Wall Combo Options

Wall Combo Options
Grey 2017-07-22 20:31 3

1, d/b+3,3,3,3,3,3
     Damage option. The easy wall follow up. The jab can be omitted depending on the height of the wall splat. Doing the spins til dizzy gives you max damage for this follow-up but leaves you on KND. Manji Spin Low Kicks hit low to the ground so it's a favored follow up to any deliberate or accidental wall hits.

1, d/b+3,3,4
     Damage + mix-up option. Manji Spin Low Kicks option but leaving you with standing oki at the wall. Hitting the 4 clean gives you more damage.

2,2 u/f+3
     Mix-up option. Switches position with opponent and gives back turn. Dangerous option as you lose position, use accordingly.

2,2~1+2 KIN 1+2
     Mix-up option. Gives back turn wall oki. Floor Breaks.

2,2, cd+1
     Damage + mix-up option. Can transition to stance for wall KIN options.

2,2, cd+2
     Damage option. Decent damage combo. The cd+2 hits low to the ground, it does not wall break.

     Damage option. Decent damage combo. Can transition to stance for wall IND options. First hit wall breaks.

     Mix-up option. Gives mix-up and standing pressure. Free u+1 if not backrolled. Floor breaks.

     Damage option. Easy wall combo follow-up. Wall breaks.

     Mix-up option. Gives standing mix-up against KND opponent at wall. Floor breaks.

b+1,1, [3,4]
     Mix-up option. Can transition to stance for wall DGF options.

b+1,1, f+4
     Damage option. Simple and good damage.

b+1,1, ff+4
     Damage + mix-up option. Good damage. Gives back turn wall oki. Switches position in long combos.

     Damage option. Delaying the 1 gives more damage and the position you end up in is inconsistent.

     Damage option. Requires right distance for Poison Wind to hit. Deals good damage as ender in long combos.

     Damage option. Running hit if there's distance. Hitting clean gives more damage.

     Damage option. Fairly weak and gives up wall position but bt d+1 guaranteed against bigs.

NSS ws 2,1,2
     Mix-up option. Leaves you back turn. First hit wall breaks.
NSS ws 2,1,3
     Damage option. Good damage combo. First hit wall breaks.

NSS 2,2, f+1+2
      Damage option. Heavy damage from NSS. The f+1+2  hits low to the ground, it does not wall break.

NSS d/f+1, 1+4
      Damage option. Reverts to 1SS.


  1. Nice guide. I do think a blurb about carrying to the wall with running Flea would be nice. Since a lot of beginner friendly combos use f+3+4 as an ender without really considering the wall carry. You can add to Tenshi's idea with FLE 1+2 into 1+4 flash as well. But maybe a link explaining "More in depth options" to a forum post would cover this too.

    2017-08-16 01:43
  2. I was only considering generic wall splats when I compiled these wall combos. FLE run into wall seemed too specific of a combo to add to the list. It's a lot of work explaining special cases and Yoshi has a lot. I'll add them in the future or maybe create seperate mini threads for more specific combos.

    2017-07-25 09:19
  3. Great write-up! I'm now launching practice mode to go through these options :)
    One thing is missing - how about when you end combos with f+3+4~FLE? I suppose that depending on the distance from the wall, we can get either another FLE run or FLE jump? 

    2017-07-24 20:50

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