What about Kunimitsu?

Tenshimitsu : It might be problematic since it would mean Yoshimitsu failed with killing her (and it was, unfortunately, clearly shown that Yoshi killed her), which would mean he's no good ;)

However, maybe they'll come up with a good explanation so that Yoshi doesn't lose face? And Kuni friendly to Yoshi, please :)

Where exactly, other than the non-canon Tekken Tag ending, was it shown that Yoshi killed Kuni? Yoshi's T2 ending was him saving Dr. B., and Kuni's ending was her with Yoshi's sword. That's her last canon appearance. As far as we know, she just went missing after that.

Also: since when has Namco ever been afraid to retcon death? I seriously think Kuni should make a comeback. Heck, they might even do it with DLC for T6.