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0 Tekken Translation page

Tekken Translation page

Tenshimitsu 2005-04-23 16:18

OK. So I finally managed to put it online. I hope you'll have great time with these quotes. Actually Yoshi is one of the most talkative persons in Tekken! (Take a look at "Newest articles" Menu on the right for a link.)...

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0 New/old yTS Skin

New/old yTS Skin

Tenshimitsu 2005-04-17 12:29

Well, so I did just as you requested. Now in your profile you can choose another of yTS skins: the old and good "Space ninja" theme. enjoy!...

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0 yTS is developing itself...

yTS is developing itself...

Tenshimitsu 2005-03-29 12:26

Allright, the new theme is done! It's a very simple one, but extremely efficient as far as speed is concerned. Next themes will be more eye-catching... by now I'm only learning XHTML, so please be patient. Now to get to work with articles......

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