Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Yoshimattsu : Well, after some getting used to I would say Yoshi is much better, his options have grown significantly, animations are awesome, his customizations are ALL cool. His new arsenal should prove to be more than enough for anyone to develop effective strategies. Just be ready to re-think everything about the way you use him!!

Matt, why cant you be a local friend to play Lag free Tekken?!?! Well said once again as you always have replies that suit my opinions nicely.

Now that Ive had some quality time with the game (I took yesterday, the 28th, off from work) that spanned a solid 9 hours with a slight break in between because I felt as if I had tunnel vision. I have to say that my disappointment is really only with online capabilities. More on this in a sec....

Yoshi himself is awesome to play. His Sword Jab series (DT/DB+1 or 2 startup, etc.) are simply awesome as much as they are different and cool looking: Going back to an older Tekken title will now feel even stranger. I really love his new series of kicks (T/DB+4, Standing 3, FC~DT+4) as his poking game has really opened up nicely. All of his moves have a nice flow to them espically if you're already familiarized as we all already are, even though his sword moves are now blockable, which Im not too much of a fan with. I could only imagine if we had no idea as to what the hell we were doing.... Yeesh!! One thing that I noticed is that all of his moves are at least 1/5th slower on execution lacking that initial oomph/power strike that Yoshimitsu had in Dark Resurrection. He hits hard here, but to a slightly slower extent. As Matt put it, you have to rethink many strategies that we became comfortable with.

But Online.... its so hit or miss its actually quite ridiculous. From my experiences yesterday, its either Lag free 20% of the time, or Lag with cheap ass button mashing scrubs, or Lag free with even cheaper button mashing Leo's. And Lag can be an absolute atrocity to the point to where you can count individual frames before each move connects. Its BAD. But when it works, its absolutely magnificant. It just has to be magnificant more often.

And on a side note, I have named Lee Chaolin the "Scrub Remover" (Just say it in a Billy Mays tone of voice and it has a ring to it) since he is incredibly effective at nullifying cheap ass players, even moreso with crap lag bouts. I was fucking around to see exactly how far I could get just spamming his D+4,4,4,4 from Mid-Distance in, as well as his T+4 or T+3,3,3,3,3,4 as a Close Range counter. The effects turned into pure hilarity and were actually quite effective: My Ranked Record currently stands at 31-1. Yup. That one loss was against a Paul player who knew what he was doing. Expect a YouTube Video on this.... Im saving my Replay Data on those.