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3 New Tekken 6 movies

New Tekken 6 movies

Tenshimitsu 2007-11-12 09:51

The complexity of Yoshimitsu is outstanding!!! Looks like we will have a whole lot of new tricks to master. See yourself ...

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3 Yoshi's Two-swords wielding stance confirmed!

Yoshi's Two-swords wielding stance confirmed!

Tenshimitsu 2007-11-05 09:52

... or at least added moves using the second sword. Thanks to SDTEKKEN, we can now analyze the following screen from Arcadia Magazine: In one screen we can see a new move: u/f+2, where Yo...

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1 Preparations started...

Preparations started...

Tenshimitsu 2007-11-02 14:50

Hi there; I missed one functionality on this site: a Calendar that would display all the entries made to the site. Guess what: It was made not so long ago, which accelerated my preparations for the new YOT. Yeah, yet another incarnation of our site. I...

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4 Yoshi's second Tekken 6 outfit!

Yoshi's second Tekken 6 outfit!

Tenshimitsu 2007-09-15 09:22

Here we go! I hope that this wheel-thing is only a customization item. But overally it looks OK! BTW, now we see that some of his sword attacks are blockable o_O! That's all about his sword losing power I think PS. Now I see this was already posted He...

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7 First Tekken 6 Yoshi gameplay movie!

First Tekken 6 Yoshi gameplay movie!

Tenshimitsu 2007-09-13 21:48

Here we go: first glance at Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu. You will see that his battle stance has changed a lot. Hmm, I don't know if it was a good step. Personally I adored Yoshi's fighting stance, and now... (see by yourself). He got new moves after WS+2, and a...

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