Your nightmare characters?

I believe I have asked this one before. So, what characters make you cry; "Oh no, not him/her again!", and what characters you don't like to choose? My list would go on forever, so I'll settle with just few examples.

Nightmare opponents:
True Ogre:
I have found him rather annoying opponent, since - believe me or not - his wings always prevent me from seeing what's he doing. And because his wings are always on the move, they distract me quite succesfully. And more than that, sometimes the wings even hide my own character from me. "Oi! Where did you go? Ah, there you are... lying on the ground..."

Jun Kazama:
One of the three outpowered girls, at least in TTT. I just finished playing few arcades through in TTT with Yoshi- and Kunimitsu, and Jun was always a "problem". Her hits make a lot of damage and she has a large variety of 'em. I guess the same goes for Unknown, too, since she always imitates Jun first.

Nothing especially, only that his blows keep me in the air for quite a time. His kick spins the character at least 360?, even more, maybe. His punches stun easily. Luckily tho', he's not as fast as Xiaoyu.

Nothing fancy. Just plain bored at his face.

"I won't play as him/her!"-characters:
I'll play, once someone tells me how to make him stand on his own two feet for once.

Anna Williams:
Just plain annoying. I just don't like her. That's it.

They're clumsy. They're slow. I don't fight with the animal characters.

Just take a wild guess why.

That's my list. How about yours?

Nightmare opponents:

The meanest of all opponents. Deadly as hell. Has confusing attacks and you never know what will hit you next.

Kazamas & Mishimas
They're so overpowered it's funny. Way. Too. Good.

A good Paul player is a hell to beat... Especially if he can use Death Fist effectively. Annoying.

"I won't play as him/her!"-characters:

I hate this little s#$%.

Too dumb to bother.

Gun Jack
I can't stand his slowness.

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Jinpachi Mishima:
I don't think he needs an explanation.

Mishimas, Julia and recently: Nina, Bryan and Raven. They just don't need to play so cautiously as Yoshi. One launcher leads to a powerful juggle which takes about 80 points (+ wall, 100 points), not to mention some characters have sick wall infinities (like Raven: connect first hit well, the rest is easy to pull off... and you can smash your paddy against the wall in anger. :D )

Anyway, I'm more and more satisfied with the arsenal Yoshi has. ;D I'll definitely write a faq very soon.

EDIT: Big Chief... Jinpachi is easy for Yoshi. :) The ultimate technique to use against him is... dash, d/f+4, d/f+4, dash, d/f+4, dash, d/f+4... LOL... and sometimes f,f+4 followed by Sword Sweep on techroll and DGF 3 and a possible juggle on straight get up. :D

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King: damn grapple chain.
Paul: on hard. strong MF.
Law: fast, repeatitive MF.
Gun Jack.Anna.Panda/kuma.Gon(when im play arcade, facing someone hey why not)

Well balanced and can use most charicters well but when you face rushers the fastest are the best so i dont like (Kuma/Panda or any of the other animals) Jack, OR Ogres and wont play with Law( too easy) his backflips are like the only move he can do without fail. otherwise i'm not really picky

I don't know about you guys but I think Christie/Eddie is pretty cheap for button mashers

Button mashers... but have you played skilled Christie? o_O This is challenge! She has one of best moves in the game.

A skilled Christie is challenging I agree. Sometimes though I think the flip (B,4,4) is overpowered a bit.

B+4,4? The roundhouse kick and somersault? You can interrupt her inbetween with anything you like (that is fast enough). f,f+4 for example. Or even u/f+3 I think :)

I hate Jinpachi Mishima with a passion.

Nina has pissed me off so many times...I shriek in joy as her death cry reaches earshot. I don't like any of the animals but Kuma\panda's endings are so hilarious!:D

Many top tiers pisses me off. :) Mastering Yoshi is a hard way but I'll be loyal to the end. :)

Did I mention I hate Nina? Kidding there. Lately, Law has messed me up good. Insane combos doing ugly things to my health bar especially with those backflips and what not.

Another one I hate is Jinpachi Mishma. If he couldn't stun you every second, he would be much easier.