Ever Since Then

Ever Since Then
greenyoshi 2006-12-14 13:01 0
A light rain was beginning to fall as Kazuya left the park and began to walk down the empty night street. He had no real idea where he was heading or what he would do when he got there. For the moment his only concern was to find out more from Lee.

Kazuya figured that he could probably take Lee back to his mansion. Once there, it would be a simple matter of waking Lee up and discovering the truth of all this. After that: Dump Lee back out onto the street. Kazuya smiled smugly at the thought and adjusted Lee ever so slightly on his shoulder, to ease the weight.

On his sides, the signs and lights of the city and its shops flickered and shone, creating an eerie glow against the rain. Kazuya passed a sushi bar and the 'All Night Fever' dance club, drawing looks from a few people, and muttered comments from others. Kazuya supposed that most people recognized him, and that others were simply surprised to see a man walking the street with an unconscience body hanging over his shoulder.

Kazuya rounded a corner in the street, and, catching sight of his mansion illuminated against the night sky in the distance, increased his pace slightly.

By the time Kazuya reached the iron gate of his Mansion, the rain was pouring down in great misty waves, and he was soaked through. On his shoulder, Lee's soaked body weighed even more then before and Kazuya shifted him again.

Just as Kazuya was about to press the intercom and have his butler open the gates, he spotted three suited men walking slowly toward him from the way he had came. Each had dark long hair and an umbrella. One of the umbrellas was red, another green and the last blue. As they drew closer, Kazuya noticed that they each had ties matching the colour of the umbrella they were holding.

"Get lost," said Kazuya, as the three came right up to him.

The three looked at each other in turn before the red tied man stepped forward, spinning his umbrella about above his head as he did so. "We're here for Lee," he said, his voice high pitched yet commanding. "We've been looking for him a long time...you see, he owes our boss quite a sum of money and we're here to collect it...one way or another." The red tied man winked and spun his umbrella around again, causing small streams of water to fly off in all directions.

Kazuya chuckled. So Lee has money troubles he thought, still chuckling. Perhaps that's what this is all about.

"I'm not handing him over just yet," said Kazuya, "I have...unfinished business I need to discuss. But after that...he's all yours." For the second time that night, the three men glanced at each other before breaking into smiles. "We'll have him now...one way or another," said the red tied man, casually spinning his umbrella about again.

Lightning flared across the sky, momentarily illuminating the scene; Kazuya standing tall with Lee draped over his shoulder, the three suit wearing men spinning their umbrellas one by one, smiling.

"If you put it that way-" mused Kazuya, "-then you can die!!" With that, he flung Lee from his shoulder and drove his right fist forward, all with one fluid motion. Taken by surprise, the red tied man took the full force of the blow and staggered back into the arms of his fellows. The three looked at each again, and again smiled. Without a word, they each spun their umbrella one last time before dropping it to the side. "So be it," said the red tied man. The three charged together.

Kazuya fought with all his might, summoning his full knowledge of the Mishima style fighting. The night air buzzed with the sparks and flares of electricity as one demon fist led to another, one lightning uppercut to the next. His three opponents attacked him with what seemed to be some sort of hybrid Kung Fu style, their legs and arms whirling about them as their ties flapped in the wind. As he fought, Kazuya wondered if what he was doing was worth it, if there was any point. After all, he was risking his life for Lee, a man whom he hardly knew, and didn't care about in the slightest...save for the care to know the truth of this whole matter. More trouble then it's probably going to be worth... thought Kazuya as the blue tied man hit him with a high roundhouse sweep.

After several minutes of fighting, it had come down to the red tied man and Kazuya, the other two lying bruised and defeated on the ground. Kazuya was exhausted now, and it was showing. His punches were slow, his kicks lacking energy and more and more of his opponents blows were connecting with him. With a desperate roar, Kazuya summoned as much force as he could into his fist and threw his arm down and up in a powerful uppercut, lightning swirling from around his arm. But it was not enough. The red tied man blocked the blow and countered with a fast two step kick to the head. Kazuya fell back hard against the ground and cursed at the pain. His mouth was full of the taste of blood, and his body was beaten and bruised. Above him, the clouds had parted to reveal a brilliant field of shining stars, bright against the dark backdrop of space. Kazuya felt the boot of the red tied man slam down into his chest and he spat blood in all directions, coughing heavily. Again the boot came down, harder this time. More trouble indeed...was Kazuya's last thought before the boot came down again, and his world dissolved into a haze of darkness.

In the distance, thunder rumbled as rain began to fall again.


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