The Line Between Love and Hate - Chapter 1 - It Will Never Be Over

The Line Between Love and Hate - Chapter 1 - It Will Never Be Over
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Disclaimer: Needless to say, I do not own Tekken or any of the Tekken characters. Some very, very rich person far, far away owns them. Lucky chum.

Author's note: This is my first fanfic ever, so any reviews are welcome. Plus, I'm not a chronology expert, so some things might seem out of place (or just plain crazy!), and my explanations of things that occur in the games are just my opinion. As for the time setting, this story takes place sometime after Tekken 3.

Chapter One: It Will Never Be Over

The moonlight gleamed off of the reflective surfaces of the buildings in the business district. The cars zooming by far below made a rushing sound and the streets looked like streams of light. The abnormal peace of a fast city night was suddenly broken by the sharp clashes of steel-on-steel, as two dark figures furiously battled on the roof of a tall business building.

"Haaaaa!" screamed Kunimitsu, as she preformed a trio of back-flips to avoid coming in contact with the deadly sword that was being swung around with great speed, but also with a sense of control. The wielder of the attacking sword was none other than Yoshimitsu.

When Kunimitsu regained her footing, she found herself balancing on the back of a stone gargoyle that was reaching out over the edge of the rooftop. Kunimitsu knew Yoshimitsu enough to know that he would never attack her when she was at risk of falling to her death. Just as Kunimitsu had predicted, Yoshimitsu, instead of attacking her, lowered his weapon and tried to persuade her to safety.

"Kunimitsu!" he shouted over the roar of the cars, "Let us end this useless fighting. Do not do anything you'll regret!" He reached his free hand out to her. "Surrender and I will help you!"

'Fool,' Kunimitsu thought, 'I have no intention of surrendering.'

As she prepared to attack, a burst of dark light suddenly appeared behind her. Yoshimitsu was a bit shocked at the sight, but was even more surprised to see that Kunimitsu had not seen it. She didn't even look behind her. There was no sound to it. It was just a grim, swirl of darkness. Out of the darkness, came a tall, purple Devil. He laughed and his bright eyes stared straight at Yoshimitsu.

"She cannot escape," began the Devil in a low, Earth-shaking voice, "from the hatred in her heart! You cannot save her!" The Devil punched through the stone gargoyle that the unaware Kunimitsu was balancing on, shattering it to pieces, and disappeared into the dark shadow he had emerged from. Kunimitsu began to fall backwards along with the stone shards of the gargoyle.

Yoshimitsu ran to try to save his former clan member, but his motions became sluggish, as if he were moving in slow motion. He strained to reach for Kunimitsu's hand, but was too late. Then the whole world seemed to come crashing down, as Yoshimitsu awoke from the nightmare.

"Kunimitsu!" he screamed, as he sat up with his hand outstretched. For a moment, he just sat there and let his eyes focus to see that he was in his room, which the night had made to look dark and unfamiliar. Yoshimitsu's eyes went to his still-outstretched hand to see that he was shaking in cold sweat. He then fell back on the tatami mat and stared up at the ceiling.

"That same dream again," Yoshimitsu said out loud, "She could not escape from the hatred that was in her heart, and it eventually consumed her..."

Yoshimitsu had been told that his cybernetic surgery had resulted in success, and for a long while, everything seemed to be going fine. However, after Yoshimitsu had undergone his cybernetic transformation, he had been haunted by the same nightmare. This often led him to wonder about Kunimitsu's whereabouts. She had been banished years ago and the last time Yoshimitsu saw her was at the King of Iron fist Tournament 2. Despite the fact that she was no longer a member of the Manji Clan, Yoshimitsu still felt that sense of responsibility that he felt about the other clan members. He knew that Kunimitsu was now responsible for her own actions, but he still didn't want anything to happen to her, for he felt that deep down she still had a good heart.

The sun crept through the wax-paper windows, and the calls of birds echoed through the forest. Dr. Bosconovich slowly walked down the hall, causing the wooden floorboards to creak under his brown lab shoes. When he reached the door to Yoshimitsu's room, he softly rapped his knuckles on the wooden frame and then slowly slid the door open.

He found Yoshimitsu meditating and chanting prayers in his low, robotic voice. Not wanting to disturb his friend, Dr. Bosconovich began to slide the door shut, but stopped when he noticed that Yoshimitsu was already watching him.

"Are you alright?" asked the doctor in his old, warm voice, "You cried out in your sleep again." Yoshimitsu let out a deep sigh and turned his attention to the wall.

"I had the same dream again. They are coming more frequently. I do not know what to make of it?"

"At first," began Dr. Bosconovich, "I thought it was merely the effects the cybernetic transition had on you mind, and that it would go away eventually. But now? It must mean something."

Yoshimitsu rose and followed Dr. Bosconovich outside. With each step he took, his armor clanked and shifted about. When they were finally outside, the sounds of the armor were covered by the happenings of the Manji Clan. All sorts of people could be seen in every direction. Sick people were being inspected and treated, while children were being fed and given clean clothes. A storage truck pulled up and members of the Manji Clan began unloading supplies.

Years ago, when Kunimitsu was still with them, the Manji Clan went through a drastic change. It was transformed from a fierce ring of thieves into an organization devoted to helping poor political refugees. The Manji Clan still held its reputation of "stealing from the rich to give to the poor," but Kunimitsu thought of it as a waste. She thought that the Manji Clan should use the wealth they obtained to become more powerful. She felt that those without power were weak. The other members could only frown upon her rash logic, but then she started to steal for herself and tried to seize control of the Manji Clan. Yoshimitsu then had no choice but to banish Kunimitsu from the Manji Clan. Although he hid it from the others, Yoshimitsu felt deep inner-conflict about the decision.

"Mr. Yoshimitsu!" cheerfully shouted a young boy standing in line to be treated. The boy's name was Hakujitsu, for he seemed to light up a room whenever he smiled. Hakujitsu's never-ending enthusiasm always brought a smile to Yoshimitsu's concealed face. Hakujitsu broke into a run and Yoshimistu picked the little boy up and held him high above his head.

"Hahahahaha!" Hakujitsu laughed with joy. Yoshimitsu then placed the boy back on the ground.

"Mr. Yoshimitsu!" began Hakujitsu, "The truck came with more food! Now everyone can eat more instead of splitting everything in half!"

Hakujitsu's words brought Yoshimitsu back to harsh reality. Supplies were extremely low. Since the Manji Clan was now trying to get everything as "legally" as possible, with a few exceptions, money had become a major problem. Yoshimitsu was just glad to see that the unfavorable circumstances had not dampened Hakujitsu's spirit.

"Hakujitsu?" asked Dr. Bosconovich, "Where is your sister? I need to talk to her."

"Oh! She's still in the Southern Building! I'll take you to her!" Hakujitsu snatched Dr. Bosconovich by the sleeve of his lab coat and proceeded to pull him in the direction of the Southern Building, which was where all the women and girls lived.

"Yoshimitsu," the doctor desperately called back, "Hiroyuki wanted to speak to you! He said it was very important!" The doctor then disappeared into the crowd of people.

Hiroyuki was a younger man who had been with the Manji Clan for many years. His skills in stealth had made him one of the head thieves, so everyone else saw him as Yoshimitsu's right-hand man. Hiroyuki was also known for his skill with throwing knives, and for almost always being clad in black with half of his face covered by a black scarf.

Yoshimitsu knew that Hiroyuki would be in the Meeting Room, which was where people would wait to speak to him or any of the officers. The Meeting Room was located in the Western Sector, which was a good ways away.

When Yoshimitsu finally got there, Hiroyuki was seated at a long, low table. Yoshimitsu quietly entered and sat down at the head of the table, with Hiroyuki on his right side. Hiroyuki bowed and Yoshimitsu bowed in reply.

"Master," began Hiroyuki in an urgent voice, "Do you, if I may ask, remember the Black Pheasant Syndicate?" Yoshimitsu nodded his head to tell Hiroyuki that he did indeed remember the troublesome group of thugs known as the Black Pheasant Syndicate.

The Black Pheasants had run prostitution, drug smuggling, and all sorts of foul crimes. Many people lost everything to the Black Pheasant Syndicate. When the Manji Clan got wind that some of the poor people living in the slums had fallen victim to the Black Pheasants, they immediately set up plans to do what they do best: steal. The job was fairly easy, and the people were overjoyed when the Manji came to them with their once lost money.

Ironically, at that time the Manji Clan wasn't known for their philanthropic philosophy. At that time, Kunimitsu was still a member, and the Clan was just beginning to have a change of heart. Stealing from the Black Pheasants was actually one of the first jobs meant to help the poor.

"Well, Master," continued Hiroyuki, "They remember us as well. I have been informed that they are still holding a grudge against us." Hiroyuki smirked. "They want their money back, and they say that if we don?t comply, they will kill our leader. Obviously they feel that they have been wronged and want their revenge!"

"The Manji Clan merely relieved them of the burden of carrying jaded money," said Yoshimitsu matter-of-factly, "We will not bestow to them what had never been theirs to begin with, yet I do not wish for a violent conflict. What say you, my friend?"

"It is very important," Hiroyuki answered with a stern voice, "that they do not find this place."

"Aye," agreed Yoshimitsu, "We shall hold a clan meeting at the temple in the forest tonight, so that we all may discuss the issue."

The forest temple, like many other buildings surrounding the Manji Complex, had been standing for hundreds of years. It was almost impossible to reach, due to all the thick bramble and vines that made the forest a labyrinth. The only way to get there was to find the old path that had been laid down by monks of the ancient world. After that, it was a "walk in the park."

Yoshimitsu and Hiroyuki rose and bowed to each other, signaling the end of the meeting. The two of them then made their way out of the room and outside. Yoshimitsu glanced up into the sky to see that the sun was in its midday position. As if time suddenly flew by, the sun became a moon.

Yoshimitsu was standing in the open grounds of the forest temple. He had come an hour before the meeting was scheduled. Taking advantage of this rarity of solitude, Yoshimitsu gazed about at his surroundings. The burning torches flickered and made soft crackling sounds. The wind flew through the many trees, causing the leaves to make a symphony of sound. Out of all of that, Yoshimitsu picked out a very distinct sound: the quick pitter-patter of cautious footsteps.

It's coming from the roof, thought Yoshimitsu. His eyes worked their way up to the roof of the temple. The moon made a glowing outline on the green tiles of the curved roof. As Yoshimitsu scanned the roof's horizon, he noticed a hunched over figure. As he took a step closer and zoomed in on the figure, he saw... two pointed ears.

All kinds of shocked thoughts went zooming through Yoshimitsu's mind. He took a few steps back but didn't tear his gaze away for a second. The dark figure, seeing that it was no longer hidden, rose into a full silhouette. As it rose, a quick gleam of moonlight was reflected off the shining surface of a long dagger. With that, Yoshimitsu was now certain of the identity of the figure.

Kunimitsu stepped into the moonlight. The gust of wind blew her hair over her right shoulder as she slowly leaned forward. She then bolted into a sprint down the roof of the temple, her dagger bared. Kunimitsu then made the dangerous leap off the temple roof, as Yoshimitsu drew his sword and prepared for the impact.

Kunimitsu landed right in front of Yoshimitsu and immediately began executing numerous attacks, while shouting out in a gruff, yet still feminine voice. Kunimitsu's slashes were so fast they were almost invisible. However, Yoshimitsu's skill, not to mention his cybernetic eyes, allowed him to block every single attack with his sword. Each clanking sound represented a failed attack, and there were many of them. This caused Kunimitsu to become frustrated. Yoshimitsu caught one last attack and pushed her back.

"Why have you returned?" asked Yoshimitsu in a demanding voice.

Kunimitsu replied with a shout and lunged at him. Yoshimitsu dodged the attack with a back flip. Kunimitsu charged with frustration and attacked him using a horizontal slash. Yoshimitsu performed a quick backbend and came up with an upward slash, which Kunimitsu dodged by jumping to the side. The two ninjas then went through a chain of attacks, dodges, and parries until Kunimitsu surprised Yoshimitsu by kicking him in the side. Yoshimitsu fell on his back and Kunimitsu seized the opportunity and came upon him with her dagger at his throat. She was about to finish him off, but stopped in time to notice that Yoshimitsu had also held his sword at her own throat.

They had reached a deadly stalemate. An uncomfortable silence loomed around them, and all they could hear was each other's staggered breaths. Just then, the two heard the Manji Clan making their way through the path. Kunimitsu then became panicked and confused about what to do next. She kept shooting quick glances at the path's opening and then back to Yoshimitsu.

'Kill him!' screamed a voice inside her, 'Kill him now! Take his wretched life before it's too late!'

'What if I were killed as well?!' Kunimitsu thought, 'But if I do nothing, they will surely capture me! Damn it!'

Yoshimitsu could sense her self-conflict. He started to try and talk some sense into her when Kunimitsu shouted at him.

"This is not over!" Kunimitsu declared with clenched teeth and anger in her voice, "It will never be over!"

"Master!" cried out Hiroyuki as he and the rest of the Manji Clan came upon the sight. Hiroyuki threw one of his throwing knives at Kunimitsu, but she disappeared in a puff of smoke. The knife flew past the target point and straight into the trunk of a tree.

The rest of the Manji Clan rushed to attend to their leader. Yoshimitsu got to his feet and turned to face them. Being in the presence of their leader, all of the Manji Clan knelt down on one knee.

"She is back..." Yoshimitsu said, almost with disbelief, "Kunimitsu has returned to kill me..."

Author's Note: So anyway, that's chapter one. I tried to give it a deep feel. Yoshimitsu is one of the hardest Tekken characters to write about as a main character because so little is known about him. Kunimitsu kind of disappeared from the games, so I thought it would be interesting to write a fanfic about what would happen if she ever came back. Keep in mind that this is my first fanfic. Thanks!


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