The Lost Land, Chapetr One

The Lost Land, Chapetr One
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The land of our ancestors
By Clar380

Chapter One
The Hamauul

Doaar knew he wasn?t to speak; his duty was to listen and only listen. He was appointed Hearer, a highly sought-after position among his peers. He was an unspeakable, none but only five knew his true name, and they were the hierarchs, the religious leaders of his people who called themselves the Huseta. Forbidden to speak unless allowed by the Huseta, he listened, observed and recorded all proceedings that happen during the assembly of the Council and the Huseta.
He knows more and perhaps all that happens within the great Guset, his people, and his race. He knew why many things happened the way they did, he knew who the Huseta truly were, he knew the reasons behind all the conflict that occurred in his onerous time as Hearer and he knew the designs the Huseta planned for the future, for they had greater influence than most thought.
He records everything he hears within the Guset, from gossip, rumour to official and formal assemblies. His function, to place them within a concealed and highly guarded hall called the Jusaan - meaning Hall of Time. Only the Huseta, Council, Jusaan Guards and himself know of it. He keeps a key on his person at all times with which he uses to lock his work, until a hundred years have passed and is readily accessible to the public. It is for the safety of the Huseta, Council and himself that it is this way, for in a hundred years the present will all have died and those in the future will have none to blame for what occurred due to the leaders of the past. He and all knew this was the way and will always be the way.

Doaar drew close to his screen, writing words, names and actions that occurred around him, his present task, to observe the most important kind of assembly. Hamauul. Only in times of great peril and wonder do assemblies of this kind occur. It is such a rare occasion, that three generations of Hearers will die when it is most certain that it will occur again.
The Hamauul was to be held in the White Dome, which was largely dark, hustling with the sound of anxiety mingled with the few exited, the white walls of the hall were heavily adorned with engraved images of his gods and many religious symbols of dark black embellished the high domed ceiling, twirling and circling towards a hole that allowed piercing light to warm the highly polished floor made of a rare stone that came from afar. The Hamauul would commence when the light of the star reached an altar, where laid a stone that could reflect light in all directions so to brightly light the hall.
Impatient voices were becoming obvious in Doaar?s recordings but took no notice for it was common in most assemblies for the light star to suddenly slow its pace across the polished floors when something important was to happen but Doaar knew best that it is themselves who were slow. He pointed a large finger at a brightly blinking icon on his screen, and pushed it, his screen went white and then faded into the emblem of the Guset.
A large white circle, embraced by a white crescent set upon a field of silvery black. He fingered the emblem affectionately, a large grin appearing across his face. He felt quite silly for the moment because his actions seemed unseemly for such a time when something horrible could be happening in the universe that yet needs to be addressed in the Hamauul.
A bright flash lit his view, he found himself blinded by the new light and he knew the Hamauul had begun as the entire hall breathed in a great gasp and a few squealed at the piercing light of the orb. He drew even closer to his screen, recorded the sharp intake of breath the hall showed and quickly prepared himself for the loud and highly nosey council to begin questioning the Huseta and the Prime Honsis ? elected leader of the Guset.
?Noble Huseta ? a tall stout man stood among a sea of white and violet robes, addressing the hierarchs, ?if I am mistaken, this ? he gestured to the full hall, ?is a Hamauul. What horrible misfortune has befallen our kind?? he quickly sat down on a particularly hard bench, feeling quite frazzled for the number of eyes that suddenly shot piercing glances at him.
?Not misfortune, dear brother, great wonder? a short old man brandishing a highly decorated staff bearing the Guset emblem stepped forward from the shadows. All bowed, as was compulsory and re-seated themselves. The short frail looking man walked towards the orb and placed a delicate hand on it, the hall strangely silent.
He raised his head to the hall, his eyes filled with tears, ?We have found the land of our ancestors, we have found the Torr.? Doaar?s face twisted with shocked, failed to suppress a squeal, his fingers faltered upon his screen and he found himself imprisoned among a sea of crying white and violet. He quickly regained his composure and suddenly found himself halfway out of the hall. Shocked and half-paralysed he froze where he stood, the hall staring with tears in their eyes at the middle-aged Hearer. The small frail man linked his arm around Doaar?s and relayed to the hall an excuse for the hearer?s inability to contain himself, ?My brothers,? the old man said, ?even to the silent, such news is a miracle to his life of hearing, forgive him his mistake for I believe we all would do the same.?
Doaar stared in bewilderment at the old man, for the old man was one of the few five who knew his name. He was a Huseta. Doaar, regaining his sanity quickly dropped to his knees, his head bowed and waited for the Huseta to send him away for his shameful display. He waited, but no form of scorn or displeasure came from the old man. Instead he was asked to speak.
?Please Hearer, tell to the hall your name.? Doaar?s heart missed a beat and he silently collapsed to the floor.

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