Ever Since Then

Ever Since Then
greenyoshi 2006-12-12 15:42 0
Kazuya dodged to the left, easily avoiding the swift chop that Lee had aimed at his head.

With a grunt, Kazuya darted forward, bringing both his fists in front of himself, preparing to hit Lee with the full force of his fury. Lee jumped back, but Kazuya, anticipating the move, charged an extra step, connecting both of his fists with Lee's stomach, sending the silver haired young man back through the air like a cannon shot. As Lee collided with the ground in a spray of dust and dirt, Kazuya crossed his arms and smiled.

"In future you'll know better then to mess wth me" muttered Kazuya. "I don't know why I even wasted my time coming out here."

Lee moaned and pushed himself to his knees, a gentle breeze ruffling his hair. "I.." he said, his voice low and weak. "I...called you out to this fight becaus..."

"Because?!" Roared Kazuya, taking a step toward the fallen Lee. "Tell me before I crush you into the ground."

Lee coughed and climbed to his feet. "Because..."

Kazuya slammed his right fist hard into Lee's chest, knocking him back to the ground, small flecks of blood flying from his mouth. "Tell me now or die" uttered Kazuya, his voice full of malice.

"Because I need...needed to see you..."

Kazuya tilted his head slightly to the side, wondering just what that was supposed to mean. All he knew is that Lee had called him out to this park in the dead of night, proposing a one on one fight. Kazuya had accepted out of boredom, and the sheer want to beat something or someone up. But now Lee was gibbering something about a reason for wanting to fight him, and it was getting on his nerves. "Needed to see me?" Laughed Kazuya, "I guess now you need to see a doctor."

Lee moaned and tried to stand, but fell back to the ground, panting with the effort. In one swift motion, Kazuya stepped forward and swooped Lee up by his collar, holding him up in front of himself. The pair of them were clearly illuminated in the pale glow of the full moon, that hung in the sky behind them. "I..." stammered Lee, a small trickle of blood running from the side of his mouth, "I wanted to tell you that I lo-" Lee's head fell to the side before he could finish, his now unconscience body dangling limply in Kazuya's outstretched arm. Kazuya said nothing, instead, he dropped Lee onto the ground before turning to face the moon.

For a moment, Kazuya stood frozen against a panorama of dark clouds and a silver moon, while around him trees shifted lazily in the night wind. After a minute, he turned to the unconscience Lee and scooped him up over his shoulder, before turning and heading for the park's exit, disappearing into the darkness, his head full of confusion, his heart full off wonder.


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