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3 Tekken 7 Kazumi Mishima

Tekken 7 Kazumi Mishima

Grey 2015-05-29 03:39

Was only a matter of time but Kazumi Mishima is now confirmed playable character in Tekken 7. She's looking pretty good, doesn't seem like she plays like a regular Mishima. Might play closer to Jinpachi or Unknown. Tiger animations with her moves look sic...

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3 What the hell is Yoshimitsu?

What the hell is Yoshimitsu?

Grey 2015-05-28 14:35

Interesting video detailing the backstory of Yoshimitsu. Pretty good research and the video editing of the storytelling is nicely done. It's a nice watch if you're not familiar with his origins. Part 1 is mostly Soul Calibur storyline and Part 2 will be T...

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1 Tekken 7 Jack-7

Tekken 7 Jack-7

Grey 2015-05-15 03:23

Another long time running character makes it way to Tekken 7. Looks like someone else has paid a visit to Bosconovitch Laboratory. He'll be released in Japanese arcades on May 19th....

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0 Yoshimitsu movelist arrived!

Yoshimitsu movelist arrived!

Tenshimitsu 2015-05-12 09:45

Here you can see character page with his movelist in pdf format: NEW!! Yoshimitsu practice mode! Discussion in ...

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8 T7 Finally, Yoshimitsu!!!

T7 Finally, Yoshimitsu!!!

Grey 2015-05-08 03:35

Love the new look. Rage Arts looks awesome as well. I wanna see some more gameplay. Yoshimitsu is scheduled to be released in Japanese arcades on May 12. Notes: - He has Basic Uppercut (d/f+2) in 1SS like back in T5 again. - NSS still around. - Kamik...

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