Last night I had an unusual dream. My dad was in it and i've never dreamt about him before. Most of it is kinda fuzzy... I'm not quite sure what it means to me yet.

I dreamt that I was in an underwater world and was called in to work as temporary manager at my old job... When I got there, there was only one other employee. I served a customer at the till but as he bought his item I realised the till had summed up the wrong price.. And then noticed I was an old fashioned 1960's cash register, and I was using it back to front! LMAO.. After that, I found myself outside and saw a dolphin. I grab and held onto his tale and he took me somewhere. I was taken to a car repair garage. Here I saw a group of people: My mum, dad, a doctor and nurse. Dad needed some kind of medical treatment. The doctor and nurse was discussing it with him while mum was boasting, being very loud and obnoxious.. I sat next to him and listened to what the doctor and nurse had to say, just so I could understand the illness. He was going to be injected with something but i didn't trust it. I insisted that they gave me the same treatment just to be safe. They poured something green into a spoon for me, I drank it and was fine, so he was treated. I wrapped a dressing around a wound on his hand, and then he told me how proud he was that I grew to be a kind and gentle lady. Then he got up, said goodbye and left... After this, I walked away to another part of the garage and met my grandad. Upon greeting he moans about stuff to me (Just as he does religiously in real life) I said something to him and he laughed. Then he went up to the workshop which is very untidy (like in real life). And he showed me this weird musical instrument that was hanging on the wall. He played me a tune and then gave it to me to fathom out. It was small and violin shaped with steel prongs. With it, was a rusted small speer-like plectrum. As i plucked the prongs, the rust would disperse into the air and until worn away... He then left left to exit the garage. Next scene: I'm now outside with my old chocolate labrador dog Sam (who now belongs to my grandad) we were just running about in the yard until suddenly he tuned into a black bear! And then ran off to climbed the drainpipes at the side of the building to escape the yard. I couldn't allow the dog to run away and be lost, so i magically turned him into a different creature.. (A dolphin) lol So we then just swam around the yard together. The End

Sorry about bad grammer, I kinda rushed this one. I'm glad to have dreamt about dad. He died when i was young and in my dream he answered a question I often think about. What he would think about me now I'm all grown up? Would he be proud of me? ect... And I don't know why I'm dreamt so much about dolphins.. :/

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