Tekken Guam

Thanks for posting your vids Grey. It's nice to see YOT members doing what they do best (myself excluded... I suck at Tekken, I'm just here because I adore Yoshi and think you guys and gals are awesome!!).

It was also really nice to read Tenshi's feedback too. I hope more YOTians will follow Grey's lead and post their Yoshi vids here (I have a Soul Calibur vid where I keep trying to make Yoshi say 'onion' until my boyfriend floors me... I'll post THAT if I have to, I mean, if it means people will post their own vids :P). By posting vids and letting the others here offer feedback and advice, it can surely only improve your abilities and isn't being the best we possibly can with Yoshi the reason most of us are here???

Yoshi forever!!!!!!