What about Kunimitsu?

Its actually a sad fact that Kuni only appeared in Tekken 2 and then Tekken Tag. With all of the clones we have in Tekken, as with Lee Chaolan/Law, Nina/Anna and King/Armor King, Kunimitsu would be a dead ringer to be brought back into the roster. Her Purple costume is sorely missed as its a throwback to her initial costume found in the original Tekken.

I do find it interesting that Kunimitsu still lives on through Yoshimitsu's movelists. If you think about it, most of Yoshimitsu's moves in Tekken 5 (I would mention 4, but I never got into it as I hated it!!) were derived from Kuni's Tag Moveset. Kuni's D+3+4 is Yoshimitsu's U+3+4. Her T+3+4 is now Yoshi's 3~4, and her T+1+2 is Yoshi's B+1+2. Coincidence??

So much for being dead.... her soul still lives on. Now I sound like Soul Calibur. And speaking of which, she would make an awesome add on to Calibur, but then we have Taki and her Kunai's....