Yoshimitsu Bound/Tactics Discussion

TITLE EDIT: changed to something more fitting as this post really took off. Lots of great input by the way!!

Personally, I think that T+1+2 is an excellent retaliation move that sneaks under just about any High Attack. Anticipate one coming?? BAM!! However, its range is severely lacking with no frame advantage so you must have excellent range as well as setup. His NSS T+1+2 is a bit more remniscant of his Tekken 5 Days, but there goes positioning and anticipation again. I personally like going NSS and then leading back into regular stance by performing 1+4 as a counter. Works like a charm, but instantly!!

And any of his Jab Series that lead into secondary Sword Strikes, or my personal favorites as were not limited to 4 sword attacks anymore (DB+1,1; DT+2,2; B+2,1, D+2,2, DT+3,1 or while rising 3,2), are TREMENOUS for playing mind games with your opponent. I personally almost never follow up with a secondary hit unless if you anticipate them reading whiffs. You would be suprised how many times only one of these attacks are blocked, wether it be the first or second. Also, these series of strings are great "Lead-In Moves" as I call them, basically saying that Yoshimitsu inches in as he performs these attacks (The best example being the aformentioned DT+3,1). This makes his swordplay moves beneficial for distancing even though they are blockable (FOR SHAME!!).

Another Lead-In example I love to use is starting up his DT+3,1 but nixing 1 altogether simply because if you do, it leads into his While Rising [WR] priority that leads into multiple options, such as his Door Knocker (WR DT+1,1,1,1) or Backhand Variant (WR DT+1,2,DB+2,2,2,2,2,2) as well as his other awesome WR options, such as 3,2 or 2,1,3. Awesome stuff.

I also find that "Yoshitora's 'accidentally found' Kinsho Fake" is amazing for catching someone off guard if the setup calls for it (This goes well for fighting Jack or Kuma being as slow as they are from mid distance). Simply buffer B+2~1+2 and possibilities open up nicely. Kudos go out to those of you who can get his B+1+2 to connect after this fake.... its certainly a crowd pleaser.

Lastly, spam the hell out of his UT+1 on a grounded opponent. Ive seen scrub after scrub play the "Lying" tactic as they think youre going to go for a throw immediately after they fall. Play the wake up game here. I also want to give honorable mention to his UT+2: Hits the Gordo's out of a well timed low attack whiff as well as any low stance/ground tactic follow up.


My current playstyle calls for Bounding immediately after T+1+2 connects or during his Shark Attack Combo on wakeup. I honestly cant think of any other openings that lead into bound so my playstyle here is a bit limited. Any further comments that would benefit me here??

And as far as his T+3+4 is concerned, is there a way to nullify the immediate Flea transition?? This move costs me matches as Yoshimitsu slams head first into a wall if youre close enough. I would say that its funny.... but its no laughing matter when you lose a round because of it. Yoshi8861, its freggin hilarious if you can connect two strings of his sword dash into the floor headbutt. Awesome. Damage Dampening?? Not Awesome....

Staying in Pogo and taking 40% Plus Damage?? Pricless.

There are many Tekken Characters to get into.... for everyone else, theres Yoshimitsu!!HA!! :D

Thats all I got for now,

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