After a certain event I kept dreaming that I was crashing into things.. Had them a couple of months ago, so they are kinda vague to me now.

I dreamt I was running through a field at night. The sky the above me is lit by stars. I stopped at great river that reflected the sky and flowed into the sea. There was a breeze, and the long grasses around me started rippling like the waves of the sea. I wanted to cross the river, so I bounded over it and flew up into the sky. I scanned the earth below me, the land is mostly covered by water, and only small pieces of island just about touched the surface. Now I find myself flying towards buildings... I tried to fly over them but the wind that was lifting me became weak, so like a kite I just dropped to the ground. I was trapped between two buildings of an industrial estate... I eased myself out and looked around.. I saw a tractor, lots of concrete and some workmen/builders. I hid from them and sneaked away. I also found a lost kitten and decided to take him with me. ******* Next part of dream. I was flying through the air from out of space and started heading towards earth. I had no control of the speed I was flying/falling... I crashed into and through a building, and then a house... I was continuously crashing though many buildings.. I couldn't stop... Next, I fly into a dome and there is an actor singing. (I think it was Robbin Williams) Perched on all the domes support rods were lots of pigeons... I finally cease flying and come to a halt. End

2nd dream I only remember the last part.

I dreamt my mother was driving up the circular levels of a car park. When she got to the top the car became invisible and she lost control... The car was crashing into and rebounding off everything... I jumped out and watched from a distance.. The funny outline shape of the invisible car bouncing and crashing everywhere.. End