Which Tekken character(s) do you resemble?

# Jembru : You know... I never looked at the % of other characters to see where Yoshi was :( gonna have to take the quiz again and try to remember all my answers...

Oh and Pris, I used to be a medium and a semi-professional tarot reader and psychic arts are trained in Witches so dont worry, I dont think you sound silly at all. As for indigo children, yes I know what they are, I think most witches and pagans do (there are so many that I have no doubt you'll be one). My personal feeling is that they are related to 2012 and the changes that will follow but lets not let this thread go off topic. You can PM if you wanna chat more OR we could start a thread and let other members go 'huh?'.

Anyway... time to take that quiz again...
Interesting, I didn't know there were people who were so open for this. My mother is a 'witch' too and thinks the indigo children are related to 2012 too.
Apparently I'm an indigo child according my mom and some friends she's got..

o well

Added 7 minutes later:

wow I got a pretty awesome result =D. I guess it's somewhat true ^^

Lei Wulong
Paul Phoenix
Jun Kazama
Heihachi Mishima
Lee Chaolan
Marshall Law

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