Yoshimitsu Bound/Tactics Discussion

yoshimitsu8861 : Grey: sir Grey!!! whattup? haha, anyway, I've got some questions(again!) hopefully you could answer them with ur super tekken skills geniusness :D

about this juggle, which should I use in the blank?
juggle = d/f+2,2 , ____ , d+2,1 (KINCHO f+2)
is it better to use f+1+2 or 1,1 ?

also, if Yoshi's ff+4 was blocked? is it good to use d+1? or just change to facing front? or a different one? since Yoshi is facing back at the opponent after ff+4... thank yooouuuu!!!! :D (ahhh, I miss YOT!!!)

Yo. Haha thanks for the compliment.

f+1+2 deals more damage so you're better off with that and it's easier to use too. In general f+1+2 is the best bound for Yoshi so it should be the bound of choice in any combo.

After ff+4, you can BT d+1 if you want IF you know they're just going to stand there and take the hit or they're going to do a high since it's a high crush. Other than that it's kind of slow and easy to see and in the worst case you might get launched from an upkick or something. I think it's safer to just hold back after you do it so just hold back after you do the move. For me though I like to do BT d+2 afterward so I can transition to WC 1 for a combo, WC 4 for damage, uf+3 for a combo if they duck or uf+4 for damage if they duck or I catch them trying to move. Really depends on the situation though so just do whichever you think will work.