Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Yoshimattsu : I'm quite disappointed.....That is all.

And that makes two of us as Im VERY upset. Namco is slipping in terms of reliability. Seriously.... Street Fighter has far superior Online Tech running its servers as I have to say that Ive never encountered Lag in SF4 as I have in T6.

And its maddening.

I cant do low DT parries on instinct nor can I get a freggin juggle to work as Frame Timing is subdued due to this Lag issue. So maybe Im exaggerating this a little bit, but it is certainly inexcusible on Namco's behalf. Seriously. Why does SF4 run better when its about 8 months old??

To worsen the deal fruther, we ALL purchased this fine title for meeting up online. Tekken 6 is still a boat load of awesome mind you, its just that playing online and owning with our favorite Space Ninja became so un-fun due to this issue. Continuing from my initial post above, I had to resort to simple cheap and silly tactics, spamming Lee Chaolin's Rubber Band series of Kicks or Jack 6's Power Punches just to get a win. The moment I scheme a Yoshi Tactic, I get owned by a spamming Paul Phoenix (Low Sweeps Aplenty wirth no chance to react) or Baek Do San (Low/High/Low CHEAP!!). Whats wrong with this picture?? I also do not want to resort to playing against the Computer, Ive done that with Dark Resurrection for the past Year and a half. I want Human opponents goddamnit!!

With all of this said, I now truly envy the West Coast scene as they have had Tekken 6 and Bloodline Rebellion from the very beginning. I thought it would be awesome to finally get a chance to play against some really serious competition online that parallels Street Fighter's amazing community. I really had an awesome sensation that I could relive my Tekken Tag Arcade days this morning at 1:15am (Im running off of 2 hours and 45 minutes of sleep as I was so excited to play this). Unless if Namco releases a patch, looks like those days will shine bright as one of the best memories Ive ever had.


This particular Manji Member is feeling rather empty thinking of this right now....