What is your favorite tekken character

Speaking of animals, I remember playing Tekken (After purchasing it from my local FuncoLand) and eventually unlocking Kuma. My initial thoughts were "Whoa!! A Man in a GIANT Bear Costume, thats AWESOME!!" I used him for a while as I thought he would be my main character.... until I noticed a distinctive looking man with a sword. The rest, they say, is history....

And did anyone unlock Devil Kazuya on the PlayStation?? I had to do it by GameShark!!

And I also remember when Tekken 2 was released.... I bought that one on launch day after trading in my Game Gear and some of its titles. Thinking back, I remember exploding with excitement upon my ride home as I read through the manual, Yoshimitsu looked so fucking awesome with that Hat and Devil Mask. I actually remember some of his strings of basic attacks that were hard to whiff (That would work perfectly online now.... fucking lag). Perhaps now I will use his No Sword Stance against scrubs since its remniscant ot Tekken 2/Tag!! Anyway, I remember unlocking Roger and selecting him with Kick.... a Velociraptor!! Im getting an awesome sense of Nostalgia typing this as Im hearing Roger/Alex's Tekken 2 theme in my head right now!!

Thats it.... Im going home and burning all of Tekken's OSTs' to my 360 so that I can use them online....


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