Fun Fic :)

Fun Fic :)
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Yoshimitsu: The man behind the Mask


Yoshimitsu; a ninja from outer space, who has devoted his life to the protection and the helping of poor earthlings. To reach this noble goal he created a club of sympatisants. Together they robbed the rich and what they stole they gave to the poor. In the beginning these Manji-ninja's were just a bunch of amateurs, but later they developed themselves into a global and very powerful group. Of course the rich people weren't too happy about this bunch of criminals, and because of that the Manji-ninjas had to hide for the authorities. That's why their leader Yoshimitsu always wears a mask.

Yoshimitsu; a legend, but who is this mysterious guy in reality? Is he a myth or is he really as great as most people think? And why does Kunimitsu wishes this noble warrior nothing than death?

Chapter 1: Had a rough night Yoshi?

It was a sunny Saturday morning in may. The great space-ninja Yoshimitsu was sleeping in the control base of the Manji-ninjas. He was laying in his bed, wearing his white rabbit-suite ( complete with rabbit-mask) Yoshimitsu always wore this suit when he goes to bed. It is nice and warm and without his rabbit suit Yoshimitsu can't fall asleep. When he opened his eyes and woke up he looked at the time.Yoshimitsu realised it was still half past eight. The space-ninja closed his eyes again and fell asleep. Unfortunately not for long, because a horrible, terrifying sound filled his bedroom. A young Manji- ninja with red hair and a very pale face stood in the door-opening, holding a large gung in his hands. Dazzled and cursing Yoshimitsu stood up out of his bed, still shaking from the sound of the gung. '''Had a rough night Yoshi?'' the boy said with a diabolical smile on his face. Yoshimitsu only groaned something that an earthling could never understand.'' Shut up....'' he said to the young Manji-ninja. As if he was a zombie Yoshimitsu walked towards his bathroom. Leaving the red-haired boy heavily laughing behind. Inside the bathroom Yoshimitsu changed his clothes and he came out with a more regular battle-suit. The red-haired boy had left the room. Yoshimitsu went outside of his bedroom and he came in a long hallway, there he just saw a glimpse of the red-haired boy entering another room. He heard the same sound that woke him up this morning. Yoshimitsu laughed like a sheep.

The manji-controll base was located somewhere in Japan. The base had to be kept secret from the outside world and that's why they build it inside a mountain. The complex excited out of hundreds of chambers, differing from bedrooms till fitness-rooms or cinemas ( yes and even arcade halls were in there). There was everything a manji-ninja needed to calm down and to make him/her ready to fulfill the noble goals that they tried to achieve.

'' son of a....I'll kick y'err...DAMN...lost again.'' shouted an extremely fat Manji-warrior wearing a black battle-suit. He was playing the wonderful arcade- fighting game Fighting Spirit 3 together with no-one else than...Yoshimitsu. Unfortunately no-one could match Yoshimitsu with Fighting Spirit 3, he was totally unbeatable with this game. The fat Manji- warrior couldn't stand the bitter taste of defeat and therefore he threw the controller on the ground. Yoshimitsu started to breath very heavily: '' Pffff...Pffff...No mortal throws my controller on the ground...'' he said very angry. The fat Manji-warrior looked very scared. He knew the very wise lesson: Never touch Yoshimitsu's sword or his PlayStation X- Cube ( yeah indeed, in the future Playstation,. X-box and Gamecube will emerge into one of the greatest consoles ever, mark my words) Yoshimitsu held his sword in the sky. The Manji-warrior crawled in a corner of the room, trembling all over his body...He saw his life passing by before him. Any minute now and he would be cleaved by the sword of Yoshimitsu....

Chapter 2: Count to ten Yoshi!!!!

There stood the greatest sword-fighter ever with his sword high in the sky and a trembling fat Manji-warrior crawling in a corner, fearing for his life. '' Please mister Yoshimitsu...let me live..please....'' the Manji- warrior cried. Yoshimitsu answered shouting: '' Grrrrr...I hate bad losers, and cowards...Yuck!!!'' The situation was pretty tense, and it could go wrong any time now....

'' really had a rough night yesterday, didn't you? '' Yoshimitsu looked behind his shoulder and again he saw the red-haired boy, wearing a black kimono. '' The wake-up boy...grrr...'' Yoshimitsu grumbled

'' My name is Kitaro, and one day I will be a great swordfighter like you.. Only now I'm a little stuck in ehm... waking people up.'' was the answer of the red-haired boy. Yoshimitsu seemed to calm down. He put his sword back were it belonged and he turned around to talk to Kitaro. The fat boy saw his chance and he ran away, screaming like a slaughtered pig. Yoshimitsu bowed for Kitaro and said: '' People with guts will always make it far in life , never forget that!'' Then he invited Kitaro to play a game of Fighting Spirit 3 with him. And yeah, Kitaro was no match for Yoshimitsu, but the red-haired boy bear his loss with dignity. A friendship was born.

A few hundred miles away from the Manji control-base was the main-capitol of Japan, Tokyo. In the middle of this metropolis stood a large group of structures, also known as the Heihachi Zaibatsu. This building belonged to one of Japan's most powerful businessmen, Heihachi Mishima. At the same time as Yoshimitsu had been threatening the poor Manji- warrior, he was sitting behind his desk. He had a conversation with a man who once was the richest man on the world, now he was broke because of a clever and sly action of the same Heihachi Mishima. The once glorious Bill Gates was now a slave of the sly Heihachi Mishima. With all the goodness in his heart, Heihachi offered Bill a job within the Playstation X-cube- company, as a chief-director.

'' Those Manji-brats cost my company millions with their stealing. I have to end those damn burglars. The only problem is that the Tekken Force can't seem to stop it... '' Heihachi said, while hitting his desk with his fist. Bill looked in Heihachi's eyes and said: '' But...but...Mister Heihachi....what do I have to do with...'' When he said this he was getting more and more nervous. Probably the poor man never had sweated so much as today.

'' Silence!!!'' Heihachi hit the table again, but now even harder '' A spy inside the Manji-clan informed us that the Manji- leader Yoshimitsu is the biggest fan of the Fighting Spirit- series, he can't live without it!!!

Bill Gates looked out of the big window. Above all Tokyo's skyscrapers and towers he saw a large zeppelin flying by. A big picture of Heihachi's face was painted on it. Back in the past the roles were different...but now the situation had been changed. Bill Gates was just a normal civilian, who was ignored by everyone. This thought filled him with anger and hate against that wicked man Heihachi. One day Bill would strike back. The day would come that Bill could finally spit Heihachi in his face, if only lady luck would by his side.....

'' Fighting made by Namco, these days...a...a...division...of....Playyyy...ssstation X- Cube....'' said Mr. Gates. Heihachi nodded and said: ''Yoshimitsu has to make a hard decision. If he goes on with this Manji-clan blah blah blah THEN all developers of Namco will die a horrible death...Whahahaha.'' For the third time Heihachi hit his desk, but now he did it somewhat to hard. That blow made the desk split in two, it also made Heihachi's hand break. Jumping around of pain, he continued his meeting with Bill Gates: '' Bill, call Namco and say that they stop the production of Fighting Spirit 4...OUCH''

Chapter 3 Heihachi; that old fart is toast !!!

Namco stops Fighting Spirit 4

Tokyo- The arcade-computer game Fighting Spirit 4 won't be released. Namco has made an odd proposition to Yoshimitsu, leader of the Manji-clan. This legendary warrior has to give up his Manji-clan, and only then Fighting Spirit 4 will be released.

Prime minister Kitano fears the revenge of the Manji-clan. He said in a press-conference: '' This will be a disaster. Namco doesn't know what they are doing.'' The government has taken extra security measures. There are more police-agents in the neighborhood of Namco and it's surrounding. The government also advices shops selling computer games to close till this situation is calmed down. They can't tell when this will be. '' It depends on what the Manji-clan will do, we really can't tell anything at this time.'' said prime minister Kitano in the same press-conference.

The Manji-clan is a group of thieves who are mainly aimed at rich company's and persons, usually they avoid bloodshed. However they are greatly feared by governments around the world. This is because they have a tremendous political power.....

Yoshimitsu put away the newspaper. Never in his life he was so angry as at this time. If you bothered him now, he would for sure cleaved you in pieces. Luckily for the other Manji-ninjas he was sitting on the toilet. He always did this to relax himself, and usually he did relax because of it. But now...!!! '' GRRR that freakin' Heihachi is behind this....I swear it...'' he said with an angry voice.

A few minutes later the entire group of Manji-ninjas was gathered around in the big hall of the Manji control-base. Yoshimitsu stood there behind a microphone on a higher tribune. He had raised his sword. Behind him stood a man in a Kimono and a man in a US-army-suit. The man in the army suit was General Powell, one of Yoshi's henchmen. '' Fellow warriors, today is a dark day in history. Mishima Zaibatsu has decided to laugh at us, we will laugh back, even harder HA HA HA...'' The entire crowd started to shout: '' Down with Heihachi...down with Heihachi.....down with Heihachi...'' Yoshimitsu grabbed the microphone and shouted: '' Today I declare war with Mishima Zaibatsu, we won't hold back this time. Down with Heihachi.'' Suddenly the crowd was completely silent again. This nobody could ever except. It was against everything they stood for. They just robbed the rich to give to the poor, but starting a war !?!?

Now General Powell grabbed the microphone and shouted: '' Let the bravest of you gather around. Together with them we will storm Mishima Zaibatsu. We won't let THEM walk over US !!!!'' The crowd was still completely silent. Yoshimitsu saw they were not so happy with his war and he shouted as loud as he could in the microphone: '' You are supporting my war OR you are against me. '' Powell, who was a trained soldier, saw this wasn't the way to let people support you ( he thought of a famous and very stupid American president) Powell grabbed the microphone and shouted '' Everyone who will support this war, will receive thousand Pokemon-cards.'' The crowd shouted like they never shouted before. They all cheered '' Viva Yoshimitsu, Down with Heihachi!!!!''

Chapter 4 Mission Impossible !?

'''re serious Yoshimitsu???'' Colin Powell was very surprised by the battle plan of Yoshimitsu.This night he wanted to invade the large mansion of Heihachi. The plan was to kidnap him A few hours later, a large group of Manji-ninja's would destroy all Heihachi's company's inside Japan. Their main-target would be the main-building of Heihachi Zaibatsu corp. The next morning Heihachi Zaibatsu corp would have suffered so many losses that it would mean the end of Heihachi's terrible reign over Tokyo. And more importantly, Fighting Spirit 4 would be released !!!. '' But...isn't it somewhat early to start an attack on Mishima... '' Colin Powell said, while shivering like a madman. '' Yoshimitsu raised his sword and said: '' The earlier the better, Heihachi spits in our face, we spit back. And besides, a surprise attack works best!!!'' Powell knew it was impossible to talk this plan out of Yoshi's head ( why did they ever hired him as military advisor...they ALWAYS ignored him...) '' Call the wake-up boy of sector G4. Together with him I will sneak into Heihachi's mansion. Tonight!!!'' The poor Colin Powell almost got a heart-attack. If Yoshimitsu was caught or killed in battle, this would be a disaster for the manji-clan. And why does Yoshimitsu wants to go with a mere rookie? Whatever Powell tried, he couldn't convince the ignorant space-ninja to stop this risky plan. Yoshimitsu and Powell both didn't know this was a very important day in the history of mankind. After this night the world will never be the same again....Colin Powell nor Yoshimitsu could ever except that this night would have consequenses, far beyond our worst nightmares.....

Two men were laying behind a bush in front of a huge gate. One of them was a masked space-ninja, the other had a black ninja-suit ( like you see in old Kung Fu-movies) Two guards wearing blue suits with a Heihachi logo on it, were guarding the gate in front of Heihachi's mansion. It was the only opening of the entire area, the rest was covered by walls.'' Okay Kitaro, shoot those two guys with your sniper-rifle.'' Kitaro grabbed the sniper rifle and he aimed at one of the guards. Slowly he aimed at the head of this guard. When he was 100% sure that he had a perfect shot, the young ninja fired. It was a perfect hit, making the guard collapse Before the other guard noticed what was happening Yoshimitsu sneaked behind him and hit him unconscious ( he didn't want to many casualties) Then Yoshimitsu pushed himself against the wall and looked at the big mansion. He saw three guards talking to each other on front of a big door, when he looked more closely he also noticed that at least two guards were walking circles round the Mansion. '' Kitaro, wait and learn.'' Yoshimitsu ran to the group of guards and before any of them could do something, he used his bad-breath attack. While the three guards were coughing and crawling over the ground searching for fresh air, he knocked them out with the other side of his sword..Suddenly Yoshimitsu looked in the eyes of one of the two other guards. He was quicker than Yoshi had expected. Kitaro, who still stood by the gate, saw what happened. Quickly he tried to shoot the guard with his sniper-rifle. He knew that if he missed, that they would have a huge problem. Nervous as hell Kitaro looked through his scope. Quickly he tried to find either the heart or the head of the guard. When he thought he had a good shot he fired. Kitaro missed.....

There stood Yoshimitsu, looking in the eyes of his enemy. He prepared to use his sword and kill the guard. Probably this would warn the other guard too, if not Heihachi. Suddenly a miracle happened. The guard whispered: '' Oh my god, is it really the great Yoshimitsu?!. I'm you're biggest fan!!!'' Yoshimitsu felt flattered and smiled at the man. '' Every fan is a friend of me!'' he said. The great space-ninja was sometimes a little bit too proud of himself. The guard looked serious again: '' I'm in a very bad position, I can't kill you, but neither can I let you go.''

''ooooh- no problem, just lay on the ground and I will knock you out.'' The guard thanked the great space-ninja and was already sitting on his knees, waiting to be knocked out. Suddenly a bullet fled right through his head. Heavily blooding he sank to the ground. Kitaro didn't understood that the situation was solved. The two warriors had no time to waste. Yoshimitsu knocked the last guard down and finally they could enter the mansion. Yoshimitsu stood behind the large door. His head was making a noise like a computer sometimes does, like bzzzzzzzzzzzz. '' Ehhh...Yoshi, what are you doing? '' said Kitaro, sounding very confused. '' shhhh...I'm scanning the inside of the mansion.'' Kitaro looked surprised: '' Are you a....a...robot???''

Chapter 5 Ze flazhback of Yozhimitzu

’ Hmmm..robot sounds so negative. Let’s just say I’m robot-like…’’ answered a little bit agitated sounding Yoshimitsu. Suddenly Yoshimitsu got a flashback:

‘’ The first thing he saw was the face of an old man. He couldn’t see very good, but he sworn that he finally had reached heaven. It became black before his eyes again. When he opened up again he saw a clown with very sharp teeth, staring at him. Everything faded again, but the last thing he heard was : ‘’ Ze zubject izz ztill delirious.’’ Ths third time when he opened his eyes, he saw the old man wearing the clowns nose and laughing with the sharp teeth. His heart beated like a madman. He was in HELL!!!….’’ "ah, ze zubject izz awoken ya.’’ A very big and green man came standing beside the old man. Suddenly the clownsnose started to fade, and a few minutes later both the clown and the green man were dissapeared and changed into ‘’normal’’ scientists. Yoshimitsu discovered that he was in a laboratory and that someone had tied him into a bed. He screamed as loud as he could. The old man came standing before him again: ‘’ Zo zyou izz ze zpacezample. Ze Americain pigzz found you at ariea 51. Luckiliy for uzz we could kidnap you hiere.’’ Yoshimitsu asked: ‘’ Where am I? ‘’ ‘

’ My name is Dr Bosnovitch, you can call me Dr B. Zyou are in a Russian experiment fazility…’’ Yoshimitsu was confused, the last thing he remembered was that he was fighting an alien monster with his lightsword. He remembered that the creature defeated him and that than everything became black before his eyes. How could Yoshimitsu be in a fight with an evil creature, lose and suddenly wake up on the planet earth??? It just couldn’t be true. The strange Dr B. started to explain: ‘’ Ze Americains found zyou, more death zhan living. Zomething had torn your body apart. Ze only zhing zhey could do to zave you wazz to replaze zome body-partz into mechanic partz. ‘’ Yoshimitsu suddenly felt a shock through his body…’’ Zhose pigzz were zmart enough to zee how powerfull zyou were. Zyou troely are a killing-machien. Now we haff modificated zyou even moor ’’

‘’ Damn…Yoshi you look so abcent’’ Yoshimitsu was just staring at the door, not saying anything. Kitaro was fully excited and ofcourse he wanted to go on with the mission. This wasn’t the time to sit back and enjoy. ‘’ Y..y..eah..sorry…ehm…we have a problem here. Heihachi has a TT 14 system’’ Kitaro looked as if Yoshimitsu was talking in a alien-language. The great space-ninja explained: ‘’ TT 14 is a system you attach to the floor. The system quickly makes a DNA-scan of your body, if the DNA doesn’t match…a great bolt of lighting will toast us’’ The terrible noise inside Yoshi’s head stopped. ‘’ We are lucky; Heihachi does rely so much on his system that he didn’t hire more guards. Unfortunatly; It’s impossible to enter his house, we would die a horrible death.’’ Then Yoshimitsu turned around. His head was about to explode. The great Yoshimitsu could only use his Ghost-powers. His earth-body would leave him and he could use his spirit to enter the mansion and to shut the TT 14- system. The only problem with that was that his body couldn’t handle this for too long. Yoshimitsu would faint, and the rookie Kitaro had to finish this mission on his own. Kitaro wouldn’t lose to an old man, would he? It couldn’t go wrong…Just kidnap Heihachi and it was over.’’ AAAAAAH WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING WHEN I ONLY CHOOSE THE WAKE-UP BOY’’ Yoshimitsu thought….

Chapter 6 Happy Kitaro, sad Yoshimitsu

Kitaro was very pleased when he discovered that he had to wake up the people living on level C-4. He knew that it was the level of all the ninjas who had the highest rank of the manji-clan. He was completely pleased when he heard that the great Yoshimitsu was sleeping there. Ofcourse he was also a little bit afraid, because he heard stories from other wake-up boys, who told that some wake-up boys disappeared into thin air after they entered Yoshimitsu’s room. Kitaro knew that Yoshimitsu was grumpy…Kitaro could never know that he would ever go on a serious mission with his greatest idol Yoshimitsu. He dreamed about this day for years, and now he stood here before the house of Heihachi. The pale wake-up boy was happier than he ever was before, he was shaking from happiness.
Yoshimitsu had never been as depressed as today. He made a mistake of immense proportions and he knew that if the great Yoshimitsu fails, the entire manji-clan would look foolish.
Yoshimitsu never failed before, so this would be the first time in history. Yoshi looked to Kitaro and when he saw the big grinse on his face his heart sank.
He wanted to shout as hard as he could, but that wouldn’t be very smart on an important mission as this. Yoshimitsu decided to do what he had to do. He said to Kitaro: ‘’ Just wait and be quiet, my friend. I trust in you. ‘’ Than he stood in front of the big gate and started meditating. He chanted ancient Buddhist texts.
Yoshimitsu was in a trance for about ten minutes, but nothing happened. Kiri became bored and started to talk to Yoshi. ‘’ Hey friend, we do’t have all day, have we? Just hurry up.’’ Yoshimitsu was pissed. ‘’ YOU FARTHEAD…I lost my concentration because of you. SHUT UP!!! ‘’ Okay okay….sorry my fault…’’ Yoshimitsu started again. After fifteen minutes Yoshimitsu was finally finished with his meditation. A black ghost appeared, who looked exactly like Yoshi except that it didn’t have a physical form. While being inside a very deep and powerfull trance Yoshimitsu could controll the ghost. The only side-effect was that it sucked up an enormous amount of energy. Yoshimitsu let the ghost fly through the big door, inside the big mansion. He noticed two stairways who both ended up on a higher level. He flew straightforward till he was before a small door. The door gave acces to the TT-14 controlsystem. He almost reached the controlpanel when Yoshimitsu suddenly discovered he couldn’t handle this trick any longer.
The ghost almost could touch the panel, but it couldn’t reach it. His fingers were stretching to the button who would shut down the entire system. Kitaro noticed that Yoshimitsu was almost shouting the chants. In his voice he could hear that his friend was in a tremendous pain. A chill went through Kitaro’s spines and suddenly he felt a very cold feeling. Suddenly Yoshimitsu screamed very hard and his body just collapsed. The ghost was sucked back into his body. Was the system down? Or….did Yoshimitsu fail….. be continued...


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