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Jembru : Huh? I didn't know about that. That's so unfair. I mean, I can play online but I don't. What's the point? I suck anyway so there's no need in sharing my suckiness with a wider audience. Oh well.

Actually, I won't be buying Tekken 6 anyway. Sucks doesn't it? I spent ?300 on a console just for that one game. A console which then broke even though I hardly used it and cost me a further ?100 to repair. Crazy that I now won't be buying the damn game but I have a good reason.

As some of you know, I am moving to Germany this coming spring and I won't be able to carry a laptop and my PS3 at the same time so I'm taking my PS3 at the end of November. I'll be leaving it with Gattsu (nothing stopping HIM from buying T6 I guess :wink). It's kinda pointless paying all that money for a game I'll only be able to play for a few weeks and I'm trying to save as much cash as I can for the big move. Besides, I'm currently addicted to LittleBigPlanet so I'll cope without Yoshi for a while longer. Still, you can expect some jealous vibes from me when you all start discussing the game. Hehehe

Happy playing everyone!!

: (

The offline ranking restrictions are lame, more people are complaining about the online than praising it, the scenario campaign has a strange targeting system (feels off), and the Scenario Campaign mode feels repetitive and dry... But the actual fighting portion is perfect!! Great visuals, kick-ass customization options, NO input lag offline, I am very pleased with the fighting and balance!!

I suppose I'll get T6 after the turn of the year. Financial situation's not from the best end ATM :p

So, what's the final verdict? What random stuff did Namco come up with this time? No spoilers though, please. :)

Wow.. Look how busy YOTS recently online stuff is.. Heh.. I like it! :D

I'm not getting T6 till I know I can afford it either. - Well, I could buy it.. But I'm saving up for important near to come events. :)

Yoshimitsu is truly weak in competitive Tekken 6 gameplay.

... sigh... didn't expect that coming. "devil is in the details".

Tenshimitsu : Yoshimitsu is truly weak in competitive Tekken 6 gameplay.

Noooo I refuse to believe that! Put him in bottom tier in SFIV and I'll still play him. Yoshi is Yoshi no matter what.

He's really not that bad. I was crushed when they took out unblockable d+1 in T6.0 and rendered soul stealer worthless in T6BR but I learned to deal with it. He still has df+4 and sword sweep though. The set-ups are still his strong points so that suits me just fine. I don't care if he's not as good as everyone else, I'll just work twice as hard.

oh god, a friend is bringing tekken 6 over and he's being cocky >.<

I hope I'll defeat him. If not, I'll ask to put in tekken 5 DR and then there's gonna be some whooping.

any tips you guys could give me for my first tekken 6 yoshi play?

one word inter partice mode before you do anything (specially if you haven´t tried T6 at all)

well I can't do training mode since he's just coming and wants to battle me -.-
I did follow some speed cursos and checked yoshi's command list posted on the blogs and vids on this sites, so I hope i'll prevail.

heyyyy!!! miss me YOTians? haha, im baccckkk!! XD

Yoshimattsu: hey buddy! whattup? seems like ya already have T6 for the consoles... well, thats what I didnt like too (im just playin at my bestfriend's house)... and, why isnt there a story mode like T5 (in which my opinion is real great, coz, whats d purpose of them joining the tournament? well, if there is a story mode like last time, then probably I didnt see it...

well, customization needs some MORE items coz, in my opinion, it needs more for the power of PS3 or XBOX360... and, hell yeah, gotta love the soundtrack and graphics!!!

to others there who're new and all... and even my best buds... y0!!!! :D ( i really missed YOT...)

Sum: y0!!! Yoshimattsu: y0!!!

hmmm, I've noticed sumthin bout the y0... anyway... :D :D :D

y0 there Yoshi8861 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazuuupp ??? XD

Anyone got Facebook? :p


oh hello Sum...

how bout the others?! YOTians!!! XD y0

uhhmmm, hows everyone's tekken skills?

xXAngelBoyXx: what to do on the first try of T6 Yoshi? as much as possible, if you already know, try using the modified moves and new moves of Yoshi to make yourself used to those moves.. one good example is ff+4... when i dirst played T6, I was darned that why does yoshi face backwards every time I do ff+4. well, after a lot of training, I got up getting used to it, and even thought that it was better... hehe XD

Sum:i have a facebook... LMFAO! XD

Grey: whattup sooper genius Grey, hehe... anyway, are ya concerned about tiers or do you ignore them? and, uhmmm, HI again! XD

w00t, i won pretty hard with my yoshi, i'm surprised how well the delay works with
back 2,1

I was kinda bummed too when i found out about the ff+4...
so today i bought it for the ps3 and i'm gonna study the new moves better.

Great to see you back Pierce! Yeah I have been playing the hell out of Tekken 6 and loving it! Hey congrats on the win Angelboy! There's so much to practice and test and without command capture in practice mode, it is rough!

For sale now.. New official supreme quality Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu figurines!

Yoshimitsu on ebay!

I've bought mine. :)

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