The Line Between Love and Hate - Chapter 4 - Our Time Will Come

The Line Between Love and Hate - Chapter 4 - Our Time Will Come
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Chapter 4: Our Time Will Come

Kunimitsu, realizing that Yoshimitsu had blacked out, began to look around for possible options. All of the Black Pheasants were dead. The two other Manji ninja had fainted. The police, sirens blaring, were getting closer and closer.

"Damn it," Kunimitsu cursed under her breath as she stuck her dagger in her sash. She then lifted Yoshimitsu so that he was sitting upright. His head lay lifelessly to the side as Kunimitsu got him in place. She quickly sat down in front of him and put his arms over her shoulders. Holding on tight, she leaned forward and strained to stand up with Yoshimitsu on her back. The task was easier that she thought, and soon she was quickly carrying him away.

Thanks to her skills, Kunimitsu was out of the airport by the time the police cars screeched to a halt at the fight scene. Emerging from their cars, the wide-eyed police officers looked around and wondered how such carnage could take place on such a sunny day.

Kunimitsu was struggling to climb a flight of steps while carrying the burden of a cataleptic Yoshimitsu on her back.

"You bastard," she gasped to Yoshimitsu, who obviously couldn?t respond, "You're lucky I don't slit your throat right now! *huff huff* Do you have any idea how hard this is? Carrying your ass up all these steps! It's a good thing you're a lightweight! *huff huff* Why the hell don't they have an elevator?!"

As Kunimitsu made it to the next flight of steps, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Devil standing in front of her. His arms were crossed as he scornfully looked down at her.

"What are you doing?! Have you become completely weak?! Why haven't you killed him and taken the sword yet?!" roared Devil as he pointed a clawed finger at the steel blade, which was still locked in Yoshimitsu's dead grip.

Kunimitsu still couldn't believe what she was seeing. After a pause, Kunimitsu shook some sense into her head and answered.

"There's something wrong with him. What satisfaction could come from unleashing my vengeance on a sick man? Once he is well enough to fight, I'll make him pay dearly!"

"I hope, for your sake, that you are telling me the truth!" Devil warned in a deep, menacing voice. He still couldn't understand why Kunimitsu insisted on fighting fairly, but he decided to let it pass for now and see what would happen. In the blink of an eye, Devil disappeared into the darkness.

In a small apartment building lived a college student named Chiteki. He lived a decent life: good friends, good job, good grades. However, he had one little secret that put a spin in his normal, decent life. His uncle and guardian was the crime lord who went by the name of Aikuchi. The same Aikuchi that Kunimitsu did business with, so it was through this connection that Kunimitsu knew the bright and dexterous Chiteki.

Chiteki himself didn't like his uncle's "profession" and he would often try to forget that it was dead men and dirty deals that were paying for his college education.

Chiteki was a smart kid and usually finished long assignment with ease. This afternoon, however, he sat and stared at his computer screen while experiencing the agonizingly painful encumbrance that was writer's block.

Suddenly, Chiteki heard a powerful bang at the door. For a moment, he didn't know what to think of it. Then, he heard an even louder bang.

"Hold on! I'm coming!" Chiteki called while getting up from his desk chair. The banging increased in sound, coming like volleys of muffled thunder. Bang bang bang!

"I said hold on!" shouted Chiteki as he ripped the door open.

Kunimitsu had been leaning against the door for support and fell flat on her face when Chiteki opened it. Chiteki jumped back in surprise and looked down at the two bizarrely dressed people.

"Holy shit! Kunimitsu, is that you?!" Chiteki quickly bent down to help Kunimitsu up, who just shrugged him off in the "I don't need help" kind of way.

"What brings you here?" asked Chiteki, once Kunimitsu had straightened herself and shut the door, "Who's that?" Chiteki pointed at Yoshimitsu, who was still laying face-up on the floor.

"He's sick and needs help," Kunimitsu answered succinctly. Chiteki let out a small burst of laughter.

"I think you have the wrong person, my friend! As you can see, I?m no doctor."

"I don't mean that kind of sick!" replied an annoyed Kunimitsu, "He's a cyborg, and I think he has a virus or something. I don't know a lot about that kind of stuff."

"What did you say?!" Chiteki's face instantly lit up, "A cyborg?! An actual cyborg?!"

"Yeah, he's?? Kunimitsu stopped talking when she realized that Chiteki wasn't even paying attention. He was kneeling next to Yoshimitsu, enthusiastically prodding and poking in disbelief.

"I can't believe it! This is so cool! Where'd you get it?!" exclaimed Chiteki.

"I didn't get him anywhere! He's? an old friend of mine," Kunimitsu had to struggle to get those last words out of her mouth, "So are you going to help me or not?"


It had been almost two hours. Kunimitsu was lying on the couch while Chiteki was sitting at his computer. Chiteki had brought out a whole bundle of wires, boxes, and adapters and rigged everything up to the computer. Yoshimitsu was lying on a table next to the computer. Kunimitsu insisted on being the one to look for a plug-in to connect Yoshimitsu to the anti-virus system. She finally found one when she pulled off Yoshimitsu's back armor. What Kunimitsu found was a mess of wires coming out of the armor and into the skin. A little freaked out, Kunimitsu let Chiteki take it from there and went to the couch. She hadn't budged since.

"Almost there!" said Chiteki, "This is taking longer than I thought, but this guy's computer system is also more complicated than I thought. Whoever made him knew what he was doing!"

'Made him?' thought Kunimitsu, remembering the sight of the wires, 'He wasn't made? Well, he was made, but not made made.' Even in her thoughts, Kunimitsu had trouble wording how she felt.

'What are you fretting about?'

Kunimitsu quickly looked over at the recliner to see Devil sitting there, watching her with those bright, yellow eyes.

'What are you doing here?!' thought Kunimitsu, with a little anger and despair.

'Checking to see how you?re doing. This seems like a lot of trouble, helping your enemy and all,' thought Devil, as he tilted his head towards Yoshimitsu.

'It's just weird to see him so? He doesn't seem like a person anymore,' Kunimitsu couldn?t believe she was sharing her thoughts, especially to someone like Devil!

'Well then, that should make it easier to kill him!' roared Devil. That made Kunimitsu jump in her seat.

"Hey Kunimitsu! It?s almost done!" cheered Chiteki, bringing Kunimitsu back to reality, "He's starting to move now!"

Kunimitsu looked over at Yoshimitsu and, indeed, he was starting to shuffle around. Suddenly, Yoshimitsu went into a small spasm, which caused him to drop the Manji sword.

It was like slow motion. Kunimitsu watched the fierce blade drop to the ground. That was the very blade that she had sought after for twenty years. Kunimitsu stood up and took a sluggish step closer.

'Take it!' screamed Devil, 'Take it and run him through!'

"Yes," Kunimitsu mumbled out loud. Chiteki looked up at her.

"Did you say something?" curiously asked Chiteki.

"N-No," answered Kunimitsu, coming out of her trance. She glanced over to where Devil was standing to see that he was gone.

'Why won't he leave me alone?' thought Kunimitsu.

Just then, Yoshimitsu lurched up as if coming out of a nightmare.

"Demon!" he screamed, "I swear on my life I will slay thee!"

Chiteki was so surprised that he fell backwards in his chair.

"Holy shit! Calm down, dude! It?s O.K!" Chiteki stammered as he looked up at the Manji leader with wide eyes.

Meanwhile, Yoshimitsu had leaped off the table, quickly recovered his sword, and frantically glared around the room for the demon that he had sensed earlier.

Chiteki got up and picked up the upset chair.

"It's just me and Kunimi-" Chiteki was shocked to see that Kunimitsu was no longer in the apartment.

"She was gone as soon as I had risen," informed Yoshimitsu. He then turned to Chiteki and bowed in gratitude, "Thank you, young man. You have helped me greatly. I am forever in your debt."

Chiteki then bowed back, still confused by Kunimitsu sudden disappearance, and watched Yoshimitsu leave, quietly closing the door behind him.

"Damn? I still have to right that report."


When Yoshimitsu reached the Manji Complex, night had fallen and the moon shone brightly through the dark clouds. The nearbybuildings andtrees cast oblong shadows across the gray earth. There was no one outside, which made the regularly hectic Manji Complex look like the quiet, empty place of dreams.

When Yoshimitsu neared the Main Building, he saw Kanzashi and Harper sitting on the steps, waiting for his return. Kanzashi quickly rose and ran all the way up to him, leaping to hug him. Then, as if remembering herself, she pushed him back and looked up at him with forced anger.

"Where have you been?! Everyone was getting worried!"

"I was? occupied with something," answered Yoshimitsu.

"?You'll never guess what I have to tell you!" Kanzashi said with excitement, forgetting all about Yoshimitsu's disappearance, "I decided to have that stupid blood test and the results said that I'm perfectly fine!" The fact that Kanzashi actually had a blood test truly surprised Yoshimitsu.

"That's incredible," he replied, "What made you agree to it?" Harper stood up and calmly walked down the stone steps.

"That Kunimitsu woman," Kanzashi answered, "When I met her in the lab, she gave me some hard-school advice." This was another even greater surprise.

"You met Kunimitsu?" Yoshimitsu asked.

"Yeah, you don't remember? And I can see why she was banished! What a wildcat!"

'I should have had more patience,' thought Yoshimitsu, 'I could have-' Yoshimitsu suddenly stopped when he remembered Hiroyuki and Kitsune.

"Did Hiroyuki and Kitsune ever come back?!" he anxiously asked. Anxiety began to sweep over him.

"They were taken to a hospital and then arrested!" answered Kanzashi in a 'can you believe that?' kind of tone.

"Arrested?!" shouted Yoshimitsu, who?s high emotions caused his wings to shoot open.

"Whoa! Calm down," assured Kanzashi, after jumping back at the surprise of the wings, "They called the satellite phone and the Manji Clan bailed ?em out. They were in bad shape, though."

"Where are they? In the Medical Quarters?" Yoshimitsu practically answered his own question.

"Yup," answered Kanzashi.

"I saw them," Harper suddenly piped in. His voice was mature, but not one of someone who has seen many things. "I saw them being taken into the Medical Quarters. If you don?t mind me asking, sir, what happened?"

"? What happened is that I didn't think through and consider the complexity of human beings." They left it at that and Kanzashi and Harper went their separate ways. What Yoshimitsu had meant was that he was truly surprised by Lady Dokuja's actions. She was different from her father, who wouldn't have sent an attack force to the Manji Headquarters. Putting these thoughts aside for the moment, Yoshimitsu turned and began walking up the steps.

When Yoshimitsu got halfway up the steps, he stopped and looked up at the soulful moon.

"Thank you, Kunimitsu," he softly whispered, "Thank you for not abandoning me. You saved my life."

As Yoshimitsu continued on his way up the steps, he noticed a bright, almost illuminated figure out of the corner of his eye. Sensing no danger, but comfort, he continued on his way through the solid wood doors.

Angel, who was sitting on the steps, smiled as she watched Yoshimitsu enter the building. She then fixed her gaze on the beautiful moon as it gracefully drifted between the shadowy clouds.


"There you are, my friend. I hope you can forgive me for neglecting you for so long. My only excuse is that I've been very busy." The bright eyes of a beautiful white horse stared back at Yoshimitsu as he spoke these words.

As if agreeing to forgive him, the horse raised its head above the stable gate and nuzzled Yoshimitsu's outstretched hand.

Yoshimitsu had named the horse Gessekai, for its white coat shone as brightly as the moon he had viewed the night before.

Yoshimitsu chuckled and opened the gate to Gessekai's pen. After going through all the essential preparations, Yoshimitsu mounted the white horse. To his surprise, he found this task easier due to the lack of heavy armor. Gessekai noticed the change as well, for he flew into a lively trot when Yoshimitsu had only made a small clicking sound.

Within moments, Yoshimitsu was out of the Manji Complex and galloping down the path that led from the Complex to the city. The sun was blocked by clouds but, nevertheless, it was still a bright morning. On his way, memories of earlier that morning came to Yoshimitsu's mind.

Dr. Bosconovich had been abruptly awakened by a loud scream coming from Yoshimitsu's room. Yoshimitsu was troubled with a pain that he had not felt in a long time: the pain of hunger. Dr. Bosconovich was ironically ecstatic, and he set forth to get Yoshimitsu some breakfast. A real breakfast of sweet potatoes and rice. To Yoshimitsu's great relief, the dull, agonizing pain vanished when he was finished eating.

"I told him it was nothing," Yoshimitsu said aloud, referring back to the once worried doctor. Feeling thepain of hunger only strengthened Yoshimitsu's resolve to help those in need.

'This would be a great time to try out these wings,' suddenly thought Yoshimitsu, as he brought Gessekai to a halt.

Yoshimitsu let go of the reins and let them fall across Gessekai's back. He then stood up and easily balanced on the saddle. With his arms outstretched and his sword raised parallel to the ground, Yoshimitsu then produced a couple clicks, which sent Gessekai into a swift gallop.

Yoshimitsu slightly rocked back and forth as he balanced on the speeding horse. Then, after Gessekai had run a good distance down the path, Yoshimitsu commanded him to stop. Obeying, Gessekai came to a quick halt. Yoshimitsu used the momentum and leaped forward. He then released his wings and tried to stay airborne for as long as possible.

After flying the distance of only a few meters, Yoshimitsu descended to the ground. Upon landing, he slid into a 180 degree turn, while placing his free hand on the ground as a break. Already facing Gessekai, Yoshimitsu rose and walked towards his slightly baffled steed.

"That went fairly well," Yoshimitsu said to Gessekai as he scratched him between the eyes, "Thank you for your help, my friend. I don't suppose you'd mind another go?"

Yoshimitsu tried again, this time staying in the air for a few seconds longer. As Yoshimitsu landed, he suddenly felt a devastatingly cold feeling in his chest. A little panicked, Yoshimitsu quickly stood up. He listened for anything, but only heard the rustle of leaves and the breathing of Gessekai. Then, the cold feeling was followed by the fire that he had felt so many times before.

Gessekai was then spooked by the image of Angel, who was hovering a few meters away from where Yoshimitsu stood.

Yoshimitsu searched Angels face, and discovered tears streaming from her eyes as she stretched her hand out in the direction of the Manji Complex. Her mouth was open as if she was screaming, but no sound came out.

Yoshimitsu's heart sank and the fire raged as he felt that something was terribly wrong.

"The base!" he shouted out loud. Yoshimitsu ran and leaped onto Gessekai's back. Taking hold of the reins, he turned Gessekai towards the direction of the Complex and the two dashed off.

Yoshimitsu then heard a buzzing sound approaching him from behind. He looked back to see three men on motorcycles who were speeding up to him. Although their black leather clothes and black helmets hid their appearance, Yoshimitsu knew them to be members of the Black Pheasant Syndicate.

'Why are they here?!' thought Yoshimitsu, as he clicked his heels to make Gessekai run faster.

The first man, who came up to Yoshimitsu's right side, held a long metal pole in his left hand. He swung at Yoshimitsu, who's new, vibrant sword effortlessly cut through the pole. Yoshimitsu then leaned over to the extreme right and, using the hilt of his sword, did a Sword Smash to the Pheasant's head. The man fell off of the bike, which veered off across Gessekai's path and into the forest.

The second rider was already on Yoshimitsu's left side. This man had a long dagger and was trying to get close enough to disable Gessekai. Yoshimitsu, fearing his friend's safety, steered Gessekai farther to the right. He then raised his right foot on the saddle and, pushing off with that same foot, bounded into the air and onto the motorcycle.

The shocked Pheasant tried to push Yoshimitsu off, but Yoshimitsu already had his right arm around the man's neck and threw him off of the bike. Yoshimitsu quickly grabbed the handlegrips and brought the swerving motorcycle under control.

Yoshimitsu loudly whistled to Gessekai, who followed him to his best ability. The final Pheasant sped up to Yoshimitsu's left side and slashed at him with a sword. Yoshimitsu dodged the attack by leaning back as far as he could. He then lunged at the Pheasant and gave him a shallow stab in the arm. The man shouted out in pain and veered off into the forest.

Yoshimitsu stood up and placed his right foot on the right handlegrip of the motorcycle. He looked back at Gessekai and judged the distance between them. Pulling back on the handle bar with is right foot, Yoshimitsu steered the bike off course and leaped backwards into a backflip before the bike crashed into a group of trees. Yoshimitsu landed on Gessekai's back and sat back down.

"Run Gessekai!" he shouted with desperation as the two continued on their way to the Complex.

When Yoshimitsu reached the entrance to the Manji Complex, he jumped off of Gessekai and ran into the crowd of people. Everyone was panicking while Manji ninja were telling them to get inside. Yoshimitsu slowly made his way to the gradually thinning crowd, while picking up people who had fallen, until he heard a commanding voice in the air of frightened murmurs.

"Where is he?!" shouted the gruff voice in the distance. Yoshimitsu followed the voice, which led him to the front of the Main Building. Despite his bizarre armor ? which would have made him stick out ? Yoshimitsu was able to stay concealed among the crowd and watch what was happening in the clearing ahead.

Standing with their backs to the steps were Dr. Bosconovich, Hiroyuki, Kitsune, and a few other loyal Manji ninja.

"Where is he?!" repeated the apparent leader who was standing in front of the Manji and brandishing a sword. Behind him were more Black Pheasants equipped with the same kind of weapon. Yoshimitsu thought the man sounded familiar, but his face was not in view Yoshimitsu wasn't able to identify him.

"Tell us now or they'll have to pay!" One of the Pheasants grabbed a middle-aged woman from the crowd and put a blade to her throat.

"You leave those people alone!" roared Doumou, a loyal Manji swordsman.

The Pheasant grinned and, when it seemed that he actually would kill the woman, a sharp whistle was heard as something zipped through the air. The Black Pheasant stared blindly into the distance and fell over. A throwing knife was lodging between his eyes.

"Don't be stupid," bluntly warned Hiroyuki, "Or my knives will find more of you to kill!"

"You fucking son of a bitch!" shouted a younger Black Pheasant, obviously a friend of the dead one. He took a step closer, emphasizing his blade.

"Come any closer and I'll tear your heart out!" raged Kitsune as her fist came out in front of her. Her forearms were covered in metal sheets- gauntlets that acted like a combination of shield and weapon.

The Black Pheasants standing behind the leader stepped forward, weapons bared and ready to fight. To everyone's surprise, Yoshimitsu leaped into view and cut down the closest Black Pheasant.

"Master!" shouted all the Manji ninja in unison.

The leader spun around and faced Yoshimitsu. His eyes filled with rage. A long gash ran between his eyes, which would more than likely turn into a permanent scar.

Upon seeing his face, Yoshimitsu immediately recognized him as the Black Pheasant who had shot Kunimitsu in the arm.

"Surprised to see me?" Kenka spat out these venomous words, "I'm sure you are! Well I'm alive, and I haven't forgotten this!" He pointed to the gash on his face. "Don't worry! I'll make sure to return the favor!"

Hiroyuki and Kitsune shouted and they, along with the other Manji ninja, suddenly charged at the Black Pheasants, and Yoshimitsu attacked Kenka. They all broke out into a frenzied rage and their screams and the sounds of metal against metal echoed throughout the Complex, along with the terrified screams of the onlookers, who were now quickly running to safety.

A blood bath ensued as Black Pheasants and Manji ninja were falling to the ground with deep wounds. Hiroyuki and Kitsune were still recovering from their injuries from the airport, but they were much more skilled than the Pheasants. Dr. Bosconovich could only stand to the side and watch the whole thing.

Upon hearing the screams, Harper and Kanzashi ran to the scene of the battle and stood alongside Dr. Bosconovich. The doctor and Kanzashi were terrified for their friends, but Harper was mostly angry at the fact that he couldn't do anything to help. Despair and rage burned on his face as he looked for a way.

Noriko, one of the Manji ninja, stabbed one of the last Black Pheasants through the stomach. Noriko then pushed the Black Pheasant off his sword with his foot. The body fell in front of Harper, and he caught sight of a handgun in the Pheasant's suit.

He grabbed the gun and immediately began firing at the Black Pheasants. He was a surprisingly good shot and killed the rest of the Pheasants, all except Kenka.

Kenka quickly turned around and drew his handgun with lighting speed. A shot was fired and everyone froze. Kanzashi shrieked in pain as she clutched the bloody hole in her chest and fell backwards.

"Kanzashi!" shouted Yoshimitsu and Harper. Dr. Bosconovich quickly knelt down and tried to help Kanzashi, who was going into shock. Harper was frozen by the trauma of what just happened. As if struck dumb, he merely stared down at Kanzashi.

"That'll teach you not to play with guns,? spat Kenka, with cruel smirk. He suddenly froze and became wide-eyed. He looked down at his stomach to see the glowing blade of a laser sword protruding from a bloody hole. Kenka then heard a menacing voice behind him.

"That'll teach you not to turn your back on someone when you've just killed a loved one of theirs,? Yoshimitsu said, as he pushed Kenka off of the blade with his foot. Kenka fell forward, dead.

Yoshimitsu immediately ran up to Kanzashi and held her in his arms. Her face was as pale as death and her mouth struggled to produce sound.

"Y-Yoshimitsu?" she spoke, in a quiet voice, "Thank? thank you so m-much." If Yoshimitsu could cry, he would be at this moment. He shook with grief as he watched the life flee from Kanzashi. "Yoshimitsu," Kanzashi?s voice was suddenly calm and strong, "Yoshimitsu. You're the greatest father I could ever have hoped to have."

Kanzashi gracefully placed a hand on Yoshimitsu mask. She then closed her eyes and never opened them again.


He knew the smell would last for days, but it was meant to be a constant reminder of the struggles in life.

The bodies of the dead were all place parallel to each other atop a large mound of chopped wood. Sticks of incense were placed in front of the mound. There was one for each person who was killed, even for the Black Pheasants. The dead Manji Clan members, including Kanzashi, were fitted with white robes.

Yoshimitsu and Noriko, two of the oldest Manji Clan members, held burning torches as they stood on opposite sides of the mound. The Buddhist monk began chanting prayers, and people in the crowd began to weep, especially Harper and Hakujitsu.

Yoshimitsu, gripping the torch, began to slowly walk up to the mound, followed by Noriko.

?May thy spirit rest in peace,? whispered Yoshimitsu, as he gently touched the mound with the torch.

The mound gradually went up in flames, and soon the smell of burning flesh carried throughout the Complex.

When the people started to leave, Hakujitsu broke into a run and raced up to Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu knelt down and embraced the poor boy, who was now sobbing uncontrollably.

"K-Kanz-zashi!" Hakujitsu cried as he buried his face into Yoshimitsu's chest, "It's n-not fair!"

"I am so sorry, Hakujitsu," Yoshimitsu said remorsefully, "I know it isn't fair, but your sister would want you to be brave. Everything will be alright."

Later that day, Yoshimitsu called a clan meeting at the temple in the forest. The entire clan immediately assembled in front of the temple. Despite the cold, they all stood attentively and waited for their leader to arrive.

When Yoshimitsu arrived, he took his place in front of the crowd. His beetle armor gleamed in the scarce sunlight and his green laser sword caught the eyes of all who stood there.

"This has gone on long enough," began Yoshimitsu in an assertive, commanding voice, "The Black Pheasants must pay for what they have done, and they must be brought to justice! The Black Pheasants shall feel the true passionate fury of the Manji Clan! We will make them feel it!" Yoshimitsu raised his sword in the air and everyone shouted a battle cry.

So the plans were set. Tomorrow, the Manji Clan would launch an assault on the Black Pheasants. They were then dismissed to prepare for the upcoming task. Soon the only people that remained were Yoshimitsu, Hiroyuki, and Harper, who had been allowed to come to the meeting in order to talk to Yoshimitsu.

"Sir," began Harper, very seriously, "I feel that Kanzashi's death is my fault."

"You are not to blame, boy," Yoshimitsu replied, "No one is able to control things like that."

"But I still felt like I could have done something!" insisted Harper, angry at his own guilt, "That's why... I... I beg of you to allow me to become a member of the Manji Clan." Harper got down on his knees and bowed before Yoshimitsu.

"I talked to him about it," said Hiroyuki, "and I am sure with the proper training he could become a very loyal and skillful Manji ninja."

"Please, sir!" Harper exclaimed, "I want to be able to help people... After what I saw, I want to be able to do something!"

"Very well," Yoshimitsu granted, after thinking about it for a moment, "You may begin the training of the Manji ninja. I entrust Hiroyuki with the responsibility of training you."

"Thank you!" cried Harper, and tears began to stream from his eyes. Yoshimitsu placed his hand above Harper.

"Rise," Yoshimitsu commanded. Harper immediately rose and bowed to Yoshimitsu and Hiroyuki. The two then left and Yoshimitsu was again alone on the temple grounds.

Yoshimitsu glanced up at the temple roof where he had seen Kunimitsu for the first time in twenty years. That thought made the passionate fire burn inside of him.

"Life is a never-ending path of peril," Yoshimitsu said serenely, "After this, Kunimitsu, we will find each other. Our time will come."


Author's note: Well, that's Chapter 4. I hope you enjoyed it. I have to say that writing this fanfic has been one of the most enjoyable (nerve-wracking) experiences in my life, but it's not over yet! Until Chapter 5, see you later! (And don't forget to comment! ^_^)


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