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3 Tekken 7 Character Panels by JBStyle

Tekken 7 Character Panels by JBStyle

Grey 2015-09-29 11:57

Tekken-Net just released character panels for Tekken 7 arcades and they look amazing! First batch is from artist jbstyle. @jbstyle222 is a new artist for Tekken who did live art for the Tekken panel a while back. Expect more art from TTT2 panel artists: ...

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0 Tekken Crash Finals and Semi-Finals!

Tekken Crash Finals and Semi-Finals!

Grey 2015-08-16 11:54

Tekken Crash has now reached its semi-finals stage with its top 8 teams. If you would like to catch up to earlier matches from top 16, refer to the following links: Tekken Crash Top 16 Tekken Crash English Stream | Tekken Crash Korean Stream eSportsTV...

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2 Kuro Kuro Cup Archive

Kuro Kuro Cup Archive

Grey 2015-08-09 23:19

Kuro Kuro Cup just finished and here are the archives if you've missed the action: kurokuro9696japan (main stream) kurokuro_cup1 (English stream) kurokuro_cup2 (Japanese stream) nistelj (Japanese stream) Links to the brackets: Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Po...

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6 Tekken 7 at Evolution 2015

Tekken 7 at Evolution 2015

Grey 2015-07-19 13:28

Evolution 2015 is still going but Tekken 7 tournament has concluded bringing in a lot of great matches and hype. Overall, it was a great tournament full of variety. Grand finals is a must watch for sure. I have included links to the videos of the top 8 ...

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0 Bandai Namco Panel at Evo 2015

Bandai Namco Panel at Evo 2015

Grey 2015-07-19 11:25

Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray along with MarkMan had a small panel sharing various details about Tekken 7. With Aris as host, many frequently asked questions were brought up. See video for the full interview. Aris: Why don't we start things of...

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