Tekken Guam

Man.... I woke up with a major Migrane this morning. That GameStop announcer has to shut up already.... or at least give better commentary. I lowered the volume on the 1st video and muted the 2nd. YEESH!!

Decent display of skills Grey. I thought you were a gonner when fighting Jin. I shouldnt have assumed.... well played!!

Baek is also one of my more annoying matchups as I have nicknamed him "Poor Mans Hwoarang." :D Congrats on the Tourney Entry man, I wish you the best!!

Heres some input as far as using Yoshimitsu's counter.

Give yourself some more variety with the Soul Stealer and your Indian Sit arts. Your Back was turned too many times allowing Baek too many free hits. Some of my favorite Soul Stealer circumstances include:

**All commands listed below are based off of the Soul Stealer (1+4) connecting (I like to treat it like a Devil Jin/Paul Phoenix Reversal by holding Back/Away while inputting the command) resulting in a Crumple State

1+2, 1+2 (Sword Pogo into Headbutt)
DT+1+2, 2 (Nebular Burst)
3~D+3 (Ballerina Kick High Whiff/Low.... even better with an Ukemi as it Knocks them back Down!!)

And heres a nice string to connect if you can anticipate your Opponent performing an Ukemi right after the initial Pogo into Headbutt connects.... Im listing the entire string from the start:

1+4 (Crumple), 1+2~1+2 (Pogo/Headbutt), Opponent Ukemi's, FC, DT+1 (Samurai Cutter [or D~DB~B+1 as I prefer as it still works]), DT+1+2, 2

If you can get this entire string to connect, A: Your opponents health will drain quickly and B: Youre gonna get one hell of a reaction from the crowd. I HIGHLY recommend that you practice against some Ghost Data to get your rhythym down before capitalizing on an Human opponent.

At least Ghost Data is good for something, right??


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