Kill this Yoshimitsu drawing with fyre

Digimitsu : Wow thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate all your comments :3!

@Tenshi: Thanks! I love his stare too n.n

@YoshimitsuT3: Creepy? LOL awesome! xDD I love creepy stuff >8D

@Shizukomitsu: Lol! Good idea on the Yoshi's son thing xD and hehehe I'm glad you find it hot xPP

The main reason why I did him without armour is just to practice muscles and anatomy lol

Well you did an awesome job so don't give up on the drawing :D
It's a very unique picture of Yoshi and would be cool if Namco made him look more human like.
I know in Tekken 6 you can unlock this particular thing that shows part of Yoshi's face but IDK i'd be cool to see more of Yoshi, but of course while keeping his prosthetic arm :)