2 Weeks to go!! Share your PSP Ghost Data!!

Yoshimattsu : I can't access your filespace only you can, You would have to add it to a post. Or upload it to the Ghost Library on Tekken Zaibatsu.. The Ghost Sharing FAQ will walk you through it, it even has region specific codes! There are thousands of psp ghosts there, even a few of ours from this site. Great Idea though!! I have wanted more available ghosts here for a while now!!

Ok, Updated the above post for first time readers. I also think Ive been sidetracked, so if anyone can help, post your two cents!!

I have Tekken as an ISO file on my.... cracked PSP. The game functions exactly as if youve put a UMD in the drive, but for some reason, I cant "See" Friends Ghost Files, or Yoshimattsu's :((. Ive followed Zaibatsu's instructions 5 times over and cant get it to work. Are you guys experiencing the same problem with mine??


Zaibatsu has you name it PLAYERXX.... PERSONXX works perfectly on mine. GOT IT!!


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