Mutou no Kiwami / No Sword Stance

Mutou no Kiwami / No Sword Stance
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     Mutou no Kiwami aka No Sword Stance (NSS) is a continuous stance where Yoshimitsu puts his sword away fighting with a stripped playstyle. It was first introduced in Tekken 6 where Yoshimitsu underwent a massive overhaul becoming what the Tekken team described as a more "advanced character". Though he felt like a completely different character at the time, the inclusion of NSS gave legacy players the option to play like his previous iteration. As the character evolved through the years, his default stance became more perplexing while NSS is a reserved option to a solid neutral play style.

     No Sword Stance's main feature is the transition to a more straightforward tool set. He loses a few unblockables, situational moves and trickier stances but are replaced with moves that have easier to grasp properties. The bare tools gives him a more grounded feel to his attacks and punishes. The most notable feature in NSS is increased flash range. There are specific moves that 1SS flash cannot punish but NSS flash can. It enables him to have a substantial answer against opponents' advances and majority of players that go into NSS keep it locked and loaded. Other notable changes are stronger punishers, like NSS 2,1, and a low sweep launcher.

     There are only two ways to transition into NSS, 2+3 and d+2,2,2+3. Raw 2+3 leaves Yoshi shortly vulnerable so it is often done during neutral. d+2,2,2+3 option is commonly used in combo enders where the player chooses to go into NSS with some momentum. In general, transitioning to NSS requires intent. Its specific input and the lack of transitions means its not entered by chance. Most players have not touched the stance at all due to the lack of intuitiveness. There are learned players that find NSS to be effective against certain character match-ups or opponent playstyles that have integrated it to their playstyle. It ultimately becomes player preference whether they would like to stick to the default or change into a different guise.

Gained Moves:

10f, NC, high, mid, mid string, -12 on block. This is the first 3 hits of his 10 hit combo string. Continuing the string is risky as it is openly duckable but gives mix-up opportunities when left unchecked. It can be used as a punish that leaves the opponent standing and is slightly stronger than 2,2. This string isn't as strong as 2,1 in NSS but it can be an intuitive punish for players used to the general 3 hit jab string punish used by most characters.

10f, NC, KND, high, high string, safe on block. This move doesn't jail and is duckable but it comes out very fast and the 2nd hit has a long active window. This move strengthens his neutral game as it gives him a noticeable damaging standing punish. It is also one of the few i10 moves in the game that knock down which gives him standing advantage in the open and strong position control at the wall. 

22f, high, KND, -17 on block. A heavy damage move but it's high, short ranged and launch punishable so it has limited use.

16f, mid, KND on ch, -13 on block. Prison Gate is a good damaging high crush move. Opponents fly far away on counter hit or in combo enders but the oki isn't as advantageous as it leaves you in stationary crouch position. It can give some breathing room in the open and works as a strong wall pressure/ender at the wall.

Fake Harakiri. Yoshi fake stabs himself taking no damage while disappearing in place. It currently doesn't have any known use.

27f, low, transitions to IND. It is a perilous move that can floated on block and puts you in a guessing game with the opponent on hit. It's not a common move to see and is more useful against unsuspecting opponents.

NSS hop. It has the same properties of an empty jump but with a special animation and deceptively fast recovery. It is used mainly to cover ground and perform instant crouching or rising moves upon landing.

ws 2,1,2 | ws 2,1,3
15f, mid, high, mid and mid, high, high string. Scowling Aratama and Scowling Spirit were his while standing options in T6 and TTT2 and is now in NSS. The 2nd to 3rd hits are NCc. The elbow ender is mid that leaves you back turned and is a juggle starter on counter hit. The kick ender is a high knocksdown and also works as a strong wall ender.

fc 1+2
8f, mid, -15 on block. Crouch flash is inherently faster than while standing flash as it can be done directly from crouching position compared to transitioning to standing position.

fc D/F 1,2
26f, low, low. The hand sweep juggles the same as sword sweep but is blockable. The 2nd hit is +14 on hit and also hits grounded. It works very well in conjunction with Rage Drive or 2,1 at the wall.

fc D/F 3
20f, low. Spinning Cleave was Knee Cap prior to T6 and makes its return in T7. It's a juggle starter on normal hit and gives Yoshi a low launcher from crouching. Note that it doesn't fully high crush as it has standing property at the initial active frame of the move.

16f, mid, KND, -8 on block. Good mid move that knocks down and also hits grounded. It leaves Yoshi stationary and though it looks like he's in crouch after, he actually stays in standing position.

Lost Moves:
d+1 (hold)
ws 2,1
fc KIN
KIN 1,1
KIN 2,1
KIN b+1+2
u+1 (opp grounded)

Alternative Properties:
x 1+4 becomes i8 and reverts back to 1SS
x f+3+4 no longer goes into FLE
x b+2,2 no longer has knockdown
x cd+1, u/f+1 and d+1 have shorter range
x d/f+3,1, d+1 and bt d+1 no longer hit grounded
x qcf+1, u/b+1+2~1+2, fc D/F+1 and IND 1 become blockable

Additional Notes:
x Rounds always start in 1SS regardless of ending the previous round in NSS
x Rage Art automatically reverts to 1SS
x All screw attacks keep their screw properties
x KIN 1,1,2+3, transition to NSS is removed
x Ghost Sword is removed
x 1SS f+1+2 and d/b+1 is no longer doable in NSS due to absence of tag


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    Man I really wish the fake harikari had some use. I throw it out in matches sometimes just cause its there and looks cool lol

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