Characters that are like Yoshimitsu

Indeed, Genji from Overwatch resembles Yoshimitsu. Especially this skin that looks like Yoshimitsu's outfit from the original Tekken game.

Other characters:

The Noh Master from the game Red Ninja: End of Honor

Saizo Hattori from the Power Instinct series (Fun fact: I remember seeing this character, when I was younger, and thinking he was Yoshimitsu in a new Tekken game.)

The Great Kabuki (Japanese pro wrestler)

The Great Oni/Mysterious Budo from Saturday Night Slam Masters

And last but not least, Vega/Balrog from Street Fighter! I mean, they are both agile masked Ninjutsu-trained individuals that participate with a weapon in a hand-to-hand fight tournament. And the fact that Vega's alternate outfit in Street Fighter X Tekken is based on Yoshimitsu cannot be coincidental.

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Yeah, Genji Oni skin is amazing :) I would totally play this skin if I could play overwatch!

Likewise, although I am not sure if my computer can handle Overwatch (it cannot handle Tekken 7 either :( ).