Tekken 5

Tekken 5
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TEKKEN 5 – Ghosts from the past aka The Final Match

By Goldenmitsu

Special Collaboration of Kirimitsu


And then, after the end of the fourth King of Ironfist Tournament: Marshall Law was defeated by Paul Phoenix and couldn't open his restaurant, his Dojo has lost a few pupils.

Paul got finally to kill Kuma and win some money by that, but fame is nothing, and he has decided to keep living his life with his motorcycle, no matter his age.

Nina couldn't kill Steve Fox, the son of hers. Instead of it, she grow a conscious and started protecting Steve from the Mafia.

Lei Wulong have failed to capture Nina Williams, but almost killed Bryan Fury, who was saved by Yoshimitsu and was rebuilt in a new body by Boskonovitch.

Heihachi and Kazuya were defeated by Jin, but weren't killed. Jin has grown a conscious and have disappeared again after the Tournament.

Ling Xiaoyu met Jin after the tournament and have learnt to make her dreams happen by herself, with the help of Miharu. She said goodbye for Panda and started seeking for Jin and making plans for her DreamLand.

Lee Chaolan has lost his fight against Kazuya when he became the Devil, and Combot left the tournament with Lee.

Kazuya was defeated after setting Jin Kazama free from the ties of Heihachi.

King had a hard battle against Craig Marduk, but got to defeat him and almost kill. King visited Marduk in the hospital, to "finish the revenge", but his conscience didn't let him kill his enemy, King visits Armor King's tomb and then goes to his orphanage.

Steve Fox saved Nina from Lei and then started living as an almost normal family with his biological mother.

Julia couldn't win the tournament because she was defeated by Heihachi, but she has destroyed Heihachi's and Abel's plans of the Genocell and the perfect being able to surpass Devil's power.

Christie Monteiro was fighting at the tournament while saw Eddy as spectator and ran to him. Eddy said her that have discovered the truth about his father's death.

Hwoarang couldn't fight Jin at the Tournament, but after it he had his rematch, which was interrupted by Tekken Force. Hwoarang promised to be back at the next tournament.

Yoshimitsu defeated Heihachi, but he would never give the Mishima Zaibatsu to the Manjito, then Yoshimitsu prepared his Ninjas and stole all the money from the Mishima...


A whole year has passed. Heihachi was totally defeated. Many men from the Tekken Force were killed by Hwoarang and Kazuya, all his money was stolen by Yoshimitsu, his plans for a perfect being were destroyed by Julia and he lost the fight against Kazuya and Jin. Although he has lost the tournament, Lee Chaolan was happy to see Heihachi ruined.

The last resort for Heihachi was the creation of The King of Ironfist 5, to try to get his honor back. For this, Heihachi asked Abel to change him into a cyborg, to extend his life and be more powerful. Meanwhile, Kazuya was in some unknown place in the Earth, making his revengeful plans to become a complete Devil again.

The international Mafia still wanted to get Steve Fox, but now also wanted Nina Williams, no one who betrays the Mafia survive. Eddy Gordo said goodbye to Christie and have decided to find Kazuya Mishima, his father's killer and have revenge. Ling also is back to meet Jin. Paul discovers a son of 25 years and teaches him the martial arts. Paul's son is called John Phoenix and decides to get into the Tournament, to prove to his father that he is strong. Marshall Law meets his old friend Paul and after much insistence he lets Forest Law participate at Tekken 5.

The Mafia hires a guy who works as silent assassin, serial killer and stealth thief. He is red-haired, green-eyed, with braided long hair. He was known as Roux and was younger brother of Kunimitsu. Coincidentally, at the same time, some manji ninjas, with Yoshimitsu as leader were trying to steal the money of the Mafia. The boss asks Roux to kill the leader. He says that has no needing, someone will have fun doing this for him at the tournament...

Then, suddenly, Yoshimitsu takes a stab in his left hand and with incredible speed, his lightsabre is stolen. He looks forward and sees Kunimitsu with the lightsabre. She is still with bone mask, but with some armors in her body and seems that haven't aged a day. She teleports and leaves Yoshi without the sword. The Manjis ran away. Kunimitsu appears at the side of her brother, with the lightsabre changed into red. She's smiling.

Yoshi is angry with that, but he knows she will came after him and decides to enter the tournament to take his sword back and have a final match with Kunimitsu. Roux decides to kidnap Steve to make Nina participate at the Tournament. Roux sent his girlfriend to do this. When Nina arrives home she can't find her son, just a note saying about the kidnap and the tournament, signed Lighting Scarlet. Anna Williams was back again. She decides to get into it.

In the Russia, Doctor Jane is reviewing Gun Jack's structure at the computer and she improves his systems to be stronger and faster, but accidentally she changes the wrong thing and Gun Jack become really bad and cruel, he forgets all he learned with Jane. He wakes up and with a punch, lets Jane sleeping, out of combat. He leaves the house, and flies seeking for Doctor Boskonovitch. He arrives at the lab and there he finds the Doctor and Bryan. The Dr. refuses to increase the power of Gun Jack and tries to deactivate him. Gun Jack doesn't let this happen and throw him at the wall. Doctor Boskonovitch was weak at that time and old. He dies. Bryan Fury wakes up and fight against Jack. Bryan Fury wins leaving Jack at the lab, semi-destroyed. Jack promises revenge at the tournament.

One week before the tournament starts, Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima meet and fight. While fighting, the Devil manifests his power and control their minds. Devil make they unit into one, is the back of the Devil. Devil creates a bodyguard for him. He controls the mind of Unknown (remember from Tekken Tag 1?) and she's back with that wolf again, under control of Devil. Her past was a mystery, even for Devil. Craig Marduk has lost his fans after the last tournament, but become friend of King. With King he learnt many multi-throws and decided to recover his fame with the tournament.

Heihachi also has a bodyguard at the tournament, a woman that can learn the moves of other fighters and when learned can't be forgotten, never more (with some limitations of moves per character). She is tall, red-eyed, has pink and short hair, skinny and the only attack that she already knows is her scream, that paralyses any opponent for a little while and steal the last move made. Her name was Dylan Andrews and she was Danish. Julia Chang also is back by her dreams of reforestation, in memory of Michelle Chang, her mother, absorbed by Ogre.

Eddy Gordo found the Devil and have fought against Unknown. He was defeated by her and, then, Devil made Eddy become hostage of him. Devil incites Christie Monteiro to participate at the tournament, if she wants to see Eddy again. Lei Wulong enters the tournament hunting Roux and Dylan, because she was involved at drugs business. So, then, the day of the tournament have arrived...

The fighters would have to defeat at least one opponent to win some money, but the first prize was to the one who defeated Dylan and then defeated Heihachi. The fighters were: Ling Xiaoyu, Christie Monteiro, Anna Williams, Nina Williams, Dylan Andrews, Julia Chang, Kunimitsu, Unknown (the one who defeats her would fight against Devil, but no one, except Christie, knew he would appear), John Phoenix, Forest Law, Evil Jack, Roux, Lei Wulong, Heihachi Mishima, Bryan Fury, Yoshimitsu, Craig Marduk, Hwoarang. There were more 3 warriors that were there for the final prize: The grandson of Wang Jinrey, Kaji Jinrey, with much more techniques than his grandfather; There was also a kickboxing pal of Steve Fox, but he also know Kung Fu, he was Dennis Lynx, a Scotch fighter; A powerful samurai with armor and mask and a dark deadly sword that was easily recognized by Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu as the man who killed their families and sliced the parents' head in front of them. He was Soku Sama...

Yoshimitsu was plenty of motives to enter the tournament. He wanted his lightsabre back from Kunimitsu, wanted justice about Boskonovitch's death and wanted the complete defeat of Soku Sama, about the past. Now, he arranged a not so powerful katana and changed it into blue lightsabre, it was the last time he saw Boskonovitch. Finally, Tekken starts.

The first fight was between John Phoenix and Forest Law. John Phoenix tried to do some grabbing arts, but Law escaped. Law punches Phoenix in the chest and make a somersault kicking John. John gets up and make a Deathfist. Law evades, but was a trick of John, that grabs him and use a Dragon Screw. Law gets knocked down. Forest tries to make a Dragon Fang, but it's too slow and Phoenix kicks him with the left and after the right. While on ground, Law knocks John down and uses a lot of punches. Phoenix take three of them and evades the others. Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law are in the Dojo watching. John and Law decide to finish that. Forest prepares a really strong Dragon Fang against John's Burning Deathfist. They hit each other and the two get knocked down. It's a draw. Better for Heihachi because none of them would win something with that...


Kaji Jinrey had a strange ability of feeling the soul of the people, know the real motive of participating at the tournament and he felt that it wasn't a tournament as others that he have entered. A few people really entered for defeat Heihachi Mishima and even if he was defeated, he would never hand over the Zaibatsu. He looked at that strange and possessed woman called Unknown and he could feel the evil presence in her. Something using her mind. He remembers some stories that Wang have told him about the Mishimas and the Devil and he starts thinking about the resurrection of Devil.

Ling Xiaoyu meets him. They were from the same family, but was the first time she was seeing him. Kaji asks her why she is in this tournament. She tells him that is seeking for a friend. Kaji can feel the truth, and he tells her about the Devil. Xiaoyu almost can't believe it, but she knew that Jin was needing help for escaping of Devil. Xiaoyu asks him to take her where the Devil is. Kaji says it's so dangerous, because he is stronger than ever and that he is possessing two souls in just one body. Xiao doesn't understand, but she still wants to talk him and try to set Jin Kazama free. He says that will just tell her if she can defeat him at the tournament. She agrees. The announcer says that the next fight will be Kaji Jinrey against Ling Xiaoyu.

Meanwhile, Hwoarang can't find Jin Kazama anywhere and starts getting pissed off. Devil is in the top of a building, looking at the tournament arena. He says through telepathy that Jin will appear if he could defeat everyone and arrive at the fight against Unknown. Hwoarang doesn't understand, but he says that it's too easy, he will be waiting.

The second fight starts. Kaji Jinrey waits for ladies first. Xiao goes to the phoenix stance and then waits. He tries to use a Heaven Cannon, but then she uses a pirouette kick. He blocks and punches up, down and straight in the face. Xiao falls in the ground. She rolls back and kicks him very high. He is hit and she juggles him, punches and kicks, again that roll and kick and finishes with an unblockable Phoenix strike. Kaji is fallen in the ground. She thinks that the fight is over, but he gets up. He is bleeding, but he makes an arm whip, followed by German Suplex, then uses an powerful uppercut and a powerful attack that himself created, a grapple that he has gotten Xiao by the feet, while in the air. He throws her upper and then he jumps higher than her and backturned her, then he makes a pirouette and make a kick with both legs, sending her to the arena. Ling falls on ground, which breaks with such a power. She is unconscious. Kaji has won, but he feels weak and dizzy. Ling Xiaoyu wakes up and they look each other and he embrace her as a friend.

The announcer says that Kaji was the winner of the fight. Ling Xiaoyu says that she needs to find Jin Kazama, or so, he will be Devil forever. Kaji says that she needs to rest for now. He is also tired, but he knows that all the help is necessary to defeat Devil and decides to continue participating at the tournament. He realizes that there are more people that know about Devil, he can feel it on Christie. He tells her that he knows about Devil and Eddy and will try to help defeating the monster. Christie is surprised, but she says that she is the one who needs to defeat Devil and bring Eddy back, it was the condition of Devil.

Kaji Jinrey leaves the Tekken and seeks for Devil. He finds Devil and tries to talk to him. Devil says that if he continues to say everybody that he's there he will kill him. Kaji says that he just want to set Jin Kazama free. Devil says that it is impossible, Jin now is part of Devil, he could just appear if Devil was killed, what was impossible. Kaji says that he is ready to try it. Devil prepares to fight. He charges his third eye and sends a laser in Kaji. He easily evades and uses a Leaping Slash Kick. Devil doesn't let him finish, and with a slap, make him fall of the building. Kaji falls on the ground and break some bones. He can't walk, but is saved by Xiaoyu. She tells him that he was a fool of talking to Devil alone and says that after being ready, they will go together talk to him and set Jin free and defeat Devil Kazuya, but just at the tournament...


The next fight would be between Nina Williams and Anna Williams. Nina would be fighting by Steve Fox, and Anna by Roux. Nina doesn't know what a treacherous serpent her sister was, making plans with Roux for killing Nina during the fight. Roux was a sniper and was in the roof of the tournament, waiting to see a little bit of fight and then make his silent assassination. The sisters were ready to start...

Somewhere in the tournament, Yoshimitsu is trying to meditate a little bit, but he's angry like anyone have never seen. The presence of that disgusting samurai with the dark mortal sword made Yoshimitsu remember his past at the little village. He was 11 years old and the majority of villagers were elders. Kunimitsu was borned at the same village some years after Yoshimitsu, but she had age enough to remember the scenes of destruction and deaths, almost everybody was killed, including their own parents. The motive was the possession a real powerful sword, that could absorb spirits, slice almost everything and increase the powers of the fighter. The elders knew that just a pure hearted person deserved that powers and were disposed to die for protecting the sword...

It was a legend, only elders knew where was the sword, but, one day, a man of the village wanted the sword for him and after trying to steal the sword, he was banished from the village. Wanting revenge, he became allied of a powerful family, with the most powerful army of the whole Japan, the leader was Soku Sama, an evil and ambitious man. After knowing the legend of the powerful sword, he killed the betrayer of the village and crossed the Serene Forest with the army to find the peaceful village where the sword was. All the elders, men and some women banded against Soku Sama and his army. He said that if they peacefully gave the sword, he would leave the village, without bloodshed. They have said no. The army was ready to attack, when Soku Sama stopped them. He said that they wouldn't be killed, but their kids. The army started entering the houses and the bloodshed started, the villagers counter-attacked, everybody preferred to die than to see the kids being killed. But the soldiers were uncountable and they were less than hundred villagers. All were killed. Soku Sama started seeking for the sword, but he couldn't find it. He was so angry and burned all the village before leave that place. All the village and the forest were destroyed...

After the army left the village, a man appeared thru the fire, with two kids, he was Doctor Boskonovitch and the kids were Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu. Doctor Boskonovitch have learnt some martial arts and saved them from the soldiers. At that time, he was friend of some elders in the village and was there for learn the origin of the powers of the sword. Luckily, he was in the forest when the army arrived and just arrived in time to save Yoshi and Kuni. That time, Roux was traveling with an uncle, he was one year old and could just find his sister thirty years after. For prevent, in case of someone find the sword, Doctor B. took it with him. It was in a stone, deep inside a crypt under the village. When the gray disappeared, the crypt was easy to find, so, anyone could get the sword. He left the destroyed place and went to his lab. He couldn't stay with that kids forever, so he found a safe place, in a Manji Village, of very kind people, that were great warriors. Boskonovitch told them about the kids' past and the sword. Then he left them and returned his normal life. Soku Sama went to the south of Japan, going too far away from there.

Back to the tournament, Yoshi couldn't focus in the meditation. Soku Sama has lost all his army in battle against Jinpachi Mishima, father of Heihachi, but he was a master with the sword besides disrespecting the Bushido. Kunimitsu laughs at the face of Yoshimitsu, she is with his sword and it was so easy to steal. Yoshi knew it would be so easy for him, take it back right there, but he wanted a final match with her, he knew she could never use the real power of the sword, because that sword was special, wasn't Yoshimitsu who chose the sword, it was the sword who chose Yoshimitsu, when he was 15 years old, three years before getting into the first King of Ironfist Tournament.

Back to the battle, Anna Williams is preparing herself to fight against Nina. The fight finally starts. Nina uses a Blonde Bomb and Anna falls to the ground. Nina smashes Anna in the ground with her foot. While standing up, Anna uses a Scarlet Bomb, then starts a combination of punches and kicks. She crouches and uses a Rainbow Kick. Nina falls, she remembers why is she at the tournament, and the coward of her sister, she rushes to Anna and puts her down, she slaps her face five times, then uses some grappling arts, Nina Williams uses an Achilles Tendon Lock. Anna is tired, and with the left tendon locked. Nina makes a flip that strikes Anna. Anna Williams get up and make a delayed scarlet Bomb. Nina falls, but she get up like a cat and throw Anna with Neck Throw.

Meanwhile, Roux is watching the cat fight. He says that the both sisters are incredible, but it's Nina time. He prepares his sniper, but suddenly, a shot takes the sniper out of his hands, it was Lei Wulong. Lei says him to give up, but Roux makes some somersaults in the air, and evades Lei's shot. While in the air, he gets a dagger and makes a deep cut in Lei's left arm. He runs. Lei shot his right shoulder, but he had an armor. The armor breaks, but in the darkness, Lei can't see if the shot had effect. He's bleeding. Roux wasn't actually shot. He meets his sister Kunimitsu. Roux says that will make an extra kill, if Lei doesn't die at the tournament. Lei changes his strategy and decides to fight against Roux at the tournament.

Roux dress himself of black, with a black hood with his red braid out of it. He goes fast as a ninja at the tournament underground, under the arena and with an special lenses, he can see through the floor the fight. He prepares a powerful silent gun to kill Nina Williams. He finds the better point and then, a sword splits his gun into two. Before anything happen, Yoshimitsu makes a fubuki. Roux falls over. Yoshimitsu says that he remembers Roux and says that won't let him kill anybody at this tournament. Roux takes his dagger and throws in Yoshimitsu, It hits the armor, in the chest, but it's a so powerful golden armor, and the dagger has no effect. Yoshimitsu was improved since Tekken 4. He had a golden armor, with black details, with a Manji symbol made of steel in his back and the new blue sword. His helmet was also golden, with black details, his mask had two steel "bull horns", an overture to his mouth, in the shape of a smile, and he had an black shield with golden edge, and a golden Manji Symbol, that could block any sword, dagger, knife or metallic thing attack. He still had wings, but without his original sword, could no longer learn other characters strikes with the flash, but he had a new Unblockable, the Manji Spin Double Yoshimitsu, which was his most powerful attack.

Roux stares at him, and realizes that can't win a duel right now. Roux catches his dagger, says that it's not over and teleports away. He decides that can kill Nina after the fight. Anna doesn't know why is Roux so late, but she can't handle anymore, she wasn't prepared for a real fight and Nina was always slightly better. Nina decides to finish it once and for all. She prepares a dagger that she was going to put into Anna, but when she looks at Anna, fallen in the ground, with that desperate look, her conscious says that she shouldn't kill her, hey, come on, she was her sister! What was she doing? Nina remembers that besides everything, Anna always wanted Nina to stop being an assassin, went to the cryogenic sleeping machine with her and, she lets the dagger fall. Anna thinks about getting the dagger, but she realizes that Nina wouldn't kill her and feels that finally Nina isn't a cold assassin anymore. Nina helps Anna to get up. Anna says that she accepts her defeat. The announcer says that Nina was the winner of the fight. Anna disappears, she goes talk to her boyfriend, Roux. Nina figures out that Anna is not alone, she may have companions at the tournament hired by the Mafia...


Anna goes to the roof seeking for Roux, but she can't find him. Suddenly, from a dark place, Roux appears and meets Anna. She asks what happened and he tells that had some delays because of Lei Wulong and Yoshimitsu. He tells her that will kill Nina after eliminating Lei and Kunimitsu fight against Yoshimitsu. Anna says that he must advise before doing this. She tells that was almost killed. He says that it's everything fine. She tries to slap him on face, but he stops her hand and kisses her. She says that forgives him, but holding tight his neck she advises to don't mess with her and tells him that won't help anymore in this case. Roux begs her forgiveness. Deep inside, Anna didn't want to see her sister killed, nor her boyfriend.

The announcer says that the next fight would be between Lei Wulong and Roux, probably the first death would happen in this fight. Roux enters with a hi-tech sniper hidden in his clothes. Lei goes in a Back Turned Stance and starts a Flip Flop. Roux avoids the first, but takes two more kicks and falls to the ground. He gets up with two somersaults and uses a Rouge Attack, in which he punches with both hands. Lei is hit in the face and stomach. Rouge uses his speed strings and starts punches, kicks, a spin for the left, a slap to change the axis, an uppercut, one more spin, two punches and a stealth knife in the left arm. Lei falls to the ground and Roux uses a poison wind. Then he kicks Lei like a dead dog and prepares his sniper. The spectators almost can't believe that. Kunimitsu smiles. Nina is watching and realizes that he fights so similar to her. Lei gets up, bleeding, and looking at the cold assassin in front of him. Roux was known around the world by the alias Rouge Scorpion, by his style of fighting, dressing and killing.

Lei Wulong uses a Tiger Sip that heals him a little bit, enough to enter the Tiger Arts and uses a Tiger Claw Palm, that takes the sniper out of Roux's fingers. Then a Razor Rush. Afterwards he goes on a Dragon Arts and makes a Rush Combo followed by Razor Kick and finished by Trip Kick. Roux was avoiding all the moves until the Razor Kick. Lei goes on a Snake Stance and uses a Rushing Snake and then Triple Snake Bite. He goes to a Panther Stance. Roux is bleeding and try to block, but Lei uses a Guard Melting Punches and a Panther Tail. Roux falls to the ground and Lei goes on the Crane Arts. He uses a Wing of Crane followed by Crane Dance. Roux seems to be unconscious and Lei Wulong prepares the Phoenix Strike as his Grand Finale. Roux open his eyes and looks at Lei. Lei makes his strike, but Roux teleports up right on time and with a backflip in the air, kicks Lei far from him. Roux and Lei fall to the ground. Lei was the super police, master of stances and had to stop the action of the Rouge Scorpion and the Robotic Girl that was Dylan Andrews.

At the same time, Roux and Lei get up. Roux is bleeding and looks at Lei. Lei just looks, no action, silence for a while. Kunimitsu appears to see the fight. Roux screams that will kill Lei and starts running for him. Lei is surprised with the energy of Roux and he stays in a defense position. Roux throws his sniper off and goes with no guns to Lei. When he is so close to Lei, he teleports up and falls in Lei, using two fingers in Lei's chest, on the heart. The pressure stops Lei's blood flow and he falls to the ground. Roux looks at the desperate Lei Wulong and breaks his spine with the knee. Lei is defeated. Roux says that he is dead. He laughs and leaves the arena, getting his sniper back, it was easy for him to trick Lei. And kill him. In fact it was a revenge because, in the past, he and Dylan used to work together, but Lei got her and almost got Roux. Dylan have escaped but she was hired by the Mishima and now she was back to the Mafia Business again.

Some people take Lei to the nursery, but there was no pulsation. They tried so many things and seemed that Lei was alive. Roux is impressed, but not so much. He could no longer walk or stand up and, de facto, he was paid for killing Nina Williams. Lei was just a casualty. The announcer says that Roux was the winner. The next fight would be between androids. Bryan Fury VS Evil Jack. Bryan goes to the arena, with some improves in his new body and eternal energy. The Evil Jack is different from the time that was semi-destroyed by Bryan. He got up after losing for Bryan and upgraded by himself his strength and speed. He was made of a dark steel armor, with red eyes and huge muscles. He was a little bit lesser than Gun Jack used to be, but faster and with new attacks, throws and Flying Stances. Evil Jack had Artificial Intelligence and his purpose in life was destruction.

Bryan doesn't seem to be impressed and laughs asking if he is ready for more beating. Evil Jack says that it will not be so easy this time. They are ready to start. They hear the gong and Bryan starts his attack. Bryan starts punching like a machine gun in the chest of Jack, then he punches the stomach and throw Jack with his punch to the edge of the arena. Jack gets up like if nothing have happened. Bryan runs to him and uses a Running Blind. Then Bryan uses three Knee Bashes. Evil Jack falls with face to the ground. Bryan Fury laughs and with his left foot he steps in Jack's head and immerses it on the floor. Bryan starts kicking Jack's body. Suddenly, the whole arena starts quaking. And Evil Jack gets up, looking to Bryan Fury. The spectators are amazed and terrified.

Jack's eyes are shining in a deep red. Then a red laser follows Bryan. Bryan runs from it, but can't escape, then he kicks Jack up with an uppercut. The laser stops, but it used so many energy of Jack. Bryan connects one more uppercut, but while in the air, Jack starts flying straight ahead to Bryan and intentionally falls upon Bryan, smashing him. Jack gets up quickly and uses his weight to a hip press. Jack gets up and grapple the fallen Bryan by the feet. Evil Jack throw him up and while he is falling, he punches him. Bryan tries to get up, but Evil Jack prepares his energy and from his open mouth leaves a kinda grenade, that blows up in Bryan. Bryan remains on the ground, with his back burnt by the bomb. Jack says with a metallic voice "Sweet Revenge" and kicks him out of the arena. Laughing he flies up, leaving the tournament until the next fight. The announcer says that Evil Jack was the winner.

After a few minutes Bryan wakes up. He wasn't dead, but some parts of his body were needing repair and Boskonovitch was no longer alive to help him. Yoshimitsu goes talk to Bryan and says that some time ago Boskonovitch wanted the blood of Ogre to save his dead daughter. He says that maybe has some chance of bringing Boskonovitch back to life, if someone goes to the old lab...


The next fight in sequence would be between the kick boxer Dennis Lynx, twice defeated by Steve Fox at past tournaments and the Vale Tudo fighter Craig Marduk, once defeated by King at the last King of Ironfist. Dennis didn't know where was Steve Fox, but he knew that Fox couldn't win this tournament at the past so it was the chance to prove to all the world he was the best fighter. Craig Marduk also wanted his fame and honor back and, with King, he learnt many grabbing arts and was stronger than never.

Lynx wasn't bad, but he was far to be called good. He was selfish and arrogant. He had short and light brown hair, light brown eyes and was dressing dark pants with a lynx painted on it. Craig was a little bit better than he used to be, impatient, stubborn and pettish, but was trying to change, although when angry he was dangerous. They go to the arena and wait for the start of the fight. The announcer starts the fight and everyone expect a great and hard fight.

Craig Marduk tries to poke Lynx, but he dodges every punch. Craig starts his Vale Tudo Style and uses a Tornado Chop. Then Marduk tries a Cyclone Kick. Lynx dodges and poke Craig in the face. Marduk grabs Lynx with a Spear Tackle, followed by a Leg Lock, an Arm Bar, then Skull Bash. Lynx is hit and stays in the ground for a while. Marduk uses a King grapple, the Mini Swing, throwing Lynx to the arena's edge. Lynx is tired, with one or two bones crushed and bleeding a little bit, he decides to use his speed punches and special stances. Craig runs to him. Lynx starts punching a lot, it seems he has four fists instead of two. Marduk is hit on the chest. Lynx sends Marduk to the air with an uppercut.

While Marduk is falling, Lynx goes on a Crossed Arms Stance. He waits for Marduk's strike. Marduk gets Lynx by the hair and cranes him. Lynx kicks Marduk face with both feet, then Marduk let him go. Lynx utilizes it to make a backflip in the air and then two more kicks that knock Craig down. Lynx starts the Flicker Arts, also known by Steve Fox. Marduk gets up fulfilled with anger. Dennis uses a Spit Fire Combo, but Marduk blocks it. Marduk grabs him with Reverse Arm Clutch, it was a King's Multi-Throw.

Lynx can't avoid and Marduk uses a Backdrop, followed by CannonBall, then Power Bomb, ending up with Giant Swing. Lynx is fallen in the ground, bleeding, then he remembers that needed to prove to the world he was the best fighter of all. For Marduk's surprise, he gets up. Both of them start running one to another and both prepare a huge punch. It seems, for a few seconds, that both had been hit. It seems to be a whole life that few moments, but then, Marduk falls to the ground, defeated. After a kinda HellFire of Lynx he got to avoid Craig's attack, with an speedy Kung Fu defense. Lynx was the winner, says the announcer and Lynx decides that will continue at the tournament, until being defeated.

While the fights were happening at the tournament, Bryan Fury was going to the lab of Doctor Boskonovitch, that wasn't far away from there, but Bryan was really fast, like an car, and arrived in less than one hour. Arriving at the lab, Bryan realized that Evil Jack had been there and destroyed the experiences and documents of the Doctor. But what Jack didn't know was that Boskonovitch's lab had a secret room, for the most incredible projects, and where his dead daughter was forever in the cryosleep. There, Bryan finds documents and articles about the God of Fighting, the Devil, the Genocell Project, the Gun Jack project, the mechanization of Yoshimitsu, the cryosleep experiences and about Unknown. It was incredible the knowledge of the doctor.

Bryan starts reading every single article to discover some information and he discovers very interesting things about the Devil and Ogre. Bryan tries to find out how to stop Jack and take Boskonovitch back to life. Meanwhile, Evil Jack goes where the Devil is and tells him that have destroyed the lab as requested. Devil says that will check it and closes his eyes, like this, he could see what was happening at the lab. Devil finds out Bryan in the lab and the secret room, but he can't see the subject of the documents, for the World's lucky. Devil menaces destruct Jack. Jack flies super speedy to the lab, to destroy the secret room and finish once and for all Bryan, it was the second round.

At the tournament, the next fight would be between Hwoarang and Christie Monteiro. He knew Tae Kwon Do and she knew Capoeira. Both of they used the tournament as a way to fight against Devil and have revenge. Hwoarang was once defeated by Jin Kazama in a street fight, and since then he could never have his rematch. Christie was there to get Eddy back from the Devil, who was kidnapped after losing a fight to avenge his father, murdered by Kazuya Mishima. Christie didn't know why Devil wanted Eddy and why it needed to be at the tournament. She just knew that if wasn't like that, Devil would kill Eddy and hunt her. It was a nightmare. The fight finally get started.

Christie starts with fifteen string attack, with kicks, whipping legs, handstand attacks, pirouettes and a Boomerang. Then she sends Hwoarang to the air with a Perch Flop Kick. Hwoarang falls to the ground but quickly get up. Christie continues without stopping. She now tries some Wheel Kicks that are blocked by Hwoarang. Christie tries a Skull Kick and a Somersault Special, then Christie tries some Helicopter with the legs and knocks Hwoarang down. Christie was a real great Capoeira fighter, and with a mission she was still better. People get impressed with the speed of the fight. Devil is watching with amusement.

Hwoarang is bleeding and his clothes are ripped. But laughing, he asks her if this is the best she can make. He gets up and uses a Dead End Combo, with six kicks in the head and face. Christie gets up with a HeadLong Dive sending Hwoarang to the ground. While standing up, he uses a Tsunami Kick. Hwoarang uses a Chainsaw Kick, sending Christie to the ground, then he enters the Flamingo Stance. He uses a Parabellum Kick and then his Menace to Society strike. He pokes her a bit and when she is in the ground, trying to stand up, Hwoarang uses the unblockable Power Blast and hits her. It was a so powerful attack.

Christie stands up hurt. She looks at Hwoarang and says that she is the one who will defeat Devil, at any cost. Hwoarang says that he won't let this happen because he is waiting for a rematch since many years ago. Christie says that if he waited so much he can wait a little more, and she starts a new throw, in which she grabbed Hwoarang with both feet and started a fast helicopter attack, spinning him and finish sending him with the face to the ground. Christie prepares an unblockable Fruit Picker, sending her opponent out of the arena. Hwoarang tries to stand up, but he faints, losing the fight and his beloved rematch. Kaji Jinrey was watching the fight at the nursery and he can feel great determination and potential in Christie. He has hope to defeat Devil. Through telepathy, Devil tells Unknown that she will fight against Christie...


At the secret room of Boskonovitch's lab, Bryan Fury didn't know the menace approaching him quickly. Evil Jack was really close the lab. Bryan was reading about cryosleep experiments and researches to bring someone back to life. He discovers that the monster found in the Mexico, by some people known as Toshin, by others Ogre or even God of Fighting was created thousands of years ago, by the Devil! He was developed to absorb the strongest fighters and then give the energy to Devil, but he became rebellious and tried to kill his creator. Devil fought, but Ogre had the power of many souls, the only way for Devil was an special artifact, a sacred talisman. Devil sought for that many days until find it and trap Ogre, but the power of the talisman also destroyed Devil's body, what have made him condemned to wander in the world until find a soul bad enough to consume and be back to life. Ogre had the power of everybody absorbed by him, and once he defeated a deity that could cure everything even death. But Doctor Boskonovitch didn't know how to use the blood of Ogre and now Ogre was dead, as Doctor.

A noise is listened by Bryan. Evil Jack finally arrived, for the second round. Bryan makes his strongest punch in Jack's chest, sending the android out of the lab. Jack gets up like if nothing happened and tries to attack Bryan, who just blocks and evades. Jack could be faster than used to be, but still wasn't the fastest android. Jack appeals to his eye laser that follows Bryan. It was what Bryan wanted, Bryan runs to the eyes of Jack and very close to him the laser get him. Even like that, Bryan goes to Jack, the laser burns Bryan's left arm, but Bryan take a gun and shots lots of times deep inside the eyes of Jack. A short-circuit starts in Jack, and many smoke leaves him. The injured Bryan runs away from there, and the laser gets concentrated in Jack's body, making him blow up. Bryan laughs very loud and asks Jack if he found this revenge sweet enough...

At the tournament, was going to start the fight between the Wandering Female Warrior and the Rebellious Female Ninja, Julia Chang VS Kunimitsu. At the past, decades ago, the mother of Julia, Michelle Chang, defeated Kunimitsu really easily. Kunimitsu stole the sacred amulet of her tribe as a mercenary of Kazuya Mishima. Now, Julia was at the tournament in memory of her mother and the dream of reforest her homeland. Kunimitsu now had Yoshi's sword, and her main motive to participate at the tournament was to prove to Yoshimitsu and all the world that she was the best Manji Ninja of ever. Kunimitsu was a contract thief, not a cold assassin, but if needed, she would kill to seize her wishes. Julia needed the money more than never, since she was fired from G Corporation after destroying the Genocell plans. Both female go to the arena.

Kaji and Julia were distant relatives, because Michelle Chang was granddaughter of Wang and he was gra ndson, but Michelle was older and her grandmother was a North American woman and Kaji's grandmother was a Chinese woman. Considering that he was a quarter brother of Michelle, Julia was his quarter niece. Roux was separated from his sister so young, he thought she was dead, as his whole family, sliced by a cruel man he didn't know who was. Roux grew up alone, independent, strong and cold. He found his sister in a special contract between many thieves, the best in the whole world, hired to steal a Swiss Bank and create the greatest conglomerate of the world using the money of the theft. There he found Kunimitsu and they recognized the past. The theft was a fake, it was a trap of the police and Lei was involved with this case. There Roux lost his partner Dylan, but found a new one, with who he learnt Kunai attacks, Manji spins and Ninja tricks.

The fight starts. Julia runs to Kunimitsu, then uses a Flash Punch followed by Flash Elbow. Kunimitsu falls to the ground, she decided not to use the sword, at least in this first fight she would just use the knife. Julia tries to attack Kuni on ground, but she teleports up Julia and smashes her head with both hands. Then Kunimitsu uses a Fubuki and Manji Spin Kicks. After she makes an evasive backflip. Julia gets up, Kunimitsu runs to her, but Julia sends Kuni to the air with a Heaven Cannon, and juggles doing Party Crasher, ten times, with that elbow. Kuni gets mad and stands up with the knife. She makes a Kunai Spinning Stabs, a variation of Stone Fists with the knife, starts as an high attack and goes lowering until arrive near the ground. Julia takes five stabs, but she has a chance when Kunimitsu is dizzy and falling down. Julia uses an Arm Lock Suplex.

For the surprise of Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu starts a meditation in Chinese Style, standing up with hands in front of the body and she get to heal herself! Julia runs to her, but Kunimitsu slaps her with backhand and then uses a Tornado throw. Julia get up, tired, injured, bleeding and decides to use new techniques. Julia says that if Kuni can use guns in this fight, she also can. Julia throws five axes in Kunimitsu, who is surprised and take one of them in the right arm and another in left leg. Kunimitsu calls Julia of bitch and so many other stuff and she is really furious. Julia smiles. Julia uses a ten hits attack, mainly composed by strong punches and slaps. Kunimitsu rolls back and Julia runs to her. Kunimitsu says that is the end of fight. she uses a Ninja Blade Slice and appears at the other side of Julia. Julia falls to the ground, defeated. The announcer says that Kunimitsu was the winner and she disappears after winning, to heal herself.

When Kunimitsu was a child, she was not as the other children of the Manji Village, she was less innocent, she grew up remembering the murder of her parents. Her only friend was Yoshimitsu, until the day he got the sword. He had fifteen years and was a really great ninja, but he needed a gun, could be sais, knifes, a sword, a baton, chains, metallic disks to throw or whatever. That night, he woke up, all the villagers were sleeping and he went, like hypnotized, right to the secret and sacred place of the sword, the magical katana, a shining steel in the darkness. Then he got the sword and all the villagers realized that he was the chosen one. The new Manji leader was the only man who deserved the power of the sword. Kunimitsu was forgotten by the villagers, she was no longer friend of Yoshimitsu, she was too jealous. He couldn't hate her. As a tradition of the Manjis, the leader should hide his face with a mask.

With Yoshimitsu as leader, the Manji Village acquired a new meaning in life, helping the poor and disadvantaged people, stealing from rich people who enriched illicitly. At the beginning, Kunimitsu also stole from rich and gave it to the poor, but Yoshi was always the best. One day, the manjis, with Yoshimitsu as leader, decided to steal the money of a Russian Factory of Robots (it wasn't Jack Series) that used this robots to kill common people of the society and get all the money, they were known as the Metallic Army and couldn't be stopped. The manjis stole all the money of the bosses, but Kunimitsu was impressed with such a power, and during the theft, she got some robots' engines, that could concede her a great power. While she was running away, the manjis discovered her, stealing for herself, and running away. She lost respect and honor and the Manjis created a committee to decide what to do. Then, she was banished from the Manjito. She haven't accepted this peacefully, she dared the leader Yoshimitsu to a Ninja Fight, but she lost the last honor she had when was defeated.

Kunimitsu was hired by the Mishima, and many years after, she found Yoshimitsu at the tournament, after kidnapping Dr B as Kazuya's request. Yoshimitsu won the fight again, but he haven't killed her nor sliced some part of her body. Years later, Kunimitsu tried to go to the Manjito and substitute the leader, but she was defeated again. Then, one day, she found a really strong enemy, that wanted to absorb her. She fought against the God Of Fighting. She was beaten. Ogre decided to absorb her and he broke her left arm and destroyed the knife. With his claws, he spilt the Cat/Devil mask in two and made a scar on her face. Then, she was saved from dying there by a green lightsabre that passed thru Ogre. The monster left the temple bleeding and swore revenge. Yoshimitsu saved her life. Kunimitsu could never forgive him, she preferred to be death than to be saved by him. She slapped his face and teleported far away from there. After that she changed the masked for a Bone one, with horns and many armors in the body.

Yoshimitsu wasn't really there to save her, it was coincidence, he was there to collect Ogre's Blood, and he got it, that's what he told her. Since that day, they haven't seen each other, until the King of Ironfist 5. Another coincidence was the fact of he and she to be at the same place, he stealing from the Mafia, and she being hired by they. The truth is: Yoshimitsu knew she would be at the Temple of Ogre and that she would steal his sword. He wanted to repair the injustice of the past, rescue a little daughter that lost the parents, the brother, the friends, the honor. He knew that the judgement of her in the past was unfair and he was unfair, was so proud of himself by being the leader that forgot the humility. Time passed and since then, he learnt many things, he understood the real meaning of making the good. Yoshimitsu entered at this tournament to repair the past. He wanted to forgive and be forgiven by Kunimitsu, that's why he let she get the sword, the sword has the clever of hundreds of dead Manji Leaders, thus, it would influence Kunimitsu. Another thing, just he could use the real power of that sword, for other people, it was just a normal sword...

Back to the tournament, Yoshimitsu was meditating. He would confront a Ghost from the Past, the man who killed his family, an evil samurai called Soku Sama. He had a long white hair, used a samurai hat, metallic, a dark deadly katana, dark armor and black eyes. In the past, this man inherited a powerful empire, but because of bad ministration, he lost almost all the money and soldiers. His last attack was against Jinpachi Mishima, the father of Heihachi, who created the Mishima Zaibatsu thru the old empire of Soku, defeated and alone. Since then, Soku Sama created a new and powerful army again to make revenge and he attacked Heihachi, but, with the scream of a woman, all the army was paralyzed and then, a Mechanized Man came and destroyed everything. Heihachi was mechanized, with that, he got power and eternal live. As his father, Heihachi stole the empire of Soku Sama and he got to create this tournament, but why he created wasn't exactly clear.

At the lab, Bryan discovered really interesting things about the past of Unknown, what she was, and the key to bring Boskonovitch back to life, but before coming back to the tournament, he needed to heal his arm. The Mechanized Space Ninja and the Banished Samurai go to the arena. Both unsheathe the swords and prepare for fighting. The last fight of the first phase of the tournament starts. Soku Sama runs to Yoshimitsu, making a marvelous sword slice, really fast and deadly. Yoshi blocks with the sword, but Soku Sama punches his face. Yoshi blocks with his shield. Yoshimitsu makes a Moonsault Slayer, but Soku Sama uses the sword and stops the attack in the air. He sends Yoshi's sword out of the arena, far from Yoshimitsu, but Soku still had his sword. No one was expecting this...


Soku Sama uses his sword and tries to split Yoshimitsu in two, but he blocks with his shield all the attacks. Yoshi just avoids the attacks and waits for the best chance of counter strike. Yoshi blocks with shield and, quick as a ninja, he starts Manji Spin Kicks. Three spins followed by Indian Style Meditation. Yoshi is in Yoga position. Soku Sama tries to hit him, throwing the sword to behead him, but Yoshimitsu appears behind him and uses a Tornado Drop. While Soku is on ground, Yoshimitsu flies to get his sword back. Soku Sama get up and with mind's power, the sword comes back to his hand. They are ready to continue, but, because of the last attack, Soku Sama has blood on his head. He starts provoking Yoshi:

- I know who you are, I remember the happy day in which I sliced all the heads of that stupid bastards from that forest, the Serene Forest, right? With this red hair, I'm sure I knew your parents. Your father got to kill three of my best soldiers. I was the only challenge he couldn't win. After I'd chopped his head, I burnt his body. And your mother was hidden in the house, protecting hers son and a little girl, when my soldiers had entered the house and stabbed her. You and the girl were so lucky, a man appeared thru the fire and killed my soldiers, but one of them escaped alive, and before I kill him, he told me about what happened. Now, no one will stop me to kill you, and, when I get the Zaibatsu, no one will be able to stop me from killing everyone in my way to make the next years become a hell in Earth!

- I'm pity of your soul. You are not human and shouldn't be treated as so, but I'm not the one to judge you in life. You'll find your judgement when you die. "Sol Lucet Omnibus" and you are not allowed to quench it.

Yoshimitsu waits for Soku strike and uses a Sword Spin. The left hand of Soku Sama is retaliated, as he screams. Yoshimitsu stops spinning:

- This was from the souls of my family and friends.

Yoshimitsu makes a Shark Attack Combo and leaves Soku Sama without his sword. Yoshimitsu gets his sword and destroys it. Soku Sama get up. Out of the arena, Yoshimitsu hears Kunimitsu:

- Finish him off! Kill him. You can't let him alive, he destroyed our past, killed our families and no one will miss him. If you let him go, I will kill him and you as a betrayer. Stop that idiotic mercy you always had and kill him right now.

- I won't kill him, nor you. A man has no right to decide the death of another man. Kill someone in a war is one thing, but kill a injured, old and unarmed man is a sin, must be considered crime.

Before anything be said, Soku Sama runs to Yoshimitsu, trying a last resort. But, unexpectedly, a dagger crosses the heart of Soku Sama, making a red puddle in the floor and the first death of the tournament. A red braid and a green shine could be saw from the place where the dagger came from... Roux killed him from the roof, after knowing that was him the blamed for his terrible past. Soku Sama was dead. Yoshimitsu was the winner, but he wanted to teach a lesson to Roux, about the fight of a man. Yoshi can't heal Soku and he leaves the arena:

- Even the worst soul... - Yoshi respects that Evil Samurai, spite to everything – Roux, you are a coward! You are not better than this dead man! Did you know about his past? He might have had a terrible past, such as you, life may have changed the man into the monster, but you didn't care about it, right? You need help, before become like him... - Yoshi looks at the dead Soku - ... but you'll just be helped if you allow yourself to. You have so much to learn...

- Shut up your stupid! Why should I hear an idiot like you? He was a murder, not any murder, but the guy who changed forever our lives and you wanted to save him? You are the one who has so much to learn. Kunimitsu will teach you at the next fight and, if she fails, I'll defeat you. Be sure about that.

Nothing else was said. Roux disappeared in the shadows. Kunimitsu also went out of that place and Yoshimitsu was really furious about that. Yoshi teleports and then meditates in a quiet place. Many things to think about, how to know what is the right and the wrong thing to do? Yoshi remembers Boskonovitch, the clever Doctor who helped Yoshimitsu with this cases, but he was no longer alive...

The second phase of the King of Ironfist Tournament 5 was near to start. The fights would be between Kaji Jinrey and Dennis Lynx, Christie Monteiro and an Unknown woman, Nina Williams and Roux, Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu. Forest Law and John Phoenix had a draw and left the tournament; Evil Jack left the tournament after having a rematch against Bryan Fury. Meanwhile, Bryan was now leaving the destroyed lab, back to the tournament, with many answers, and the key to bring Boskonovitch back to life. He discovered a thing that Doctor couldn't, about the Ogre's Blood. Bryan knew about another monster who could learn other people's techniques.

When Bryan was running, an unexpected thing happened. He found a fighter that saw the destruction of Jack and the secret room of the lab, he was purple, with three eyes, two horns and a big tail. Bryan meets the Devil. In his memory archive, Bryan remembers the story of the Devil and his participations on Tekken tournaments. Bryan knew that Devil wouldn't be easy to defeat, even more because he was tired after fighting Jack twice.

- Nobody will stop me at this time. The knowledge of this dead man already caused me many troubles. I'll finish it once and for all, right now.

Devil splits himself on two Devils that attack Bryan. With two souls, the monster was more powerful than never, able to make a spiritual division, control minds and rule the world. That was why Kaji tried in vain to stop the monster. Bryan is thrown up and down by the monster, and can't block any attack. Bryan is being killed by Devil. Bryan can make a Volcano Punch in Devil, but the monster is angry, and his eyes shine red, he now was really powerful. With the mind, the angry Devil make Bryan fly up and fall down, without touching him, he can make Bryan be pushed for the air and break the face against the floor, many times, until he to be so tired. Devil says farewell and, with no mercy, sends and laser that passes thru his head. Bryan falls down, in a short circuit, his vision disappears. Devil laughs and flies away.

- Now, let's have some more fun! Ha ha ha!


Kaji Jinrey was different after fighting against Devil and losing His look was so serious, more than habitually. He went to the arena like if he was thinking about something else, not his fight. Dennis Lynx also was ready, although he was still injured. Anyway, both were harmed. The fight got started. Kaji tried to strike with a German Suplex, but was counter stricken by a lot of speedy punches. Kaji fell to the ground. He got up without speaking.

- Hey Kaji, what is the matter with you? Are you a robot? You have just taken a lot of punches and keep this serene expression?

- I have nothing to say to you Lynx, you are an enemy and I'll defeat you to win the final prize.

- Easier spoken than made. I won't give up the match so easily. Come on.

Kaji uses a Gut Punch, followed by Skycraper, which juggles Lynx. Kaji uses a Surprise Combo (a big step forward with a punch and then a juggling kick, many times) seven times, leaving Lynx really harmed. Lynx falls to the ground in a Knocked Down position. He get up with a Head Dive and enters the Kung Fu Stance. Lynx uses a Phoenix Rebirth and after a few seconds he is healed. Still in his stance, Lynx avoids the Indigo Punch from Kaji Jinrey with an Evasive Sidestep, which with he connects a Spiral Upper.

Kaji is juggled.

Lynx intends to finish the fight with a Hellfire, but, when Kaji is in the air, he opens his eyes (strangely shining red) and with his hands grabs Lynx in both shoulders. A generalized "Oh!" can be heard from the spectators. Kaji, then, sends Lynx forward with a grapple called Tack, then runs forward and, as fast as Dennis falls, he wins the match with an unblockable Jumping Head, in the back of Lynx (using the head right in the back of the opponent, with an impulse from the floor). Although he has won, Jinrey leaves the arena like a loser, without happiness or proud.

In a Skyscraper, Devil is watching the fights with his roentgen vision and delighting the fights of his slaves.

- Very good job Kaji, you have to continue winning for me. At the end of this event, I will appear to take Heihachi's Soul and be stronger than ever. So then, I won't need to create more experiences such as Ogre or Unknown and the world will be mine. It's all about power and control. Now I have an important thing to do before Unknown fight against the capoeira girl. – Devil flies to the tournament. The new Devil, with two souls, was dark blue skinned with black wings and three red eyes. This was his real form and it spent many energy, he was using his "Devil Kazuya" form before he started fighting. While he was flying, he spilt himself in two: Devil Jin and Devil Kazuya and they followed different ways.

Hwoarang was feeling humiliated after losing for Christie in the first fight and he was leaving the tournament disappointed when he was interrupted by a voice asking if he still wanted a rematch. Hwoarang recognizes the voice of Jin and turns around with a li'l smile. Hwoarang says that he was always waiting an opportunity to bring his honor back. The last time they have fought, Hwoarang lost the fight. It was the first and the only time he has lost a fight.

- All right, let's finish this once and for all. I'm so much better than I used to be, let's see your evolution, Jin.

- You are going to have a surprise... – Jin says with an evil smile and entering the fighting stance.

Hwoarang enters Flamingo Stance and he starts kicking four times in the Bad Menace that ends juggling Jin. Hwoarang uses a Hunting Hawk and Jin gets knocked down. Jin gets up and uses a Needle Shrine Scraper followed by Needle Shrine Cannon. Hwoarang gets up kicking Jin low and then using a Dead End grapple, followed by the unblockable Dynamite Heel. Jin is defeated. He was with the face to the ground, so, Hwoarang couldn't see Jin's eyes, that were shining red. Jin get up evilly smiling and saying with the Devil's voice:

- You really think you could beat me so easily kid? That's why you were defeated by that Brazilian girl. Now it doesn't matter anymore, you were trapped, such as Kaji, Jack, Unknown, Roux and many others! You'll be a slave of Devil until your death!

- What? So you are not Jin? – The surprise of Hwoarang changes into doubts – Well then, what makes you think that I'll be forever your slave? I can beat you again, right now.

- There's no needing, every time when somebody fights against me, no matter if he loses or wins, he will become my slave.

Hwoarang was ready to punch his face when a huge pain passed all over his body and mind. After a few time in the crisis, Hwoarang became soldier of Devil. At that time, Kazuya already have fought against Forest Law and John Phoenix, when they were coming back to Marshall Dojo. They were so tired because of the fight at the tournament and were easily beaten by Kazuya. When a fighter is possessed by the Devil, his power and energy is increased. Jin (Devil) also used the love and emotions of Ling Xiaoyu to make her became a soldier of Devil.

Devil Jin and Devil Kazuya unit themselves in just one Devil again to watch the next fight of the tournament. He would now add Christie to his Devilish Army. Christie Monteiro and Unknown go to the arena. Unknown doesn't say a word, just looks at Christie. Christie is tired and furious with all of that, she just wanted to set Eddy free and come back home. Meanwhile, in some place near the tournament arena, Bryan wakes up, with his body regenerated, a courtesy of Devil. He goes to the tournament, waiting for the Devil Command...


Bryan was a soldier working for Devil and his mission was to make Yoshimitsu a soldier of Devil. Bryan arrives at the tournament and he runs to Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu stares for a while until realize that Bryan was attacking him. Bryan uses a Head Dive sending Yoshi to the ground. Meanwhile, Unknown was imitating Jun's style of fighting, as she usually starts her mimicry. Christie is hit by three Leg Cutter Series attack which is followed by White Heron. Christie falls to the ground. Unknown imitates Marduk. Bryan rushes to Yoshi but, while on ground, Yoshi teleports behind Bryan and then uses Manji Spin Slaps. Bryan turns with an Gut Punch followed by Fisherman's Slam. Bryan laughs.

- You are not Bryan, at least not only...

- I don't need to explain, you'll be like me so soon!

In the skycraper, Devil watches amazed the fights from the tournament and on the tournament. Devil can feel a great power in the soul of Yoshimitsu and wants to take his soul as he did with Jin and Kazuya and was planning to do with Heihachi. Christie tries a Helicopter then a Right Flop Punch, Swirl Kick, Carnival Sweep and, finishing the combo, a new attack called Feet Bite, in which both feet of Christie smash Unknown's head. Christie stays on Relaxed Position Stance, but Unknown get up quickly and uses a Giant Swing.

Bryan uses his last attack as a combo starter and continues with Bruce's Rush and a new unblockable called Bryan Upgrade: he uses crossed fists in a so fast speed, and the speed of the attack makes Bryan gain energy for him. Yoshi is seriously hit. Yoshi get up with blood in his mouth. Bryan tries to use a tenstring combo, but Yoshi avoids the last attacks. Yoshimitsu gets his sword and in a mistake of Bryan, he uses his old Clonimitsu (or spiritual division). Bryan take a stab and a face slam and stays bleeding in the floor.

Christie was rolling after the Swing and Unknown was imitating Kunimitsu for healing with Chinese Meditation. Christie get up and Unknown says hers that that was the attack that defeated Eddy. Unknown imitates Soku Sama and with hers sword, she makes a slash, not any slash, but a so huge one that the tournament quakes. The wind and energy of the slash make itself pass thru the air and arrive on Christie. There's absolute silence. Although Christie wasn't spilt in two with the attack, she felt hers soul being spilt. Christie falls to the ground with open eyes, but no words. Unknown imitates Anna and steps "delicately" on her back.

Bryan and Christie try to get up, but they can't. Christie lost hers fight. Unknown leaves the arena as the winner. Devil is pissed off with Bryan and, from the skies, he sends an Eye Beam to exterminate Bryan. Before that happen, Yoshi uses an Up Flash, equal to his Flash but under him, making the attack go back to Devil. Devil is hit on his left wing. They stare for a while. Devil flies away saying:

- It is just the start, Yoshimitsu. You're better than I thought. Anyway, Bryan will die and I don't care. Remember, it's not finished yet.

- It's never really finished when we're talking about you, right?

Devil flies away. Yoshi uses his Indian Meditation and heals himself totally, then he uses a Soul Siphon to give so much of his energy to save Bryan's life once again. Bryan is healed, but not completely. After almost dying, the Devilish control has lost the effect and Bryan could remember clearly what he saw on the lab. Bryan says that the key to bring Doctor Boskonovitch back to life is Unknown, the mysterious woman who just defeated Christie.

- To understand the story you shall know a few things about the past, the Kazama family and Devil. The wolf that is always with Unknown is able to bring people back to life, such as Ogre's Blood, because that Wolf has the soul of Ogre...

Bryan starts telling the whole story. The Kazama family is blessed (or blamed) with the power of exorcising demons. Devil entered the body of Kazuya seeking for an evil soul able to become utterly Devilish. Devil wanted the soul of Heihachi because, with two souls he would be stronger enough to exterminate his biggest enemies. But, then, Devil realized that better than having the Kazama family as enemies would be having they as friends. Kazuya and Jun had a little date, but Jun never knew about Devil. Jin Kazama was born having, at the same time, soul of a devil and blood of Kazama, able to destroy devils. After using Kazuya for approaching Jun, Devil didn't need him anymore, he was focusing Jin, stronger than his father. When Devil left Kazuya, he was defeated by Heihachi and thrown on a fiery Volcano, 21 years ago.

Devil wasn't expecting that he couldn't leave Kazuya totally and a part of Devil stayed forever with Kazuya. A half Devil couldn't possess anyone, except a descendant of an already possessed person. He wandered for years until Jin be strong enough to defeat an old enemy of Devil: Ogre. Jun was defeated by Ogre and had hers powers absorbed, such as Wang Jinrey, Bruce Irwin, Baek Doo San, the first Kuma. Ogre also fought against Michelle Chang, but Julia arrived before him absorb hers powers. Michelle died after the fight. Armor King fought against Devil and had his powers absorbed, but he survived, as Lee Chaolan, Anna Williams, Heihachi Mishima. Kunimitsu was saved by Yoshimitsu and survived after having hers attacks learnt by Ogre. As previously said, Ogre was created by Devil and rebelled against his creator. Heihachi created the third King of Ironfist to weaken Ogre with the fights and then collect his blood and mix to his own for the creation of a supreme being.

In the King of Ironfist Tournament 3, Nina tried to kill Jin when she was under Ogre's control, but she failed. Paul fought against Ogre and defeated him. Paul didn't know that the monster could become True Ogre and he went away. Julia arrived too late to save her mother. Hwoarang just wanted a rematch with Jin. Eddy wanted to know who was the murder of his father, he didn't care about Ogre. Ling Xiaoyu entered for helping Jin Kazama against Devil, but she failed. Yoshi collected the blood of Ogre when saved Kunimitsu, but Doctor failed with his experiments. Doctor Boskonovitch thought the blood in itself had the power of Ogre and so could bring his daughter back to life, but he was wrong. Ogre's blood needed to be mixed with the blood of a person killed by him, so it would be purified and could bring anyone back to life.

When Jin received the soul of Devil in his body, he got that scar in his arm. Having the Kazama Blood, Jin could defeat any demon, such as Ogre. When Ogre was defeated by Jin, his body was severely injured and he teleported far away from there. Ogre was dying, nothing could stop it, except a person. Ogre thought that if Devil could enter the body of evil persons or descendants, he could do the same. Ogre knew that Devil chose Jin because at the same time he was a devil and anti-devil. Ogre planned to do the same, using the body of Jun, a pure heart and a great power. Without a soul, Ogre entered hers body without fear of being destroyed. But the soul of Jun awaken in the presence of a demon and she started having a crisis. The body of Jun couldn't expel Ogre, but Ogre couldn't control Jun.

Their minds have fought until they find a way to stand each other. Ogre left the body of Unknown partially, becoming a Wolf without legs. Jun won a scar in hers arm with the leave of Ogre. Jun was a zombie under domain of the Wolf Ogre, but not completely. She was still mother of Jin and, without the knowledge of Ogre, she wouldn't fight against him. She would protect him. The Wolf sent hers fight against Jin, but she couldn't. Unknown said No to the wolf, what caused him to absorb hers into his half body to become free of hers and kill Jin by himself. Ogre has self destroyed himself when he did this. The soul of Jun destroyed the wolf and set hers free. Unknown sought for Jin Kazama, but she found Devil, with the soul of hers son and hers "husband". She chose protect Jin, even being a devil.

Devil possessed hers mind and he stole the idea of Ogre. Devil created a new Wolf, using the soul of Ogre in Unknown that he called Ogre II. His biggest mistake with the first Ogre was his rebellion, but Unknown wouldn't let he attack Devil because of Jin Kazama. Yoshimitsu thinks for a while in how to get blood from Unknown and Ogre II, set Jin Kazama free from Devil and fighting against the army of Devil. Yoshimitsu needed help. Yoshimitsu goes to the nursery and while Lei is sleeping, he heals Lei Wulong. Yoshi had a plan. Yoshi flies with his wings out of the tournament, seeking for someone. The announcer says:

- The next fight in sequence is between Nina Williams (aka Silent Assassin) and Roux (aka Rouge Scorpion).

One of the most expected fights of the tournament is ready to start. Roux wasn't a zombie, such as other possessed by Devil, he made a treaty. He was hired by the Mafia for killing Nina Williams but Devil wanted him to arrive at the tournament finals against Heihachi and weaken him. Roux makes a Shark Attack and Dive Bomb but Nina Side Steps. Nina runs to him and she knocks him down, but he reverts and stays above hers. Nina blocks and pull him out. They face each other. Roux tries a Rouge Bomb against Nina's Blonde Bomb and both are hit. They fall to the ground. Anna doesn't know what to do, she didn't want to lose they.

Unknown imitates Yoshimitsu and heals Devil's injury. Devil asks to all his soldiers to find Yoshimitsu and kill him...


The Ageless Manji Ninja (also known as Yoshimitsu) goes find Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law. Yoshi arrives at the Dojo as fast as a thunder. Yoshi arrives serious (although his mask's smile) and begs for help:

- I shall be brief. I suppose both you know Devil, all right? He's controlling everybody he wants with an insane desire for power, including John and Forest. I need help for beating up all the soldiers of Devil. We don't need to kill them, just make them get unconscious, so I can set them free with my special technique. Can you both help me saving the mankind?

Of course Paul and Marshall agreed helping, after some questions. Yoshi sent them to the tournament wait there. Yoshi flies for finding King and even Lee Chaolan at the Bahamas, with the help of his teletransportation. Yoshi takes King and Lee with him to the Tekken 5 Tournament. Yoshi also tells Anna about the truth of that tournament and hers boyfriend Roux. All the help would be useful. Meanwhile, Nina Williams gets Roux by the Neck and throws him away. She runs to him, but he countered hers run and used a Moonsault Thrower, similar to MoonSault Slayer, but was a grapple where he made the air somersaults grabbing Nina's Shoulders. Nina is thrown up. Roux juggles her with Stone Fists. Roux makes an evasive backflip and lets Nina recover herself. She was really tired.

Roux walks to hers, intending to use a Dagger Quick Stab, so similar to Assassin's Dagger, but with a real dagger. Nina avoids it and uses an Spiral Bomb, followed by a Flip forwards. Roux was getting up, but Nina grabbed him with Betrayer. She tries to continue the throw with a new grapple, the Female Heel, using hers high heeled shoes successive times in his back, making a "bone crush" sound. She planned to continue, but he got to reverse it. He tackles and uses a Dagger Slash, aiming her heart. She evades a little, but not enough to be safe. The dagger enters her left shoulder. Nina yells out loud while bleeds:

- Your son of a bitch!! I will kill you.

- Come on, kitty! It's time of extinction!! I won't be merciless with you.

Roux makes a Backwards Air Somersault for getting up. Roux gets his sniper and aims on Nina's head. Nina throws little knifes at him and for deflecting he lets his sniper on the floor. Nina uses a Bad Habit, but he holds her leg and sends her spinning to the floor. She uses a Head Dive. Roux blocks. Nina pokes high and mid, but he avoids everything. She slaps him twice. Then she tries a left grapple, but he avoids. Nina kicks him with left foot. He thought he could avoid it, but she put a little blade in hers shoes. Roux is stabbed at the stomach. Nina uses a Tenstring starting with uppercut followed by poking and ending up with Bad Habit. Nina Williams tries to finish with an unblockable Hunting Swam.

Yoshimitsu arrived at the Manji hideout and convoked all his Ninjas to destroy the Mafia. They easily beaten the guards and the boss, but the real Boss could never be found. Yoshimitsu sets Steve Fox free. He was tired and injured after many days being under torture. He was bleeding, yeah, but still alive. A ninja talks to Yoshimitsu:

- Master, we have problems. – The soldiers of Devil arrived there and sieged all the building. – What shall we do?

- All of you shall come back to our hideout, I'll be fine.

Yoshi flies out of there and take Steve to the tournament. He knew he would need his energy that time more than never. Yoshi leads King, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, Lei Wulong, Lee Chaolan, Bryan Fury and Anna Williams against John Phoenix, Forest Law, Ling Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, Kaji Jinrey. Devil's eyes shine utterly red and he gets his real new form, emanating power to his soldiers. Their eyes also shine red and they all had a little more power from Devil. Paul Phoenix cracks his knuckles and starts fighting against his own son. For everyone's surprise, a simple Tile Splitter–DeathFist from John sends his father flying backwards and rolling after some meters. Yoshi uses a Fubuki on him and the fight starts.

King grabs Kaji Jinrey and makes a multi-throw very powerful, ending in a Rolling Death Cradle, but Kaji still gets up and uses a Heaven Cannon in King, juggling him. Marshall Law gets to make a Run Up Drop grapple at Ling Xiaoyu, but she defeats him backturned with an Reverse Kangaroo Kick followed by Storming Flower. Anna is defeated by an unblockable Shen Ko, a new attack from Forest Law, in which he run to Anna and made a little "flight" jumping parallel to the floor and sending all his body weight on Anna. Lei tried a Phoenix Strike on Hwoarang, but Hwoarang's Power Blast was faster. Lee Chaolan was between Ling Xiaoyu's Phoenix Strike and John Phoenix Burning DeathFist. Right on time, he jumped high avoiding both, but in the air he received a Dynamite Heel from Hwoarang. One by one, all the friends of Yoshi were defeated and he was intentionally the last standing warrior.

Those warriors were abnormal, none of them was really that strong. They siege Yoshimitsu. Meanwhile, Roux avoids Nina's unblockable by Tech Rolling on floor. Roux is bored and decides to finish Nina once and for all. Roux grabs Nina with Scorpion Venom. He grabs her by the feet and jump in a bow on the air, just like the movement of a scorpion's tail while striking. Roux gets his Sniper while Nina still tries to get up. Roux shots, but, suddenly, Anna Williams appears at the arena to protect her sister with hers own body. The shot hits Anna's chest and she falls on the arena. Total silence for a while. Nina realizes what happened at the same time as Roux. They both yell together:

- Nooooo!!

Anna bleeds a lot and Nina asks why she did that. Anna says that she couldn't accept losing hers sister. Anna dies and a lonely tear falls from the cold eyes of Nina. Steve Fox appears at the arena saying:

- Can't you both learn something with that? Anna sacrificed hers life by what she believed. She believed that you could live together and accept each other. She kidnapped me but I forgave her, can't you do it to each other? You, Roux, what have you become? Why are you doing this? You are equal to the man you always hated and, by the way, that you killed. Yoshimitsu rescued me and told me all your story.

Roux was ready to open his mouth and say something, but, by the first time he didn't know what to say. All that emotions were new for him, the lost, the pain, the guilty. By the first time he thought what was he doing. That time, the voice of Devil entered the mind of him.

- You are doing what I told you to do. Kill Nina Williams now, and then Steve Fox.

- I'm not your puppet, you cannot manipulate me. I do what I want and you won't change it.

- You think you can beat me? If I have to fight against you, I'll kill you. Do you appreciate the idea of dying?

- You are such a fool! I'm already dead. Just one thing for certain: I belong to me, nor to the Mafia, nor to you, Devil.

Nina was standing near Anna's body, remembering the past, when Richard Williams died and she and Anna followed different ways. That day, she had the same feeling of Roux. The fight was over, with no champions, just losers. There weren't harmony on that winter night. The skies were dark and cloudy. It started snowing. Nina was being consumed by he hatred inside hers, but she was able to stand it and she talked to Roux just a few words:

- I know what are you feeling. It's not your fault.

- It wasn't you who was with the sniper. It's easy to say.

- I was hers sister, damn it!! Don't you say me that I can't understand because I can. It doesn't seem, but I'm older than you and I already fought against this rage. What I'm saying is that I'm ready to forgive me and forgive you. That was what she wanted.

- I need time. – Roux said and they distanced from each other. After a few steps, Roux looked back and called Nina – We'll meet again someday, I hope.

Roux had a little smile. Afterwards, he disappeared from the arena to an hideout. Kunimitsu watched everything at a waiting room of the tournament but haven't said a word. Hers expression was the same at all the fight. She didn't knew if she was going to see hers brother again. Meanwhile, Yoshimitsu makes some Stone Fists at Law and Phoenix and then Manji Spin Kicks. Ling Xiaoyu hits him with X Marks the Spot. Yoshi falls to the ground. Hwoarang uses a Guillotine Kick. Yoshi teleports from the floor. Jinrey makes an uppercut and a charged Air Rocket, his special grapple. Yoshi is seriously hurt. Yoshi get up, pissed off.

- All right, you asked for it.

Yoshi charges his power at the highest level and he duplicates himself, then both Yoshimitsu unsheathe the lightsabre and start spinning with a little distance of each other and also spinning the lightsabre. It was his unblockable Manji Spin Double Yoshimitsu. All the army of Devil is hit. They start bleeding and would soon faint, letting Yoshi set them free. The Yoshis fuse and turn him to one again, but Devil makes Unknown imitate Yoshimitsu and he sends her energy through telepathy to his soldiers. They are utterly healed. Yoshimitsu feels that he won't be able to win. At least he was happy that he could tell some things about Roux for Steve and like that, Nina was safe, Steve was safe and Roux was a new person. That might have been his last Saviour move.

Yoshimitsu tries to block the consecutive attacks with his shield, but with a combination of Dragon Fang from Law and Burning DeathFist from Phoenix, the shield flies far away from Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu Spins his sword, but Xiaoyu enters Phoenix Stance and makes a low kick that makes Yoshi crumble. John makes a Death Tunnel while Yoshi is fallen, with many strong but delayed fists. Yoshi is severely hit. Hwoarang enters Flamingo Stance to make a Flamingo Launcher juggle starter, but Yoshi uses the flash. When things seemed to be terrible, Christie Monteiro, Julia Chang, Craig Marduk, Dennis Lynx and Eddy Gordo appear. They were the newest soldiers of Devil, after losing a fight for Unknown.

Yoshi sits for meditate. Julia tries an Earthquake Stomp, but Yoshi teleports away. Yoshi is surprised by the Hwoarang's Neck Snapper. Like in Tag, Hwoarang sends Yoshimitsu to Craig Marduk and he uses a Bite Attack on Yoshi's shoulder, then sends him to take a double Fruit Picker from Eddy and Christie.

Yoshi stops in the air and flies for a while, he was trying to heal himself while flying, but he can just heal a little before Xiaoyu make a Front Layout. Dennis Lynx prepares an Unblockable HellFire. For everyone's surprise, including Yoshimitsu, the original Yoshi's lightsabre saves his life with a Flash. That was Kunimitsu.

- You are late for our fight, Yoshimitsu. The announcer is waiting for us and I don't want to fight with a dead dog. Now heal yourself while I show you my progress as a warrior.

- Kuni... Mitsu... thanks for saving me. I don't know what would happen if...

- OK, cut that off. You talk too much. Don't waste your time. Heal.

Yoshimitsu realized that he didn't know Kunimitsu as much as he always thought. Kunimitsu made a Manji Rana at Xiaoyu, then a Kunai Stab at Dennis Lynx. She avoided Craig's Giant Swing and used Lynx's HellFire with the Power of Flash. Kunimitsu used a Ninja Blade Slice at Christie and after at Eddy. John tried to hit hers back, but she used Ninja Jewel. Kuni disappeared at the floor to appear above Law and make a Kunai Sky Drop. She uses the sword and holds it as a dagger, then she hits Julia's Neck, not to chop, just to let her unconscious. Kunimitsu uses a Tornado grapple at Xiaoyu. Lynx hits her stomach with an Mid Blow Punch. Kuni falls, but from the floor she rolls forward, runs and tackles Lynx, then she stabs his right arm. One by one, all Devil's soldiers were unconscious.

- What are you waiting for Yoshimitsu. It's your turn.

Yoshi could regain most of his energy and decided to use an old Manji Ritual, similar to exorcism, created by the people who stayed with Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu after Soku Sama destroy theirs lifes. Yoshimitsu gets up, open his eyes and his golden armor shines. His blue lightsabre turn into black and he stabs the floor with it. An energy leaves the sword and "travels" thru the floor, hitting everyone there. The lighsabre goes slowly becoming blue again, as the Devil leaves the bodies of that people. Many of Yoshi's energy was lost with the fight and, with the help of Kunimitsu, he took they all to the nursery of Tekken 5. Devil was entirely shining red. He almost couldn't control his fury. After all, Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu finally stare to each other at the tournament arena...


- Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the late. After a tragic end in the last fight, between Nina Williams and Roux, we shall start the last fight of the second stage of The King of IronFist Tournment Five. It will be between the Female Ninja who defeated Julia Chang VS the Manji Warrior who fought against Soku Sama: Kunimitsu VS Yoshimitsu. Begin it now!

- All right Yoshi, you can forget my mercy from some minutes ago. I want this to be our last fight, and I'll show you all my power.

- You talk too much...

Kunimitsu tries to uppercut Yoshimitsu with Step in Upper, but Yoshi blocks and uses Stone Fists. The first spin hits Kuni, but she avoids the following and hits Yoshi with Kunai Dragon Tail. Yoshi is falling when Kuni pokes and continues the combination with Manji Spin Kicks. Yoshi falls at the ground, but he gets up with Indian Sit meditation. Yoshi regains energy. Kunimitsu tries to use a Poison Wind followed by one Stone Fist and finishing in Kunai Murder. Yoshi takes a stab in his left arm. Yoshi gets up and keeps stand. Kuni runs to him but is surprised by Ninja Blade Slice. Yoshi meditates. Instead of falling with the face to the ground. Kuni enters Chinese Meditation Backturned to Yoshi. Both regain energy. Yoshimitsu turns his face to the back of Kuni and tries to make a Moonsault Slayer, but a variation of Chinese Meditation was Earth Divide and she avoids the attack.

Kunimitsu sheathes her knife and gets the sword. It shines red now. Kunimitsu uses the non chopping side of the sword at the neck of Yoshimitsu in a pressure point learnt with hers brother. Yoshi can't move for a while, but he knew how to undo that. Before Kunimitsu's slash hit him, Yoshi gets up, avoids it and uses Possession at Kunimitsu. Kunimitsu yells in pain. Yoshi lets her go. Kunimitsu gets very angry. She uses a Fubuki at Yoshimitsu, but he makes a Flash, followed by other Flash and combined with Manji Spin Kicks. Kunimitsu tries to get up with Tech- Rolling Head Dive, but Yoshimitsu uses Sword Pogo (Flea). Kuni is hit on her head. Yoshi meditates and then uses a Shark Attack. Kuni sidesteps and uses a Winter Wind. Yoshi is juggled backturned. Kunimitsu uses Sword Spinning Stabs, similar to Kunai Spinning Stabs (against Julia) but more damaging because of the sword.

Yoshi's armor is retaliated and his back is seriously injured. He screams. Kunimitsu tries a Kunai Sky Drop, but Yoshi got to avoid it by Side Stepping and again sucking hers power with Possession. Meanwhile, Roux is thinking after his match against Nina Williams. Roux thinks about Yoshi's and Steve's words. "You're equal to the man you always hated!". This thought was destroying his soul. Who was actually Soku Sama? Was him the man he always hated? Was all of that fair? Roux wasn't expecting an answer so soon, but his Final Match arrived just that time, with all his answers: Devil, in his original form, appeared. As if their minds were connected, the Robotic Girl with pink hair opened her eyes at the same time Roux looked at Devil. Dylan Andrews was sitting in a comfortable chair inside the room of the tournament's last match. Dylan lost all the emotions of hers after being caught by the police and suffering brainwash. She walks to the nursery where all Tekken Fighters who were still alive were.

- So, you thought you could betray me and continue alive? You' re just a fly. A boring fly who shall have the honor of being exterminated by me, the Lord who have really made the fly, the one you know as Devil, I mean, me!

- What are you talking about? I don't fear fighting you, but I haven't understood you? What do you mean with making me? I'm surely not your son.

- Little, disgusting and ingenuous fly. Do you really think the man you was always looking for was Soku Sama? Ha ha!! Better than killing you is making you feel bad, unable to revenge your past. Yes, Soku Sama was the man who slaughtered your family, indeed. But, Soku Sama haven't birth evil, at least not so evil. He was like Kazuya, at least I thought it and that time I was seeking for somebody evil enough for standing my soul and serving me as a body. So, I thought he could stand me, but a part of him wanted to avenge his father's injustices of the past. Because of that "good" piece of his soul, I was expelled, but not utterly. A lil' part of me stayed forever with him, turning him worse all the time until be evil enough for me. Years passed and Kazuya appeared, so I didn't need Soku anymore, but he always had a part of me, the part that destroyed your life. Now, he's dead and this part is with me again!! I remember clear your parents dying. The beautiful red haired young woman was your mother, she preferred throw herself in the fire than having fun with me. She was a bitch, hahaha!!

- I prefer to dye than to see a man like you ruling the world. I won't kill myself, I will kill you, or'll dye trying but, at least I have learnt the meaning of honor. I have decided to bring down the curtain and one thing, for certain, there's nothing that can change my mind. Living or dying, will be no more ghosts in my past!

The snow had been falling since the fight between Nina and Roux, but in a distant point at the horizon could be seen the full moon. Roux and Devil were in a desert hill near the tournament with sea view. Roux prepares for fighting. Devil flies to Roux. Roux sidesteps the Head Stomp of Devil and passes a dagger at his arm when he passes.

- It is not bad at all! I will have more fun than expected. After you it's time for your sister!

- Shut up and fight!

Roux tries a Poison wind, but Devil blocks. Roux uses Stone Fists, hitting Devil, then a Rouge Bomb. Devil rolls back. Roux jumps high in the air and holds a dagger with each hand, ending up hitting Devil in both shoulders. Devil bleeds. That was the strongest unblockable of Roux, Bloodstring Detour. Roux tries a twentstring at Devil. Devil can't block or even suffer from his pain, he has no time for it. Devil ends up fallen in the ground. Roux uses five pressure points at Devil: on the neck, heart, wrists and forehead. Roux uses an Air Backwards Somersault and aims Devil's heart with the sniper, his last shot. Devil is hit. Devil seems to be completely dead, but Roux thinks that was too easy. Anyway, Roux turns his back to Devil and walks away (that scene already happened somewhere...). Roux hears a terrifying laughter from the fallen body:

- Is that the best you can do?

Devil gets up quickly and using a little of his energy, his injuries disappear with a regeneration power. Devil cracks his knuckles and smiles again. Roux lets his daggers fall in a terrified look. His green eyes utterly opened staring Devil and open mouth of who've seen an unbelievable thing.

- Now, it's my turn.

Devil charges up his soul energy. Roux just looks. From the third eye of Devil, a kinda bomb begins to grow up slowly. It was a Sphere Beam, made of concentrated Laser Beam.

- Bye, bye!

Devil shots that at Roux, who can't do anything but try to block with his arms. Meanwhile, Yoshi lets Kuni go. She immediately tries Fairy Wax, but Yoshi sidesteps and uses his old Wheels of Hell. Kuni gets up. Yoshi sits for meditate, but Kuni surprises him with the power of Flash and steals his Indian Sit meditation and it's variations. Kuni sits for meditate. Yoshi tries a Sword Spin, but Kunimitsu uses a Moonsault Slayer. Yoshi stops spinning and blocks with the sword. Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu look at each other while their swords clash. Kunimitsu starts to have advantage thanks to power of the sword. She makes Yoshi to be hurt with his own sword. Yoshi uses Evasive Side Spins and uses Tornado drop on hers. Kuni is seriously injured.

While no one was expecting, a huge scream of a man can be heard approaching the arena. Suddenly, with a big explosion, the walls of the tournament are broken and some people lose their lives. It was the power of Devil's Beam. Roux arrived with the bomb, with broken arms, spine dislocated, a fissure in his cranium, bleeding and unconscious. Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu stop fighting. They agree to help Roux and afterwards finishing their fight. Finally, Devil appears at the tournament. Devil realizes that Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu are on his way to arrive in Roux and finish killing him. Devil is serious and furious. With his power, he slaps the air and make a powerful wind, sending Yoshi and Kuni away from him.

- Don't get in my way!! You two also will dye, but things have a time to happen. Don't mess with me.

Before Devil arrive at the almost dead Roux, Dylan Andrews sets herself on the way. Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu just look at that, thinking about challenge Devil even against his wish. Heihachi doesn't understand what is happening. He wasn't expecting for Devil that time. Heihachi charges up his powers, now that he was mechanized. Devil flies to Dylan, but she screams, paralyzing him for a while with the enormous voice. Then she learns how to fly, even without wings. She flies to him and she uses Heihachi's Demon Axe. Devil is hit. Devil get up and tries a Devil Twister, but she grabs his hand and screams at his face, stealing the Twister. Besides having a boring voice, Dylan shows herself as a great fighter and a hard challenge at the next stage of the tournament. Devil suffers from his own Devil Twister. Dylan juggles with Lei's Spinning Back Blows, finishing the combo with Ali Kicks from King.

Dylan learnt the attacks from the unconscious warriors, by using hers special powers. When she touched the forehead of each warrior she learnt some of its best attacks. Devil rolls forward and uses a Devil Fist and passes thru Dylan Andrews. Devil uses his claws at hers back, but before he hits, she screams again and paralyses him. She steals his attack, turns around and uses it at his face. Devil's face is covered with his own blood. Dylan uses a Heaven Cannon from Julia and juggles with an especial attack of Kaji Jinrey. Devil stops being juggled while in the air and he flies up. Dylan starts screaming higher, but Devil tries to break hers voice. Devil can't move for a little while, but his eyes shine red and Unknown appears to help him. Unknown imitates Dylan Andrews and she annuls the power of Dylan by counter-screaming.

Roux wakes up, but he doesn't get to move. His vision is red because of the blood. He can see Devil looking at him, preparing the final blow and Dylan near. Devil shots at Roux a Devil Blaster. Dylan protects him with hers own body (such a similar scene was already seen!). Therefore, Dylan wasn't actually shot. She and Roux were saved by a simultaneous Flash from Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu, with crossed swords. Yoshimitsu decides to talk to Devil:

- You can eventually destroy everyone you wish, but before it happen, let's have a fair fight. Do you know the meaning of fair? Let Dylan and Roux go away, they aren't a menace for you.

- He's right Devil. When I finish Yoshi off in our fight it will be your turn, but meanwhile you shall wait. I promise you'll have a good fight, just wait.

- Who do you think you are? I won't obey your stupid impositions. I do not afford myself to, but it has no fun killing such a pathetic creatures, indeed. You can finish your fight. The winner will have to defeat Unknown if want to fight me. While you fight, I'll have some fun ruining Heihachi's plans. – Devil flies breaking into the Mishima Conglomerate with just one "Twah!".

Dylan Andrews carries the almost dead Roux with hers away from the tournament, without speaking to anyone. Part of her memories were restored with the fight. They soon disappear walking to she sun that was rising at that morning. With the greatest part of the arena and the building destroyed, Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu decided to continue their official fight out of there, in a valley beneath the hill. Yoshimitsu tries a Moonsault Spin (at the same time MoonSault Slayer and Sword Spin) Kunimitsu can't do another thing but teleport away. She appears above Yoshi and connects to a Manji Rana. Yoshi teleports before falling the ground and tries a Fubuki. Kuni is hit and she falls. Yoshimitsu uses another Fubuki and Poison Wind, Stone Fist, Manji Backflip. Kuni gets up.

Yoshi tries to finish the combination with Possession, but Kunimitsu surprises him with Flash. Yoshi falls. Kunimitsu spins hers arm (the one with the sword) and runs forwards in a Retaliating Sabre. One hit and the fight would be over. It was Kuni's best attack, jeopardizing Yoshi's life. She bets everything in the Attack. Yoshi rolls back many times and gets up. He tries an Up Flash to stop the movement, but his sword is thrown very far from him. Kuni still makes the attack and she uses at the same time a Fubuki. Yoshi falls again. Kuni thinks the fight is ended, when Yoshi holds the movement between his hands. Kuni pulls it down and Yoshi pulls it up. They keep that movement for a while when Kunimitsu starts to lose. Yoshimitsu screams, seeking for strength and after all the effort Yoshi throws the Sword and Kunimitsu away.

Yoshimitsu get up, without guns, but Kunimitsu still had hers knife. Kunimitsu throws her knife away, for a fair fight. Yoshi knew that losing or winning Kunimitsu was already a new person. He could never have changed her alone. It was the power of the old Manji Leaders in that sword. The knowledge saved Kuni's soul. Yoshi never entered the tournament for winning the Conglomerate, for defeating innocent warriors or for revenging his past, he entered to correct a mistake, a ghost from the past haunting his soul. He knew what he had to do.


Devil broke into the conglomerate not for having fun, but for completely ruining the plans of Heihachi, a man who used to be his biggest enemy in the past. Devil had plans for absorbing Heihachi, but "each thing has it's time to happen". Devil obliterated the Tekken Force. Than he went to the control room and with his laser he blew up all Abel's satellites. Heihachi fought against Devil, but Devil hold him by the head and threw at the wall, then he used Thunder Godfist followed by Heaven's Gate, breaking twice the roof of the building and defeating Heihachi. The remaining soldiers of Tekken Force and also Heihachi were the newest soldiers of Devil.

Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu were tired because of their fight. Theirs rivalry was near to the end, spite of the end of the tournament be far away. Kunimitsu tries Manji Spin Kicks, but Yoshi parries the strike and connects a Fubuki. While crouched, Kuni teleports behind Yoshi and uses a Step in Upper. Kunimitsu uses a tenstring, finishing with Poison Wind instead of Kunai Murder. Yoshi gets up. Yoshi uses a Bad Breath, but Kuni spins for dissipating the attack. Kuni uses Manji Rana.

-         This will be the Final Blow, Yoshimitsu!

Yoshimitsu was trying to stand up. Kuni starts hers Execution tenstring. She passes thru Yoshi with Ninja Blade Slice, then uses Ninja Jewel. Yoshi falls, but Kuni uses Spin Kicks, Fubuki, Stone Fist and while Yoshi was rising, she was lowering with Fairy Wax. Kuni is panting, out of energy. Yoshi feels actually tired. For Kuni's surprise, Yoshi gets up and starts healing with Indian Sit. Kuni doesn't allow him to heal a bit, she tries to strike but he appears behind hers. Yoshi could have stricken, but he knew it was now or never. Kunimitsu turns his face to Yoshi, remembering that a few time ago she stole the Possession strike of Yoshimitsu. Kuni possesses Yoshi for a while. Yoshi was losing his conscience, but that was what he wanted: lose without suspicious defeat and he wanted it specially with this strike. Kunimitsu let's Yoshimitsu go. Yoshi falls slowly, unconscious with the face to the ground.

Kunimitsu was the winner. A happy sensation passed thru all hers body at the same time a crisis took hers mind. She hands over her knife and Yoshi's original sword, but with the Possession strike, Kunimitsu sucked Yoshi's thoughts and she started thinking about the meaning of being a honorable Ninja. The good Soul of Yoshimitsu (the sword) and the mind of Yoshimitsu (the person) changed something inside Kunimitsu. After a while, Yoshimitsu opens his eyes. He still had "fuel" kept in himself, specially for that time. Yoshi gets up, catches his sword and meditates in the hilltop, healing quickly for the continuation of the tournament. The honor of him was not winning, but doing what is right. He knew he was stronger than hers and he still had energy for defeating hers, but...

Devil was expecting Yoshimitsu for winning the tournament. At first, Devil thought he was wrong all the time about Yoshi's power, he lost for Kunimitsu. But Devil was clever and realized what Yoshimitsu meant to do. Devil decides to let the Ninjas heal themselves before the last battle. He wanted fun, and the full power of Yoshimitsu for him. He didn't know about the link between the Sword and the Person Yoshimitsu. He wanted the power of Yoshimitsu for becoming a Perfect Being, his more advanced form.

- When I finally absorb Yoshimitsu's body and soul, the Earth will be beneath my feet and I may be the Lord of this Universe and, with my infinite form and unlimited power, I'll be able to enter the Heaven and become GOD. – Afterwards he laughed out loud.

Actually, it wouldn't be so hard for Devil making his dreams become true. Eventually, he could become God Almighty. Yoshimitsu already suspected it, when Devil haven't killed him after trying to kill Bryan. Kunimitsu was healed and ready for battling Unknown. Yoshimitsu was ready to start fighting against Devil. Who dared to jeopardize the own life, watching the tournament at the arena, died mercilessly because of Devil. Most of the people ran away. There was no longer an announcer, rules or guards, it was a fight for the future of mankind. The best fighters in the world, the Tekken Fighters, were at the nursery or dead, except for Nina and Steve; Roux and Dylan. The sunny sky starts to be cloudy and dark. The rain starts to fall. It was a storm. Tons of water, thunders, lightning. It was just midday and it seemed to be winter on the Pole, perfect to the situation.

Kunimitsu and Unknown stare at each other. The rain stop falling, but the lightning and thunders continue. Unknown starts imitating Jun Kazama. Kunimitsu tries a Kunai Thrust, but Unknown uses a Back Flip and Charging Strike. Kuni is juggled. Unknown uses Can Can. Kuni falls to the ground. Unknown tries two Leg Cutter Series. Kuni is hit. Kuni gets furious and tries Jab, Uppercut, Rounhouses. Unknown avoids everything and quickly imitates Heihachi in a Demon Breath. Kuni falls. Unknown imitates Soku Sama. Kunimitsu recognizes the sword and gets rebelled. Unknown tries to slice hers, but she side rolls. Kuni tackles Unknown and puts hers knife at hers chest. Unknown bleeds, but she quickly imitates Devil and regenerates herself.

Unknown again imitates Soku Sama. Kunimitsu gets the sword. She tries to pierce Unknown lots of times, but she avoids it with the agility of that samurai, it was like a fake shadows strike (Zanzo Ken). Kunimitsu grabs her and uses a Tornado, then she runs to Unknown fallen and tries a Kunai Stab. Unknown is stabbed. Unknown gets up imitating Yoshimitsu with Indian Sit. Kuni also heals herself. Bryan Fury wakes up in the nursery and figures out what happened. Coincidentally, the Tekken Force was arriving there for killing all of them right that time. They all shot at Bryan, but his body was so hard for being pierced by that.

Bryan kills one of them by walking calmly to him and then breaking his neck. He gets his gun and shots at the rest, killing all (sorry for the absence of creativity!). This little action consumed Bryan's energy, but the real challenge had just arrived: Heihachi Mishima, under control of Devil. Yoshily (read luckily) the other warriors awaken up with the sounds of shots and necks crushing. All were out of combat or so weak to fight, but Heihachi was just one and they were lots of warriors. They didn't know what a nightmare was out there.

Yoshimitsu feels all his body regenerated and ready for the Final Match. Yoshi thinks he has a little chance of winning if Unknown be defeated by Kunimitsu, somehow she increases his powers and vice-versa. Devil stands behind the meditating Yoshimitsu. Yoshi can feel his silent presence. Yoshi gets up backturned, but always ready for everything, he knew what sort of man was Devil.

- So, we finally meet our destiny, Yoshimitsu...

- You may have found a possible destiny for you, what doesn't really means finding the true destiny. You'll perish alone as the fool you are. I'm just here to stop your vain little plans and conspiracy against the mankind.

- You really think you will be able to judge me after this fight? You will be a part of me, increasing my powers and giving me necessary knowledge, just it.

- As sure as all life has an end; As sure as the grass bend, you, who chose tread the path of evil, shall find judgment in the large meshes of the Heaven...

- Beautiful words, but for me are just bullshit. The heaven will be mine and there you will find my judgement when you die.

Yoshimitsu prepares for fighting. Devil runs for him while charges his third eye. Yoshimitsu disappears a few seconds before the beam explode half the hill. Yoshimitsu tries a Moonsault Slayer, but that was a fake image of Devil. Yoshi can't find Devil, just his laughter. He closes his eyes and feels the soul energy (Ki) of Devil from above. Devil tries a Heaven Punch, but Yoshi avoided it by feeling his Ki. Yoshi grabs Devil with Wheels of Hell. Devil suffers a little injury, but not really serious.

Bryan is defeated by Heihachi's grapple, the Tile Splitter Guillotine. King tries to poke Heihachi, but the lack of energy of King make the strike so weak for Heihachi. Heihachi uses his new cybernetic unblockable. He puts his arms in front of his body and therefore they leave his body as rockets to the enemy, that was the Cyber Boomerang. The strike hits King, who flies with the rocket and in his trajectory gets Julia, Lei and Kaji. The other arm hits Paul and Ling. Then the arms return to Heihachi with the warriors. Heihachi receives them with kicks, the second part of the strike.

John Phoenix tries to strike Hei's back, but Heihachi uses a Hell Sweep ending up in Tsunami Kick. John, Marshall and Forest Law are injured. Heihachi was terrible as a cyborg. Heihachi uses a treacherous trick input him by Abel. His eyes shine for a moment and everyone gets paralyzed. Excellent strike. Heihachi uses the technique he used for defeating Soku Sama's army. He runs and defeats everyone with fast kicks and punches in right places. When his eyes shine again the warriors fall. Was a good tactic, but just worked with weaker rivals. In Devil or Yoshimitsu it would never work.

Unknown imitates Lei Wulong and surprises Kuni with eight Snake Bites. Kuni is hit, but she avoids her fall. Unknown imitates Nina Williams and starts strings with left hand fist right hand fist, spin, kick left and kick right. Kuni gets to avoid all and uses Stone Fists. Unknown is juggled. Kunimitsu tries to use Kunai Sky Drop. Unknown takes another stab. At this time, she and the monster Ogre II lose blood, that falls on the ground. Unknown prepares for increasing the level of the fight or so she could die. Unknown imitates Roux. Kuni hates Unknown by stealing other warriors strikes. Meanwhile, Yoshi feels his chances of winning fading away...


Heihachi stands on his knees for meditating with closed eyes and hands together in front of his chest. Heihachi uses most of his strength and power for making all of them become again Devil's soldiers and with their original power. Heihachi spends many time in the same stance until his fulfillment be complete. Heihachi falls on the ground, powerless. Devil's soldiers leave the fallen Heihachi and walk in measured steps to Devil. They were zombies without self-opinion about something.

With a great explosion caused by Devil's Beam, Yoshimitsu falls on his knees, being pushed backwards some meters and hitting a mountain. A purple ray comes from the sky and passes thru Devil's body, with no harm to him. Yoshi's armor is broken and his right leg bleeds. Devil focus his ki in his left hand and runs to do a Blow Punch to destroy Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu couldn't teleport with so few time, but he was clever and agile and, strictly on time, he throws himself on the ground and makes his sword be on Devil's way. Devil falls with the face to the ground, punching the mountain, that blows up and disappears from the Earth. Yoshi realizes he would be dead if the last strike had effect. Devil lost his left foot thanks to Yoshi's sword and he was bleeding a lot.

Even like that, Yoshi notices Devil isn't showing pain. Devil closes his eyes for a while and his body exhales waves of energy that make him heal himself. With the explosion of the mountain, Yoshi and Kuni meet again. The fights were happening in opposite sides of the same mountain. Kuni realizes that Devil wasn't caring about hers, he wanted, actually, fight against Yoshimitsu, who he considered the stronger. With this, Kuni takes a stab on hers face which makes her drip blood. Kuni falls on the ground, after this strike of Unknown, who was imitating Roux. Kuni's mind was in a terrible crisis and was unable to hers to fight. She starts to understand the way Yoshimitsu chose for him and for her, the honor and respect Yoshimitsu always had by other humans and she never had, the honor Roux discovered before fighting Devil, the real meaning she always hide hers face with a mask.

Yoshimitsu (the sword) starts shining stronger, and its red colour becomes darker, like blood color. Kunimitsu gets up, starting to understand what Yoshi always knew, the way of the warrior.

- So this is the truth at the end? To know my way I have to trust in myself and just like that I can reach the real power of a real Ninja. – Kuni laughs realizing what happened – If I was the same rebellious ninja I always used to be I would now try once to kill Yoshimitsu with all my rage and would surely be defeated, but now I know the meaning... my meaning of life...

Kunimitsu catches the fallen sword and gets up. Unknown tries Stone Fists, but Kuni blocks and surprises her with Flash. Unknown tries Shark Attack, but Kuni sidesteps and uses a Missile Launcher. Unknown tries Head Dive, but Kuni surprises her with Sword Slice. Unknown is hit on hers back. Kunimitsu waits for Unknown to get up. Unknown imitates Yoshimitsu and with the sword she uses Sword Spin while runs forward. Kunimitsu moves the sword making the symbol of an Omote Manji, then she turns her back to her rival and makes Ura Manji. Unknown comes running, but is surprised with Backturned Sword Redemption. Kunimitsu pierces hers own body and Unknown's body with the sword, that appears at Unknown's back with so much blood.

When this happens, Devil, who was ready for punching Yoshi's face, starts having a crisis. Yoshi stays without action. He knew he had to strike, but he was paralyzed after all. Devil's soldiers that was surrounding the fights start having crisis as well as Devil. Heihachi, after changing everyone into Devil's soldier woke up free from Devil. Kuni's strike was apparently the same as Suicide, but Jun's soul leaves the body of Ogre II. Without Jun's soul, Ogre II tries to survive changing his form, but he ends up being sucked by his inner empty body and is totally disintegrated. Devil screams as a crazy guy, with his hands on his head. Yoshimitsu tries to behead him, but a powerful barrier avoids Yoshi's strikes. The sun appears in a little hole between the storm clouds in the Heaven and from there appears Angel. The shine is so strong to look at it.

Angel purifies Jun's spirit and she rises to heaven, saying thanks for Kunimitsu. Kunimitsu is fallen on the ground, almost dead and bleeding a lot. Angel stays face to face with Devil. She looks at him cheerfully and with hers touch, Devil is spilt in two and Jin Kazama is set free, body and soul, without the scar in his arm. Jin is unconscious. Devil Kazuya continues alive, but now even Yoshimitsu could defeat him. Angel leave them and she goes try to save Kunimitsu. Heihachi goes crawling away from there, when Devil sees him still alive. Devil and Yoshimitsu think the same at the same time. Devil runs to Heihachi and Yoshi runs to stop Devil, but Devil's soldiers combine his powers with just one strike. All together, they make the floor beneath Yoshi blow up. Yoshi screams and bleeds while he is thrown far away from there. Devil smiles evilly while looking at Heihachi, the lame.

After using all their powers to blow Yoshi up, Devil's soldiers fall on ground unconscious and freed from Devil. Heihachi tries to protect himself, but Devil gets to absorb his soul and body. Now Devil become even stronger than before, with the infinite power of a cyborg and a utterly Evil soul (Jin's soul wasn't utterly evil). Yoshi tries to meditate, but kilometers distant from him, Devil sends an Eye Beam that pierces Yoshi's left shoulder. Devil flies speed as a ray to where Yoshi was. Not far from there, Kunimitsu was being healed by Angel's Healing Beam from hers third eye.

- Why are you saving me? I am bad, I was always selfish, I deserved to dye and I planned to dye honorably with this last strike. – Kuni says and looks at the smiling Angel.

- Yes, you was selfish. The fact that you tried to redeem yourself in an act like this shows me that you have the right to continue alive, you found your true path. For a Ninja it's strange you to commit suicide.

- I'm not a Ninja, I don't let my anger poison me anymore. I think I will become a samurai girl.

- Good for you and the world, now you know what you have to do... - Angel disappears in the skies, who is stormy again.

- Yes, I know what I have to do... - Kunimitsu follows Devil.

Yoshimitsu gets up and uses possession to suck Devil's life, but Devil changes it into Soul Siphon and Yoshi's life is drain. Kuni goes as fast as a cheetah in short steps to where Devil is. Devil is pierced by Yoshi's sword many times, intentionally, just for showing his real power. Devil regenerates himself and he starts strangling Yoshimitsu.

- Now you shall be a part of me. With your body dead or alive I'm going to possess your soul. – Suffering absence of air, Yoshi uses his wizard.

- You can't possess my soul... because she isn't with me anymore!

- What are you talking about? – At this time, Kuni arrives and holds one more time Yoshi's beautiful lightsabre. She looks at the agonizing eyes of Yoshimitsu and throws for him the sword.

- Yoshimitsu!! Hand over! – She yells for him. Yoshimitsu catches the sword. Devil doesn't understand.

When Yoshi's hand touches the lightsabre, it changes the color to black edges and golden centre, shining as a lightsabre of a supreme master. Yoshi's new energy repels Devil away from him. Devil falls with the butt on the ground. Yoshi's wounds disappear, his armor shines more golden and strong than never, his soul is back to his body, his true power was with him again. Yoshi tries to thank Kuni, but she already disappeared. Devil gets up. The real fight was going to start...

Yoshimitsu makes nine copies of himself, eight were illusion, just one was the true and Devil does the same. Nine Yoshis run to nine Devils and they go destroying the fake shadows one by one, until they find the real ones. Yoshimitsu possesses Devil, but Devil get to use a laser beam while possessed and hits Yoshi's armor, breaking it but not piercing Yoshi. Yoshi Roundhouses Devil, who flies up above. Yoshi flies following Devil. They go upper than the clouds. Devil tries a Heaven's Gate, but Yoshi makes the Flash and steals his movement. Devil also starts to bleed with the Flash. Devil tries to regenerate himself, but he can't.

- What? Why can't I heal myself after all?

- Because you was hit by Yoshimitsu! This isn't a normal sword, you won't be able to heal yourself anymore.

- Damn you! – Devil yells and hits Yoshimitsu on the head. Yoshi loses his balance and starts falling. Devil goes after him, flying to the ground and pushing Yoshi in front of him. Yoshi hits the ground and Devil continues pushing him inside the earth. After many meters under ground, Devil realizes Yoshi isn't there anymore, he teleported himself away. Devil gets mad. All rays enter that hole and hit Devil, who comes back floating. Yoshimitsu now holds the two swords and then the sword starts talking with him!

- Yoshimitsu, it's me Doctor! In the sword! – Yoshi can see Boskonovitch's face in the sword. – I knew you would get your sword back, good job! But for defeating Devil once and for all you have to fuse the powers of the swords! Just put them together and they will do the service! Remember, if you don't do this, you won't be able to defeat Devil!

Devil heard the message in the sword and fast as a ninja he stole the blue sword from Yoshimitsu. Yoshi realizes now they will have a sword fight. Devil flies to Yoshi, screaming and trying to slice him, but Yoshi flies up. Devil's sword hits the ground. Devil uses Spiritual Division and both Devils get Yoshimitsu. They hold him, pierce him with the sword, then make a rainbow move forwards and throw him with the head on the ground. Yoshi is seriously wounded and Devil is one again.

- You can see, my form is what makes me strong. Doctor said without the power of the swords together you can never kill me and he's right, because I am eternal!

- You trust your form too much... – Yoshi agonizing. – But... do you know where's the other sword?

- How d... - Devil realizes the blue sword isn't with him, but with Yoshimitsu. – How did you get that?? No, it is not possible!! My eternal form won't be defeated by a mere human as you!

- Now you shall taste the bitter-sweet flavour of justice!

Yoshimitsu runs to Devil, as if he weren't pierced on belly, fusing the swords in just one. They shine for a while and then become an utterly black one.

- Shiki...

Yoshi arrives in Devil, who was floating and throws him on ground with Head Dive. Jin wake up and looks at the fight, a little distant of where he was.

- Soku...

Yoshimitsu walks to the fallen Devil while he is paralyzed by the power of the sword.

- Don't, Yoshimitsu, you know that with wisdom comes mercy, you can't kill me! – Devil yells.

- Zee...

Yoshimitsu makes a triangular movement with the sword, then he crouches in the ground, disappearing and reappearing above Devil, in a Sword Sky Drop.

- Kuu! – Yoshimitsu pierces Devil's heart with the sword. It starts to shine purple, Devil's spirit is completely vaporized, Heihachi and Kazuya are sucked by a black hole opened under they. They scream awaken while the fall. They were going to hell. Yoshi just watches and stands patiently after the screams of a dying Devil.

- Namu Ami da Butsu... - Yoshi says the Buddhist Mantra to the souls of the Mishimas always haunted by Devils.

Yoshi falls on the ground, he had to heal himself. The blue sword disappears and his sword is back as a golden/black lightsabre. Yoshi meditates alone, but after a while he feels a hand in his shoulder. It was Jin Kazama. Yoshi gets up.

- Now, you are the winner of the Mishima Zaibatsu. You ought to make a better job than your family has been making...

- But, you were the winner and...

- No I wasn't and I don't have any interest in this conglomerate. My mission is over. Don't tell nobody what you have seen. Tell that you defeated Heihachi and Devil and now you are the Leader. The other warriors shall wake up soon, take care of them. Sayonara...

Jin tries to say something, but Yoshi already disappeared in the shadows. Yoshi remembers he had to collect Devil and Unknown blood to bring Doctor Boskonovitch back, but now was too late. Yoshi hates himself for that.

- Now tell me Yoshimitsu, what would be you without me, heh? – Yoshimitsu recognizes Kuni's voice and when he turns his back to look at hers, he see Doctor Boskonovitch at hers side. Yoshimitsu smiles. Kunimitsu tells him that she knew about the blood of Unknown and the power of bringing someone back to life.

- But, you could have brought your grandfather back to life, wasn't that your wish?

- My grandfather just wanted me to get your sword and duplicate it, he never cared about me. Now he's just another ghost from the past.

They laugh. Yoshi, Doctor and Kuni disappear side by side in the forest. Kuni also brought Anna back to life and she went to the tournament. When the police comes to see what happened, they find a strange devilish bone mask with big horns at the side of a golden steel devilish mask with black edges and big bull horns. They don't understand.

In Ireland, some days later, Nina hears someone out in the door. She is surprised when she realizes was Anna Williams. A tear leaves Nina's eyes and she hugs her sister. Lee Chaolan was with Anna. They were dating again.

- You see, Lee, I won our bet! I said you she was going to cry when saw me alive. Ha ha!

Nina thinks about slapping Anna's face, but she was not the same. Nina was happy to see hers loved/hatred sister back. Roux and Dylan were again in theft business, but that time they stole from rich to give the poor, continuing the work of Yoshimitsu. Dylan remembered all of hers past. She gets pregnant of Roux...

Twelve years pass. Deep inside a forest, a little red haired boy trains with a steel katana and two Sais. A red haired old man is teaching him to do defensive strikes, his left arm was mechanized. The little boy's mother was a red/gray haired old woman who was calling him for dinner. The little boy was named Yoshimitsu, the second...

Meanwhile, Roux decided to name his daughter in honour of his sister. The little red haired girl was called Kunimitsu...

The End



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