The Line Between Love and Hate - Chapter 3 - More Human Emotion

The Line Between Love and Hate - Chapter 3 - More Human Emotion
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Author's Note: I'm so, so sorry! This thing took me forever to update! This next chapter was particularly difficult for me to write. Sorry, but you're going to have to use a bit of your imagination during the fight sequences. (I've never done anything like this before.) Plus, it's pretty abundant in length. So, if you're going to read through the whole thing, I suggest you pack a snack. Thank you and enjoy!

Chapter Three: More Human Emotion

'Luckily, the bullet missed the bone. This wound shouldn't take too long to heal,' thought Yoshimitsu, as he cleaned Kunimitsu's bullet wound.

Kunimitsu was lying unconscious on a surgery table. A whole night had passed since the Black Pheasants attacked them, and it was now early morning.

She had passed out after being shot in the arm by Kenka, so Yoshimitsu had carried her back to Dr. Bosconovich?s laboratory. It wasn't so much the pain that made her pass out as it was her already accumulated fatigue. When Yoshimitsu was done with the stitching, he took a good look at his attacker.

"She's just as I remember her..." Yoshimitsu said aloud. He then let out a small laugh as he remembered a certain incident from their past.

Right before the first King of Iron Fist Tournament, Kunimitsu had stolen a pendant from Michelle Chang. Michelle was so bent on revenge that she entered the tournament to find Kunimitsu. Yoshimitsu knew that Kunimitsu was frightened at the thought of a "crazy" Indian girl out to get her, so he devised a plan that would benefit everyone.

Yoshimitsu knew that Kunimitsu was skilled enough to be able to steal with almost no exposure, so it was safe to say that Michelle didn't know that Kunimitsu was a woman. Yoshimitsu's plan was to disguise himself as Kunimitsu, find Michelle Chang, accept her challenge to a fight, and purposely lose. That way, he could return the pendant to Michelle and Kunimitsu could stay out of harms way. All the while, Yoshimitsu would still be playing his own part in the tournament. It was so long ago, and Yoshimitsu was much younger than he was now. He thought the whole scheme was an exiting rush: a Manji ninja version of a childhood prank.

As Yoshimitsu remember their past, he suddenly got that strange feeling again, so he quickly turned around and began cleaning off the medical tools he was using.

Suddenly, Kunimitsu woke up with shock. Yoshimitsu spun around as Kunimitsu leaped off the table to snatch her dagger from a nearby counter. She lunged at Yoshimitsu, but was then reminded off the wound on her right arm when she felt a sharp pain as she lifted the dagger. She dropped it and held the wound with her left arm.

"You bastard!" Kunimitsu shouted in anger and pain, "Why the hell did you bring me here?! I?ll kill you!"

"You needed medical attention," said Yoshimitsu as he walked towards her.

"I don't need your help!" shouted Kunimitsu. She started to back away.

"Calm down," replied Yoshimitsu. He took a step closer to her.

"Stay back!" Kunimitsu shouted as she picked up the nearest thing she could get her tray, and clumsily flung it at him. Yoshimitsu hit the tray out of the air, causing it to fall to the side with a loud clank.

"There is some food and water for you over on the table," said Yoshimitsu, "I'm leaving now, so you can be alone."

Kunimitsu shot a quick glance at the wooden table and finally decided to let her guard down when she realized that there was indeed food. It was plain, just a bowl of rice and a bottle of water, but food had been hard to come by.

"Don't think that I'll be in your debt!" replied Kunimitsu, as she uncomfortably walked towards the table, "I'll leave as soon as I'm done. Don't think about sending any of your pathetic Manji ninja to this place, because I'll kill them." Her words were tense.

"You have my word," promised Yoshimitsu. He thought sending one of the clan members to Dr. Bosconovich's house to kill Kunimitsu was not only unfair but also an absurd idea.

Yoshimitsu then left the lab and started his walk back to the Manji Complex.

"Maybe she'll never change," he thought, "Maybe the only way to solve this is for one of us to die..."

'Don't say that,' said a voice in Yoshimitsu's head, 'Do not give up hope.'

"Who is it that speaks?!" Yoshimitsu cried out in shock, "Be you a spirit or have I lost all sensible thought?!" Yoshimitsu looked around the forest for any forms of communicable life.

'I be the spiritual embodiment of your love and kindness!' A bright flash illuminated the forest path and there, right before Yoshimitsu?s feet, appeared Angel. She smiled at him and softly landed on the ground.

"I... I don't understand..." Yoshimitsu said.

"Remember your dreams. Remember your will to save the woman you love," Angel said as she walked towards Yoshimitsu.

"Love? I know it is Kunimitsu that you speak of, but I am not in love with her. I just want to save her from-"

"You mishear me," interrupted Angel, "I did not say you were in love with her. I said you love her, as you would a close friend. There is a delicate difference between the two. One that most would not understand."

"What brings such a glorious one as you before me?" Yoshimitsu remembered to pay his respects and knelt before Angel.

"Your love and determination to save the woman from your past has brought me before you. As with Kunimitsu, her hatred and spitefulness has summoned a most horrible Devil that is bending her spirit to his own will."

"A Devil harms Kunimitsu?!" Yoshimitsu asked with shock.

"Aye. You mustn't give up hope. She needs you more than ever now," answered Angel, as she began to hover before Yoshimitsu.

"I was beginning to fear that my lack of human emotion would disable me from finding the way to Kunimitsu's heart-"

"Lack of human emotion?!" asked Angel, almost angered by the naivety of the warrior. "What is your reason for thinking that you lack human emotion?! Do you not care for hundreds of those in need?! Do you not care for your friends?! Do you not care even for you enemies?! Do you not care for Kunimitsu?! Lack of human emotion indeed! You have more human emotion now than you ever did before!"

"I thank you for your wisdom," Yoshimitsu said as he got on his hands and knees and bowed to Angel. With that, Angel disappeared and the forest was quiet once more.

Yoshimitsu rose and continued on his way to the Manji Complex, all the while wondering if he had been imagining it all.

When Kunimitsu was certain that Yoshimitsu was long gone, she quickly sat down. She lifted her byakko mask up just enough for her to be able to eat. She snatched the bowl up and inspected the rice. She set that down and looked at the chopsticks. She then checked the bottled water to see if it had been previously opened.

Kunimitsu knew that the chance of Yoshimitsu trying to poison her was unlikely, but she also knew that 20 years could change a person. She didn't quite trust him. Seeing that the food and water seemed to be fine, she let herself go and started scarfing down the food. It had been days since she had a regular meal.

"Hello?" suddenly called out a female voice, which caused Kunimitsu to jump in her seat, "Dr. B? Yoshimitsu? Is anyone here?" The voice was getting closer.

Kunimitsu slowly, quietly stood up, walked towards her dagger that was lying on the floor, and picked it up. All the while, she kept her eyes on the door. The doorknob began to move, so Kunimitsu readied herself for an attack.

The door to the lab opened and Kanzashi barged in. She abruptly stopped, set down a paper bag full of items, and looked at Kunimitsu with confusion.

"Who are you?! What are you doing in Dr. Bosconovich's lab?!" asked Kanzashi, but before Kunimitsu had time to talk, Kanzashi went on, "Oh? I know who you are. You're that "Kunimitsu" everyone's been talking about. You must have a lot of nerve to come to this place."

"Watch your tongue, little girl, or I'll have to cut it out!" replied Kunimitsu, "It wasn't my choice to come to this place. That fool of a man brought me here because he thought I needed his help!"

"Oh, sorry," said Kanzashi, who wasn't really frightened at all, "You didn't have to get all defensive. I guess all Manji ninja are the same."

"I am not a Manji ninja!" Kunimitsu replied with anger.

"You used to be, right?" Kanzashi said more than asked. Kunimitsu let out a sigh as she remembered the past.

"That was... a long, long time ago," said Kunimitsu. She suddenly felt much older and very weary. Kunimitsu snapped out of her train of thought when she realized that this strange girl was not afraid at all. She asked with bewilderment, "Who are you, anyway?"

"My name is Kanzashi. I'm one of the... people that the Manji Clan takes care of." A short silence followed, until Kanzashi asked yet another question, "What was it like?"

"What do you mean?" asked Kunimitsu. After deciding that Kanzashi wasn't a threat, Kunimitsu sat back down and drank a bit of water.

"What was it like stealing with Yoshimitsu and the Manji Clan so long ago? I mean, for some reason you hate him now, but it couldn't have always been like that. Did you two get along at all?"

Kunimitsu thought about it for a bit and realized that Kanzashi was right. A long, long time ago, Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu didn't really know each other very well. They worked together and obviously spoke, but there was always a rivalry between them. They were a lot younger and very confident, so one was always trying to beat the other in some way. They got along O.K. Actually, they got along great compared to now, but then it changed. Yoshimitsu and the others wanted to change. The thought of changing so quickly frightened Kunimitsu.

"That's none of your concern," finally answered Kunimitsu, but he words had no anger in them.

Her mind was somewhere else, as she continued to think about the past. Kunimitsu remembered keeping some of the money they would steal, while the others wasted it on the poor. Yoshimitsu found out about this on many different occasions and repeatedly tried to talk her out of it.

Kunimitsu didn't listen to him not only because she didn't think of him as a true leader, but also because, deep down, she feared that the Manji Clan would go to ruin if it gave all the money to the poor. She truly wanted to see the Manji Clan succeed, and she didn't think that the current leader was fit for the job.

By this time, the unspoken "friendship" between the two had dwindled down to an extreme hatred. Kunimitsu tried to take control of the Manji Clan and attacked Yoshimitsu. Then, as Kunimitsu remembers it, Yoshimitsu banished her from the Manji Clan. Kunimitsu never knew what became of the Manji Clan or of Yoshimitsu after her banishment. She decided that this was the perfect time to find out.

"What is it like here?" asked Kunimitsu, changing the subject.

"There are a lot of people, but we're doing alright. Everyday, someone's shouting for joy because they got a job in the city and can save up to start living again. Why?" Kunimitsu ignored her question and went on.

"What do the Manji themselves do?"

"They mostly pick up supplies, treat the sick, and feed everyone."

"What is... Yoshimitsu like?" Kunimitsu asked, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"He's overprotective, he thinks he knows everything, and he's always telling me what to do. He's been bugging me about some stupid blood test to see if I "have" anything. Why so many questions?" Kanzashi was starting to get annoyed at the fact that Kunimitsu wasn't answering any of her questions.

"You should have the blood test," Kunimitsu said very suddenly, "Although he's a complete fool for bothering with people like you, he's good at what he does."

"I dunno..." Kanzashi looked at the wall as she thought about it.

"Is it true," continued Kunimitsu, "that he had a cybernetic surgery?"

"Yeah," answered Kanzashi, "It's better not to think about it... Why are you asking all these questions?!"

Kunimitsu abruptly sat up, knocking the wooden chair off balance, and snapped back with her hot temper.

"Look, missy! I've been fighting Yoshimitsu and the Manji Clan since before you were born. It's been 20 whole years since I last saw them. If I want to know something about them, I'll ask without any inquiry. Got it?! Now stay out of my way next time, or I won't be as nice to you as I am now!"

Kunimitsu snatched her dagger from off of the table and glared back at Kanzashi. "You tell Yoshimitsu that I will get my revenge!" shouted Kunimitsu as she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Kanzashi suddenly realized that she just had a conversation with a desperate killer, and a cold chill of fear ran down her spine. She picked up the paper bag and raced to the Manji Complex.

Kunimitsu made it out of the house and onto a path. The path led from the Manji Complex to the city. As she walked down the path, Kunimitsu thought about her conversation with Kanzashi.

'Why does Yoshimitsu take care of those people?' thought Kunimitsu, 'There must be more who share that girl's feelings towards the Manji ninja, yet they still take care of them. Yoshimitsu has changed... Perhaps the Manji Clan isn't-'

'What are you saying?!' suddenly screamed the dark voice, 'Have you forgotten your goal? Yoshimitsu cannot live!'

Suddenly, a swirl of darkness appeared before Kunimitsu. She froze and felt a cringe of hidden fear. Devil emerged from the darkness and stood before her with his piercing eyes. A small cry of shock came out of Kunimitsu's mouth, but she quickly regained her composure.

"I think," Devil began, with a smirk, "that you are getting weak."

"That's not true!" shouted Kunimitsu in defense, still unable to conceal her amazement.

"Perhaps... but you are forgetting the humiliation of banishment and your hate for him."

Kunimitsu then felt burning rage as she remembered the past.

"So, what are you going to do?" asked Devil.

"I shall get my revenge by killing Yoshimitsu!" Kunimitsu answered. Devil flapped his wings and glided backwards into the dark swirl, which disappeared soon after. Kunimitsu continued on her way to the city.

"You haven't done it yet?" asked Aikuchi as he was leaning back on his desk chair. Aikuchi was a small-time crime lord that Kunimitsu had been borrowing money from. He wasn't a cruel man, but he was very serious about his money. Kunimitsu told him countless times that she'd be able to pay him back once she killed Yoshimitsu.

"I'm so close now!" exclaimed Kunimitsu, "If it wasn't for that damned Black Pheasant thug-?

"What did you say?" Aikuchi's eyes got wide and his face showed that he suddenly became distraught.

"The Black Pheasant Syndicate," answered Kunimitsu, wondering why Aikuchi was so worried, "It's just some syndicate that the Manji Clan is dealing with. Yoshimitsu killed the man who saw me, anyway."

"The Black Pheasants aren't just some syndicate," replied Aikuchi, "Kunimitsu, I fear you have gotten both of us into serious trouble."

"Are you going to stop doing business with me then?" asked Kunimitsu in a conniving voice.

Aikuchi wasn't quite sure what to do. If he continued lending her money, the Black Pheasants might hear about him and deal a harsh punishment, but if he let her leave he would come out of the deal empty-handed.

"No," answered Aikuchi, "I expect to be repaid eventually. Just make sure the Pheasants don't know about me."

"Hmm?" Kunimitsu saw a way she could get more out of this, "I'll keep our little deal a secret... if you do one more thing for me."

"Anything," replied Aikuchi.

"Can you have your scouts be on the lookout for Yoshimitsu and the Manji Clan? I want to know if they come into the city."

"Consider it done," answered Aikuchi. Kunimitsu turned around and left with a smirk on her concealed face.

Despite having to deal with the Black Pheasant Syndicate, Yoshimitsu couldn't let that get in the way of his work. He and Hiroyuki were walking around the Manji Complex, discussing the progress reports, the orbiting base, and the inventory. The air was getting drier and drier, and everyone could tell that winter had come and the first snow would fall soon.

The bright sun was at it's highest in the sky. The throwing knives that Hiroyuki wore glimmered in the sunlight, where as Yoshimitsu's black armor seemed to absorb the light, which only accented all the little details. A gust of cold wind swirled by and ruffled the bright red, hair-like plume on the back of his helmet.

"Yoshimitsu!" excitedly called out Dr. Bosconovich. The doctor raced up to Yoshimitsu, despite his old age.

"Dr. Bosconovich? What is it?" asked Yoshimitsu, as he looked back.

"There you are!" continued Dr. Bosconovich, "I have something to show you! I am finally finished with my project! Come take a look!"

'I'll be waiting in the Meeting Room, Master,' said Hiroyuki. He bowed and continued on his way.

Yoshimitsu followed Dr. Bosconovich, who led him to the Main Building. They walked down the hall and into Yoshimitsu's bedroom. There, lying neatly on the floor, was an assortment or armor.

Yoshimitsu knelt down next to the armor and looked it over. It was unlike any armor he had ever seen before. The pieces were smaller and the whole thing looked bizarre. It was then that Dr. Bosconovich started to describe the new armor.

'You'll find the design of this new suit to be much different from your previous suits of armor. It's comprised of a body suit made from flexible, elastic material. The armor itself is made of a strong, bulletproof metal. I'm sure you've noticed that there really isn't much armor, and that it's much lighter than what you're used to wearing.'

'Yes, I have,' replied Yoshimitsu, 'This new suit is very different. Why does it have such a light design?'

'All questions will be answered in time,' said Dr. Bosconovich, with a smile that showed his excitement. He then turned around and walked out of the room.

Yoshimitsu quickly changed into the new armor. When he was completely in the body suit he suddenly felt very awkward. The body suit was skin-tight and sleek: He wasn't used to wearing things like that. He also noticed that the body suit showed what weeks of almost no food had done to him. Yoshimitsu began to poke at his own ribs and alarmingly small waist.

'I need to try to start eating again,' Yoshimitsu said semi-jokingly. He then continued to don the rest of the armor, all the while making note of its many features. The armor, he noticed, was simple, but the color was interesting. The main color was a brownish red, but would fade to a yellow color at his hands and feet. Then, the spots of reflected light made the armor look silvery and metallic. Overall, it was great armor, but the helmet and mask were missing.

Just as Yoshimitsu began looking around for the missing items, he heard a faint clicking sound. He whipped around but could not find the source of the sound. It got louder and louder until he realized that the sound was actually coming from his back. Then, he started to feel a tingly feeling running up and down his spine. Yoshimitsu searched his sights for any status reports, but everything appeared normal. Then, suddenly, a sharp, stabbing pain shot down his spine, spread out to the rest of his back, and faded away. The whole episode caused Yoshimitsu to fall on his knees.

As he knelt there, catching his breath, Yoshimitsu looked around the room until he saw something in the corner that he hadn't noticed before. It was something draped in black cloth. Momentarily forgetting what just happened, Yoshimitsu rose and curiously walked up to it. He then gracefully ripped the cloth away to reveal a sword, a helmet, and a mask.

Doctor, you've outdone yourself, thought Yoshimitsu. He picked up the mask and looked it over. It had the face of a skeleton, with deep sockets and large, shiny eyes. After looking at it, he put it on to find that it fit perfectly.

Yoshimitsu then picked up the helmet with both hands. Like the rest of the armor, it was beautifully colored and lightweight. It had a neck guard and a yellow horn on the top, like that of a beetle. He placed it on his head and was surprised to find that it was very lightweight as well, which made him speculate for a reason.

Yoshimitsu then gazed down at the sword, which was resting on a stand. He leaned down a bit and gently held the sword's hilt with his left hand. The blade itself had a definite structure, but it glowed with a neon green color. He was very impressed.

Yoshimitsu walked outside where Dr. Bosconovich was waiting. Due to the cold, the crowds of people had gone down in number. The few people who were outside, however, stopped in their tracks and stared at Yoshimitsu, who appeared to be a strange sight.

'Ah! It fits you better than I thought it would! What do you think?' asked Dr. Bosconovich.

'It is very comfortable and lightweight. The armor is strong. I like it,' answered Yoshimitsu, 'But' there was something very strange that happened once I put it on.' Yoshimitsu was about to describe the pain when Dr. Bosconovich interrupted him.

'Allow me explain,' replied Dr. Bosconovich, 'The pain you felt was all a part of the suit's function. Since you are a cyborg, the suit can fuse with your nerves so you can control it.'

'Control it?' Yoshimitsu asked.

'The suit has wings, my friend,' answered Dr. Bosconovich.

'Wings'!' Yoshimitsu didn't quite understand at first. Then, he realized that he could feel the internal computer connected to the wings. He imagined what it might feel like to move them. He made one little twitch with his back and they shot open. The wings were long and looked like those of a dragonfly.

'I knew you would catch on fast!' cheerfully exclaimed Dr. Bosconovich, 'The reason this suit is lighter than the others, has less armor, and is smoother is so it is aerodynamic.'

Yoshimitsu nodded his head to show that he now understood.

It was an incredible thought, but this suit of armor would allow him to fly. He made the wings buzz faster and faster until he began to slightly lift off the ground. Then he fell back on his feet. This would take some practice.

As Yoshimitsu continued testing out his new wings, Kitsune ran through the entry to the Main Building and down the steps. Yoshimitsu stopped and turned around to find Kitsune kneeling in front of him.

'Rise,' said Yoshimitsu. Kitsune obeyed and looked up to him to deliver her message.

'Master, there are people-' Kitsune was stunned as she gazed at Yoshimitsu's dazzling new suit of armor.

'Yes?' asked Yoshimitsu.

'Oh! Umm, there are people waiting in the Meeting Room for you,' she quickly answered back.

Yoshimitsu nodded his head and followed Kitsune into the Meeting Room. Hiroyuki and three other people were sitting at the long table in the room. Yoshimitsu sat down and Kitsune sat next to him.

'We are honored to meet you,' began the first man, who was Japanese, as he bowed to Yoshimitsu, 'I am Tomomi, and I am serving Mr. and Mrs. Grey as a translator.' Tomomi gestured towards the middle-aged man and woman.

Yoshimitsu took a good look at them. Their surprised sights were fixated on him and they began to quietly speak to each other. They saw that Yoshimitsu was watching them, and they spoke to him in vain, for he couldn't understand a word of it.

English, thought Yoshimitsu, Maybe with a British accent.

As soon as they were finished, Tomomi began to translate.

'They say that they are sorry if they appear perplexed. They have never seen a philanthropist quite like you before, and they hope that you are not offended in any way. They have come with donations to the Manji Party, and wish that you accept their offer however little it may be.'

'Tell them,' began Yoshimitsu, 'That I am not offended at all. Also, that we are all very grateful for their donations.' Tomomi leaned over to Mr. and Mrs. Grey and told them what Yoshimitsu had said. Tomomi then faced Yoshimitsu and began to tell him what the foreigners had to say.

'They are sorry that they could not get a truck to carry the supplies here. Everything is still at the airport. You and your men will have to go there and get it.?

Everyone exchanged deep bow and the foreigners, and their translator, rose and left.

'I'll bring the truck around,' said Hiroyuki, as he left to do just that.

'Master?' asked Kitsune, as she rose along with Yoshimitsu.

'Yes?' asked Yoshimitsu.

'I really must say that I'm glad you are feeling better.'

Yoshimitsu chuckled and replied, 'You are very insightful. Yes, I am feeling better, but how do you know that?' Kitsune looked up and smiled.

'You carry yourself with energy and a new sense. Even with your mask and new armor, you're easy to read, Master.' Kitsune smirked and flipped her own mask down on her face. She then turned around and walked away.

Yoshimitsu stood there for a moment, contemplating what she had meant. Suddenly, a shout was heard echoing throughout the building. Yoshimitsu quickly looked up to see Kanzashi rushing into the room.

'Yoshimitsu! That woman! She wants to kill you!' gasped Kanzashi as she ran up to Yoshimitsu. Kanzashi was out of breath from her sprint through the woods, so Yoshimitsu held her up to keep her from falling over.

'Kunimitsu is the woman you speak of,' Yoshimitsu said more than asked, 'Indeed, she wants to kill me, but do not fear. It is merely and old quandary of mine.'

At that moment, Hiroyuki rushed in and bowed to Yoshimitsu, 'The truck is at the front and ready.' He then looked up at Kanzashi and suddenly took an aura of awkwardness. 'Um' Did you bring it?' he asked in a whisper to Kanzashi.

'Oh, right!' exclaimed Kanzashi as she opened the sack she was carrying and took out a small cardboard box and handed it to Hiroyuki. 'Here you go.'

Hiroyuki then opened the box and took out the most peculiar thing: a nicotine patch. He undid his jacket and secured the patch on his left shoulder.

Yoshimitsu grinned behind his mask at the oddness of the whole picture. Hiroyuki, unaware of Yoshimitsu?s true feelings, thought his master might be disappointed. Hiroyuki bowed in apology, but Yoshimitsu raised and assuring hand.

'We all have things to take care of,' said Yoshimitsu, 'and things to rid ourselves of.'

'That's the last of it,' declared Kitsune, as she shut the end door to the storage truck. The three Manji ninja had ridden in the truck to the airport. Since they were informed that the supplies were not large, Yoshimitsu saw no reason to bring a whole group of laborers. Loaded the truck was easy enough.

Yoshimitsu, Hiroyuki, and Kitsune began to walk to the front of the truck. Suddenly, something very fast came zipping in their direction. Hiroyuki and Kitsune jumped in font of their master to protect him from whatever harm befell them.

Yoshimitsu, however, merely leaned back and looked at the side of the truck next to him. A small bullet hole was in the truck. Yoshimitsu whipped his head in the direction the bullet came from. He saw a glimmer of a sniper rifle on the top of the airport building.

'I'll kill him for that!' Kitsune shouted when she discovered the sniper.

Hiroyuki, rushing after her, dodged between the panicked and confused people. Yoshimitsu figured that they didn't know about the sniper, but someone merely saw the bullet hole and screamed 'gun.' Yoshimitsu was about to follow after his two friends, when he heard footsteps nearby.

'Haaa!' Kunimitsu screamed her familiar cry as she jumped off the top of the storage truck.

Yoshimitsu, surprised and wondering how long she had been up there, raised his sword and blocked the plummeting attack.

Kunimitsu pushed herself against Yoshimitsu's block and used the momentum to flip and land a few meters away from the truck. Yoshimitsu took quick sidesteps to the left of Kunimitsu, who did a jumping summersault Poison Wind attack.

Yoshimitsu dodged with a back handspring and did a right high kick to Kunimitsu's head. Kunimitsu blocked the kick with her left arm and jabbed at him with her dagger arm. Yoshimitsu, unable to completely dodge such a lighting-fast strike, did his best to move to one side. The dagger made contact with Yoshimitsu's chest, but his odd angled dodge made the dagger ricochet to the side. Yoshimitsu pushed Kunimitsu back and prepared for a counter attack.

Just then, Kunimitsu quickly leaned sideways to avoid a throwing knife that was speeding through the air. The dagger sliced a bit of Kunimitsu shoulder, but it continued to pass by until it effortlessly went into the side of the storage truck.

Just as Kunimitsu turned around to engage her attacker, Kitsune landed a swift high kick on the bottom of Kunimitsu's jaw. Hiroyuki rushed up to Kunimitsu and continued the assault with a Manji backfist. Kunimitsu blocked Hiroyuki's attack, kicked at Kitsune, and turned just in time to slash at Yoshimitsu, who also blocked her attack with his sword.

The four ninja then began to make their way across the airfield, punching and kicking and shouting. As if things couldn?t get any worse, five easily recognizable Black Pheasants jumped out of the back of a speeding truck and ran at the ninja.

Then continued a bloody battle of swords, clubs, chains, daggers, and throwing knives. Kitsune was wounded in the left leg and was lying unconscious to the side, while Hiroyuki obtained a large gash on his chest. Four of the five Black Pheasants were already dead, and the last one was soon to follow.

As Yoshimitsu sliced off the head of the last Pheasant, he felt a painful prick in his neck. Before he could check out his wound, Hiroyuki shouted out, 'Missile launcher!' and pointed to the parked truck that the Pheasants had jumped out of.

Kunimitsu, Yoshimitsu, and Hiroyuki jumped to the side as a small missile flew by and landed about six meters away. (Bad aiming on the Pheasant's part.) Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu rolled to the side, but both quickly stood up.

Hiroyuki had landed next to one of the dead bodies of the Pheasants and was sprawled out on his back. Totally exhausted and just fed up with everything, Hiroyuki glanced over to the dead body and noticed something in the pocket: a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Hiroyuki then weakly reached over, took out a cigarette, pulled down his cotton mask, placed the cig in his mouth, lit it and took a single puff, and fainted on the spot. Police sirens were then heard, and the Black Pheasant truck sped off.

Meanwhile, Yoshimitsu screamed and suddenly began lightly clawing at his lower abdomen. He made little sounds of pain, but couldn't say a word. Kunimitsu looked at him with confusion. Yoshimitsu continued his strange behavior until he fell backwards, as still as a board. Kunimitsu ran up to him and knelt down at his side.

'What's wrong?!' Kunimitsu demanded. She then noticed a tiny dart in Yoshimitsu's neck. 'What the hell is that?!' she screamed with anger. She looked at the top of the airport building to see that the sniper had disappeared.

Yoshimitsu tried to speak, but only thing that came out of his mouth were static-filled moans. As Yoshimitsu looked up at Kunimitsu, his red sight began to fade until he could no longer see anything at all. His world was then quiet.

Author's Note: Don't worry, this isn't the end. There will be plenty more where that came from. (Just give me about a million years to write Chapter 4! ) Anyway, thanks for reading! I'll try my best to update a.s.a.p. Remember, any reviews are welcome!


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