Thy Immortal Love, Chapter One, Part II

Thy Immortal Love, Chapter One, Part II
clar380 2006-12-09 01:09 0
(Continuing from last part....)

She kneeled on the floor, arms flung out and head bowed. She began weeping for the frozen man whose skin was far from lively and breathing laboured.
He stirred in his bedding, asking for water in a harsh whisper. The nun was taken aback. Were her prayers answered? She answered the man, ?The wells are tainted, wine tis all we have.? The head of the man lolled back and his eyes landed on the young nun.
Blue? They were glazed over in a gaze of awe, his eyes brightened and life returned to his face, ?tis this the face of an angel?? He asked; his lips dry and cracked, his forehead strewn in cold sweat. The nun fell silent and as awe-struck as he; her green eyes glistening in wonder. God? She thought and angel he thought.
Her tears fell and soaked the dusty floor and the door flew open.
?Thy door was left ajar?? Sister Eglatine was talking to another as she opened it and the candle-lit face of hers grew livid.
?Aneska!? The shocked woman screeched, ?do thou disobey me!? The old woman swept across the room, gathering much dust and slapped the young nun. Furious, the old woman screeched at Aneska for her disobedience threatening to have her beaten for being awake at this ungodly hour.
?Phillipe lives! Thy lord hath truly blessed him indeed!? A tall stout man stood at the threshold, cloaked in a heavy red cloak, tattered and stained. He rushed towards the man known as Phillipe, who was still stirring in his rickety wooden bed.
?Brother, brother?? The man asked, but the feverish man returned no answer; his eyes still captivated by Aneska, who also lay strewn across the floor holding her left cheek. Sister Eglatine raised her hand again, ?No need for thy beatings sister. Seems she hath cured my dear brother.? The old woman?s hand lowered hesitantly.
The man stank of sweat, his beard was at least a month old and his cloth tunic stained with blood. The man removed his heavy cloak, to reveal a red crucifix embroidered upon the back of his tunic. He was a crusader.


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