Soul Obssesion

rWp : Hi Im new on the forums and I have question. I dont know if I spelled it correctly , but what does SO should do? It just eats my HP and heals my opponent.Thank you for your answers.

Soul Obsession.... I believe you hold Back while in attack state. I always remembered how this move works by holding the Joystick/D-Pad in the direction that I want the health to go. Simple, no??

And while on this subject, my Soul Calibur IV days are over :con. Most in part to the fact that nobody plays it anymore (Also, people who DO play it are cheap bastards who utilize lame techniques that.... are.... hard.... to.... avoid). But mainly because I feel as if Yoshimitsu was completely nerfed in his poking game. My entire style of play is revolved around anticipation/interruption/counter (Both Tekken and Soul Calibur), so when Namco went and delayed and nullified just about all of his frames for his standard moves, my game plummeted into the ground. Compare his style of play from now to Soul Calibur 2, and you will see a huge contrast. Its heart breaking to go from tournament good to losing like an ass to a 12 year old who spams cheap Sophitia tactics. I always hated her. Kinda how I hate Julia.

Yup. Demoralizing. Even more the reason why Im gonna beat the living hell out of everyone on LIVE once Tekken 6 hits. Thats a threat and a promise!!

Its not to say that I did horribly though. My final SC4 record holds in at a decent (And Im putting that lightly) 68% win ratio. Not bad whilst facing asses, no??

OK. Enough rambling. I just had to get that off of my chest. Does anyone agree with Yoshimitsu being nerfed in Soul Calibur 4??