Kill this Yoshimitsu drawing with fyre

# Digimitsu :

HIE GUY! Lol.. and so I've appeared again.. but I'll likely be gone again after a while :/ School brings me down a lot. Yes. So, a fewww of you might remember me. Especially those from the old YOT 6 years (?) ago.

Anyways, The more I look at the drawing, the more I hate it. Any tips for improvements guys? and yes, imadehimhalfnakedgotaproblem? lol.. and yah I mixed his various costumes together cos I felt like it. Feel free to visit my deviantART website, don't bother visiting my gallery on this site. It's horrible and the drawings in it are really old.

Bye guy.

OMG! That was YOURS!! o_o Wow..I'm ashtonished i downloaded that to my PCBG for lil while o.O I loved it<3 Someone shoud make me BG with ALL Yoshimitsu pics so i wouldnt need to change it so much XD