Hmm.. I won't go into details because I am not sure many people will really give a damn what I dream about but, after arriving in Germany, I had two dreams on subsequent nights, in which I found myself back in the UK for some reason (one was because I had a shift at my old job still and the other... I forget..). In both dreams something would happen to endanger my chances of returning to Germany and in both dreams I was panicking. Well, being the optimistic person I am, I read that as a sign that I truly wish to be here... the pessimistic reading? Oh dear, maybe it was telling me I wont find work and will have to go home to the UK :(

Don't let that happen Yoshimitsu!! PLEASE don't make me go home. :D

Oh, Sumsamurai was in one of those dreams, -I was trying to borrow joss sticks from her to take back to Germany. WEIRD!! But dreaming about YOTians is always cool!




About your dream... When I dream about cetaceans (whales/dolphins/porpoises), I tend to think of them representing the ability to move between levels of consciousness (or spirit worlds if one believes in such things) but only for a very short while. If I am in water (and I often become a kind of swimming thing, only usually a mermaid) I take it as a sign that I have an illusion of freedom but there are still many restrictions upon me. Were they trying to tell you something? That maybe just for a moment you could 'see' into spirit? Just food for thought.

Traditional dream dictionaries (as you know, I don't care much for those) will often tell you that dolphin dreams mean sexual liberation (do they??) or a carefree attitude, free of limitations. But for me this has never been the case. There IS a feeling of optimism, surely, but free? A dolphin may be free within it's habitat (which is free enough) but it can only experience the world beyond that for a short time, it can observe that world, but it is never a part of it. True freedom would be represented by a bird, maybe a gull.. which can experience land, sea and air!!

I often fly in dreams (or struggle to at times when I feel too restricted in my waking life). Last night I flew in my dream (also flew in the dream YOU were in ;)) but I also had a diary, kind of like the 'Death Note' into which I could write ANY fate for myself or another person that I wished, good or bad. So what could THAT mean? 'Dare to wish, dare to believe..' perhaps...

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