Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

If you, US-citizens, speak about enormous lag, then I fear what it will be like in my country. (I've heard lots of compliments about your internet connection)

But anyway: online game in Tekken will never be okay. I enjoy rather friend meeting and playing, and of course tournaments - didn't have higher hopes for online. Any news about Tekken Tournament in US? I've heard there will be one in Europe, the official one. Stay tuned on this. Also, I've heard there will be a patch in December fine-tuning the online gameplay.

Also, I was never rankup-hyped, so ranking up online doesn't bother me. And if you want flawless lag-friendly Yoshi strats, abuse d/b+3,3,3,4, f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4 from the distance, f+1+2, d/b+2,2,2... Yoshi is good in lags :D Especially fine is catching somebody on unblockables.