a formal suit ? in this case, a somewhat army officers' uniform -, but he also was carrying a sheathed sword with him, and had his relatively long, pitch-black hair tied into a tight, neat ponytail. Brianna just tried to ignore him. She just stared at the floor.

"A nice party, isn't it?" the man chatted up.

"Yeah... whatever."

"So, what business do you have with Heihachi since you're here?"

"... kinda like hired security."

"Ah, so you're on duty?"

"Sort of..."

The orchestra began playing another piece.

"Would you dance with me?" the man asked.

"I ain't in the mood."

"Come on, it will be fun."

The man pulled Brianna up from the chair and dragged her to the dance floor. "No, seriously, I can't dance!" her attempts were futile. The man pulled her near him, even nearer when laying his right hand on her lower back. "Of course you can," he said. "Every martial artist can dance."

"H... how did you know I...?"

Brianna never got the chance to finish her sentence, because the man had already pulled into the rhythm of the music. He was a good dancer; even though Brianna had never danced, she felt all she had to do was follow along ? the man would lead her. It was a feeling quite similar to battles; intuition would tell her what to do, and her body would just follow.

A dance after another made Brianna forget about the bitter defeat. She actually began to enjoy the feeling of the man's leather gloves in her lower back and her hand. But there was this odd feeling inside her ? a feeling she had seen this man before. There was something familiar in him, too unfamiliar to see, too familiar to point a finger at. The man smiled at her.

She smiled back.

Meanwhile, Bryan was lurking at the catering table. He wasn't into these kind of snooty balls, he preferred drunken evenings in The Cage to this whenever asked, and would have died of boredom had he not brought his c-cassette player with him. It was relatively easy to hide the speaker cables inside the tuxedo, and no one seemed to note the speakers in his ears, either.

Suddenly, he felt someone grabbing him by his shoulder. Turning to look, he saw Heihachi standing behind him. Bryan took off the speakers again. "Who is your sister dancing with?" Heihachi inquired. Bryan turned to look, out of pure amazement; Brianna was dancing with someone? He also looked at the masked man with the sword ? having no idea who could that be. "Dunno," Bryan replied to Heihachi. "Ain't seen 'im before."

Heihachi grinned in disgust; Bryan's ghetto accent made him feel sick. He walked away, cursing the youngsters of these days in Japanese. Bryan shrugged, put his speakers back on again and continued enjoying hip hop music and the edible part of catering.

A slow waltz played in the air. Brianna and the man danced very close to each other, almost in an embrace. She had almost completely forgotten about her mission, and the way she enjoyed the company of this man didn't even remotely remind her of it. She hardly remembered the other guests around them, either. They hadn't spoken for a while, but suddenly, the man whispered softly in her ear, "Has it really been seven years, Brianna?"

Brianna gasped ? how did he know her name?

"Keep dancing," the man said, still keeping his tone low and soft.

"Who are you?" Brianna whispered.

"You know who I am. You know it better than the most."

Suddenly, the match lighted up. "Yoshimitsu...?" Brianna whispered. A warm smile crept into Yoshimitsu's lips. "You've found out my name, I see," he said. "I believe you've studied my history further than that, as well."

Brianna wasn't sure how to react. Her heart was pounding hard with joy, her eyes grew wet out of the very sight of the Hero, but she knew what would lie ahead her. She would have to fight him. She would have to capture him. If she wouldn't, Heihachi would definitely harm Bryan. In all probability, even kill him. She had hoped Yoshimitsu wouldn't be there, but there he was, right in front of her, dancing with her like there'd be no tomorrow. There were tears in her eyes, but she forbade them to fall down her cheeks.

The orchestra finished their waltz. Yoshimitsu bowed deep to Brianna. "Thank you for the dance, Miss Fury," he declared. "I had the most wonderful time, but I'm afraid I'll have to return to my own tasks."

"Yoshimitsu, wait...!" Brianna breathed, but he was gone before she was even able to note it.

And all of this controversy circles me
And it seems like the media immediately points a finger at me
So I point one back at 'em
But not the index or the pinkie or the ring or the thumb
It's the one you put up when you don't give a fuck

"Yoshimitsu, wait...!"

The name of the target caught Heihachi's attention immediately. Brianna's voice hadn't been loud, but Heihachi had an excellent hearing. He turned to look, to see Brianna standing in the middle of the crowd without her escort. She was left staring after someone for a moment, as if this someone had taken her heart with him. As a matter of fact, that was the case. Brianna sighed and turned, almost bumping into Heihachi. "You missed your target," he growled.

"Mr. Mishima..." Brianna gasped.

"You missed your target," Heihachi repeated. "It would be shame if something happened to your brother tonight, wouldn't it?"

Brianna fought the urge to punch his teeth into his throat, with the fact that he would've killed her before she had even made a fist to punch with. Instead, she nodded obediently and went after her target, feeling more powerless than ever. She felt her only hope was that Yoshimitsu would kill her, and Heihachi would spare Bryan because she died trying, but something inside her told her Yoshimitsu would never kill him. He wouldn't even fight her, in all probability. And even if he would, he wouldn't harm her. He was something Brianna had dreamed about, after receiving appetite for the first time in her life. It happened the evening she met Yoshimitsu the first time. For seven years, Brianna had secretly dreamed of him. In her dreams she had kissed him, slept with him in the most beautiful places, felt his hands all over her body and his lips on hers, but every morning she had scolded herself for such imagination, reminding herself that Yoshimitsu already had a woman. Yet her dream had always been Yoshimitsu. No other man had awakened feelings anything like he had, but in a way it was very logical ? he was the Hero. He had saved her life. He had finally made her feel like a woman by except comforting her when she needed it the most, by taking care of her when she had been powerless.

Brianna saw couple suspicious men with swords leaving the main hall further into the mansion. They weren't Heihachi's thugs; they were very sophisticated and slick compared to Heihachi's GI Joe hut-hut-hut gorillas. They had to be Yoshimitsu's soldiers. Brianna followed, but before entering the hallway the soldiers were to, Brianna took of the Cleopatra mask and sighed. "Please, Yoshimitsu..." she muttered. "Promise you'll kill me, if it comes to that."

And I am
Whatever you say I am
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the papers, the news, everyday I am
Radio won't even play my jam

Cause I am
Whatever you say I am
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the papers, the news, everyday I am
I don't know it's just the way I am

Bryan got bored of the only cassette he had brought with him. He took off the speakers for the one last time and hid them into the same pocket with the player. He wondered how long would they still spend their time in this stupid ball and decided he would go ask Sis if they could go now. But upon turning around, he froze. For a moment he thought he was staring into a mirror. A young man exactly of his age was standing there, looking directly into his eyes. They looked very much the same, but instead of silver hair and ice blue eyes, he had pitch-black hair and bright green, oriental eyes. "Mr. Fury, I presume?" the guy asked, in a less-than-moderate English. In all probability, he was Japanese.

"Y... yeah?" Bryan staggered as more men appeared beside them.

"Ah, finally!" the guy sighed in relief. "Father said to look for the guest with headphones on, but it's crowded in here. Please, come with us, sir."

One of the guy's gorillas grabbed Bryan by his arm, hard. Bryan grimaced in pain. The guy spat something in Japanese to the gorilla, which let go of Bryan immediately. "What is this?" he asked, holding his aching arm. The guy came beside him, laying his arm over his shoulders in a buddy-buddy-type. "We believe you are in danger," he whispered. ?Have you been told why you are here??

?Yeah, it's Sis's boss or something holdin' a Halloween party," Bryan replied.

"You've been lied to," the guy told. "Heihachi Mishima is not your sister's boss. He runs an international mafia called Mishima Zaibatsu, and he ordered your sister to capture or kill our leader, or he will kill you. Come with us, we will get you out of here."

"Now hold on a sec!" Bryan growled, pushing the guy further away. "What do you mean, kill your leader? Who the fuck are you guys?"

"We mustn't identify ourselves as long as we are inside this mansion," the guy replied. "Please, Bryan, you'll have to trust us. We will take you by force if we have to."

"Shut up. I ain't goin' nowhere!"

The guy sighed, and then said something in Japanese. Immediately the gorilla grabbed Bryan by his both hands, and the guy took a small needle from his pocket. "This is tranquillizer," he said. "Perfectly harmless, its only effect is heavy tiredness within seconds."

Bryan wasn't able to make resistance. The guy injected the tranquillizer swiftly and laid Bryan's hand on his shoulders. He carried him away with his gorilla, and those guests who saw them thought they were dragging a drunk away. Once outside the mansion and its yard, they took him inside a van they had come with and laid him onto a bunk that was inside. Bryan was still conscious, but right before falling asleep he heard the guy speaking to his gorillas: "Father said to guard him with your lives. Understood?"

"Yes, sir!" the gorillas replied in a choir. The guy leaned over Bryan and looked him into his eyes. ?Don't worry,? he said. "Everything will be fine. Let us Manjit? handle this."

The insane tiredness forced Bryan's eyes close, and he fell into a deep slumbering.


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