YOT Awards - chit chatting

Well, if it all stays as it is, there will be nobody to chose from, I'm afraid.

How do you know Yoshi's birthday is on 18th July?

Oh it's listed as that on a few sites. Definitely on tekkenpedia. although I am not sure where THEY plucked this information from. I use it because I like to celebrate his birthday and go out with friends so needed a date. This seemed as good as any!!

Does no one have a deviant art account and could message some of the fan artists through that? I have faith that more will join in once exams are over. It's a tough time for anyone in education as it's very close to the end of term. If not, well, I'll try to think of something we can do to motivate members into action.

That would match pretty well with one monthly horoscope I own. ^^ There was something about individuality in this month and strong leading and social skills.
I'll have to re-read it, though, I only remember my month word by word.
I'll translate it when I get my hands on the book.

Ach, just realised I was wrong, tekkenpedia lists yoshi's age as unknown and doesn't specify the date of birth. It was Tekken Wiki I saw this on, and a few social network yoshi profiles and stuff. Really dunno where they got this date. The problem I have with it, is it would make yoshi's zodiac sign cancer, and his personality doesn't seem very cancer to me. Although.. it WOULD explain the crab claws ^^

Ever wonder if he was expressing fandom or badly cosplaying Taira no Kagekiyo? Kagekiyo from a crab clan ain't he? Can't be asked to check, but think it's in the name... Me about to go workies. Ta ta ^^

I didn't know about the crab thing. I can't be 'asked' to look either though :)) Not sure about the clue being in his name. Crab is 'kani' I think. Kage is shadow, I remember that from Princess mononoke but can't for the life of me remember what kiyo means so maybe this is another word for crab? I don't think so though. I'm planning on working on my newest story later, so I'll have my dictionaries out so will check then. Really though, I was just making a joke about the crab claws, or trying to. :P

The quest to hunt down past fan artists and fiction writers, isn't going so well so far. Sorry to keep asking but please, if ANYONE is in touch with these people, maybe through PSN or something, can you let them know about the YOT awards? They can't enter if they don't know about it. I'll keep cyber-stalking them but I can't see this leading anywhere. Their ninja skills are just too good for me ^^

Also, if you're reading this and you have something submitted already, even if it is old, please for goodness sake just enter. Tenshi has put a lot of effort and her own money into this competition, so come ON do it for the clan!!

Added 6 days later:

I've had an idea but be honest with me..

I made Angelboy a Yoshimitsu birthday card. Do you think this could pass as fan art if I were to submit it? Or should I use it in the 'other' category? I didn't draw the yoshi myself. I got the picture online and don't even know who the original artist was. Or am I just clutching at straws here?

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How come I never saw that card :/
And uhm did ya already try tekkenzaibatsu ??? the community there is much bigger than here, so chances are high that you'll find people to join :)

My drum cover has been done today it got 3 mistakes but its was my first time doing this kinda thing but its was fun.

who shall I give the file to because I don't wanna add it on youtube and its audio only

# Ralenzo : How come I never saw that card :/
And uhm did ya already try tekkenzaibatsu ??? the community there is much bigger than here, so chances are high that you'll find people to join :)

He keeps it in a box under his bed that is locked with a padlock and he keeps the key in his pocket at all times.

Nah, I never sent it. He hasn't even seen it yet because I never got a chance to show him it ^^

Well, I think that your birthday card could be a fan art... it's a piece of art after all. :)

Can any one tell the last date for competition entry ?

Two weeks before YOT Brithday: 03.08.2011

# Tenshimitsu : Two weeks before YOT Brithday: 03.08.2011

damn, have to kick it up a notch and start working on something, perhaps some 3d art

Why don't you submit that cute paint Yoshi you recently made? Doesn't look like many people are taking part (boring gits!!!!) so you have a good chance here.

Are there any rules to the fan fiction/art? My guess is that Yoshi should be in it, but are there any other rules?