Thumb Blisters - Dpad vs Stick

Well for me, I love playing arcade stick. I used to play d-pad but then the arcade machines don't have controller ports so I was forced to learn stick. Borrowed my friend's stick and prefer it over d-pad now. D-pad is still pretty reliable because it's so easy to use but if you master stick movement then you get to pull off the craziest movements (e.g. wavedashing, backdashing, etc.). In any case though, it's all preference. Yoshi doesn't require as much precise directional input so either one will work just fine. Chars like the Mishimas though have so much precision that you need to be really good with directional input.

For me personally, another reason I play stick now is that I don't want to make excuses. The biggest complaint in our arcades was that there was no controller port. When I started off as a d-pad player I just couldn't do what I wanted to and that really pissed me off. I took it upon myself to learn stick so that I'd know I played to the best of my abilities. Imagine going to a tournament and they only offer one of the choices and it's the one you can't use. Lost opportunity right there. It paid off when I went to the Philippines and I was totally comfortable playing with the BR machines. I also joined the Gamestop midnight release tournament and it was stick only. My friend and I joined and he was better than me but he plays d-pad and he didn't even get far. I however, did what I could and managed to get 3rd place. He's very disappointed but I was content at what I did.

Stick doesn't give you thumb blisters. When I started, my wrist and forearm hurt for a while because I was pretty stiff with the inputs but after a while I got used to it and I flowed a little better.

Learn stick!!!