YOT movie reviews

Since we all share our mutual respect/idolization on Yoshimitsu, I suspect we all have other, common things to share among us. Since the "fun stuff" topic hardly shares this purpose, I suggest we put up a topic, encouraging us to promote worthwhile movies/series on our fellow members.

To commemorate the spirit of Halloween and to show my respect to the spirits of the dead (as the Newborn, as poet Till Lindemann says, do not thank the dead), I will begin by reviewing the legendary "The Crow".

The Crow was released as yours cruelly was only 6 years old. I have always regarded it as the one and only "romantic comedy" in the world. Whereas it truly deserves the K18 (M-rated in Europe, perhance?) marking in Finland, in the end, it is only the black comedy it was made to be. It is a love story - a story of a man, so in love with his bride, that he arose from the dead a year later to avenge their homicidal deaths. The main role, Eric, is played by none other than the son of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, who accidentally died during the filmings of this movie. Therefore it well deserves the legendary reputation it possesses.

Acting-wise, the audience has seen, and could ask for, better. The story is rather predictable on its surface, but audience oft' misses the poetry beneath the lines and actions. Those lucky ones beside me who have read the comic, will see what will happen. The others will have the bleak poetry come to them as a surprise. Brandon Lee, the Crow himself, steps in to remind us of what we have and what we will lose, by revealing us the pain the dead might take with them after death. He also serves as a reminder, that "it can't rain all the time."

The mainstream society has branded "The Crow" as just another Halloween movie, or an epic movie for the gothic people, but there is a whole lot more than that in it. Scratch beyond the surface, and you see a true story for love and honour. Story of hope and longing, that YOTians will most likely grasp.

In the end, I wish to promote the movie strongly. I give it full points, five stars out of five, ten points out of ten, however you perceive the rankings. Please watch it.


What movies do the other YOTians promote?

Hi Koga
Nice Review...I heard that Brandon lee Died in a movie but didnt know it was crow ( never really tried to find out thou )

Movies have been a source of entertainment but some of them stand a side apart showing they are not just entertain but also a means to change people or Inspire them.Talk about the Movies in a Mass media country with Huge Population ( Gigantic might i say) and lot of Movie Worship... Movies kinda do things to people :P

Any how Good movies that I always Like watching are ......

1.Schindler's List
A Beautiful movie showing that even in the Worst of the situations, people can do good. Really Nice Movie. Plz watch it. because it really happened , not a fiction story.

2.Beautiful Mind
Another Epic Movie, stating that Even Great/Genius have trouble , No one really was perfect or no one would ever be but its the way we deal with the problem is what that define us . Another true story.

3. 12 Angry men
From Possiblity to Probabilty, an Old movie that teaches/ shows more than what management schools teaches. really a very good movie to show that if u truly believe in things no matter the odds you can make people think ( not do , but just think ).

those are just for start...... there are many movies that add more meaning to living like pursuit of happiness,Departed,
Million dollar baby,Peaceful warrior. Life is not a fairy tale these are the movies that one must can watch to find some strength or hope or inspiration or what ever ...... Plz kindly tell if u find any more, I will definitly watch.

Since I mentioned some serious or no fun movies doesnt mean that i am freak or psycho :P I like comedy Movies much whats life without fun eh........ but the way would it be nice to let people ask to mention one movie in each kind they know :P

like a Drama movie :
Comedy :
i think it would be nice :D what do u say koga ?