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8 Have you preordered TTT2 already? :)

Have you preordered TTT2 already? :)

Tenshimitsu 2012-08-28 18:05

I have preordered collector's edition for the best Tekken ever. Have you preordered your copy? The ultimate Tekken is worth it! (image from: ...

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6 "Do it yourself" Yoshimitsu mask?

"Do it yourself" Yoshimitsu mask?

Tenshimitsu 2012-08-09 19:52

Interested in making a fast paper-mache Yoshimitsu mask? I've just finished Kagekiyo mask. It took me about 10 hours altogether. I might write a tutorial if you're interested. ...

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3 Kunimitsu&Yoshimitsu tag throws

Kunimitsu&Yoshimitsu tag throws

Tenshimitsu 2012-08-07 08:35

TekkenZone NET has recently uploaded Tag throws of the Manji rivals: Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu. I especially laugh at Harakiri Tag throw - looks like Yoshimitsu wants to kill two birds wth one stone! Regular tag throw (Yoshimitsu: 2+5) Regular tag thro...

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0 FAQ Section reopened for public view

FAQ Section reopened for public view

Tenshimitsu 2012-07-19 21:11

Since it's been a long time since Tekken 5 was a top game, I decided to reopen FAQ section. You can still read there some useful stuff, especilly for general strategy in playing Yoshimitsu. Have a look here:

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1 New trailer with a glimpse of TTT2 endings!

New trailer with a glimpse of TTT2 endings!

Tenshimitsu 2012-07-03 09:25

Check out this awesome trailer! You can see a glimpse of two endings featuring Yoshimitsu fighting Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu fighting Raven. I seriously can't wait for this game! ...

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