I just had another extreamly random dream.. The most radomised ever!

Right, from what I think I remember, is that I'm standing at side of a road. Looking on at the huge the entrance of some really big place. The floor is a decorative cross-hatched brick design, and in the center is a large circular lawn. Around this place has large 8ft walls, and built into them are a few benches (Kinda like a war remembrance place) The entrance has an arched brick design with a steal name on it. I take a peak into the entrance to see what is so great inside.. First thing i see is a steal framed T-rex in the distance! And it's moving.. But how? (the legs were hidden behind building foundations and rubble... Soon as it moves into the open ground, I see it's attached to a red truck. I realise this is a building site and they are building / or tearing down fancy homes here.. I decide to run towards the t-rex.. It took some time.. It seemed about a mile and half away from me, but before I get even near it I notice a whole row of them parked up! Then i saw the t-rex that i was chasing had attached itself to a house.

I decided to do some work... There are nails in a wall that's attached to the side of a house. I pull them out using the metal end of a re-coiling measuring tape. ( LOL! ) so I stretched out my tape, reached for these nails and tugged at them! :)) Some nails came out, others didn't... I then overheard a crowed of people talking behind me, about how ineffective my 'tool' was. :( So.. I tugged even harder! but then I accidentally made a crack in the malter.. oops! :O That was easy! :/ I push my hand onto the house, it cracked. ..I enjoyed the thrill of vandalism.. So now I kicked the wall, the bricks cracked and slid inwards.. This caused the house to weaken! The side of the house came away from itself falling towards me in one whole, because I was stupid and didn't run, I only take steps backwards, watching in awe what could soon be my death. It crushed my legs under it. It was so heavy, I was stuck. But now because the groud floor wall had fallen, the upstairs walls would have weakened too. *hears some cracking noises* That wall will fall now... I thought this time it's over for me.. With that height, some of the bricks will surely crush my head. But no.. one clean fall as before. it collapses on top of my legs, only this time my face and nostrils get covered in dust... ew.

After that, I remember walking down a hall with someone... I think maybe this is another part of the dream.. This girl is braiding hair on the flanks of her toy pony's ass... long back hair on a pony??? :/ We walk passed the bathroom and I saw a certain coworker of mine crushed under bricks in the bath... I look up, all the airvents are flooding in rainwater.. this building is weakened and will fall down soon... I think there are gales outside.

The end?

Added 66 days later:

I had another weird dream last night. It's not well described or in order since i haven't been remembering my dreams for a long time. :(

I remember it starting out at someones apartment with one watermelon! There were two asian guys, they were looking around in their cupboards for something... They looked upset and angry at me, so I think it had something to do with that melon.

Now i find myself at a dock with a single house boat. It is dark and misty, I couldn't see further than 10 ft. So I sail away from all the problems of earth.. Now I find myself in a shopping mall and something strange has happened. There is mess everywhere! Shops are closing, stuff is being thrown away like rubbish! It's tempting to grab a bag of goodies... But then I see one of my bosses.. She said something to me, like she wanted me to work.. But i'm on holiday/sick leave! Instantly, I make an escape to the toilets! hhahahaha In there I hope she'll forget about me. Suddenly i noticed in the cubical somebody had left some stuff.. A pair of size 20 jeans hanging on the flow pipe and two right footed wellington boots. Strange...

I find myself sailing on the boat towards 'home' again.. I arrive at the misty bay and dock the boat. I walk along the damp pier towards the dull misty nothingness... And then I'm back at the asians house; they're eating dried watermelon. (Stage, I've never seen or eaten a dried up watermelon) Apparently they were angry because I 'did something'. They accused me of cutting out the insides of the melon to make a bra... I might have cut it in half, but i certainly didn't do that. :/

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